Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amy's First Email

Its not my p-day, but the branch president gave us ten minutes to email our family because he's the best branch president in the world. He is President Brady.

I'm in a threesome. My compañeras (companions - the n has the squiggle over it) are Hermana S, from Utah, and Hermana K, who is from an island off of Fiji and Tonga. I can't remember the exact spelling but I will send you the name of the island on my p-day, which is Tuesday. Both are super sweet! Hermana S and I work really hard to help Hermana K with her English, which is already really good. She has to learn English AND Spanish! She's incredible!  There are two other girls in our district: Hermana C and Hermana M. 

This is hard. The first day was the hardest. I was kinda homesick, but I haven't gotten too bad. As long as I'm focusing on working then I'm OK. Spanish is hard, but I've learned more over the past two days than I did in high school. 

I'm the senior compañera. I was scared that I would be the sister training leader, but they put Hermana Saunders in that. Senior companion is just enough responsibility for me to be busy and a little stressed, but not too much.

I'm on west campus for the MTC. I've only been to main campus a few times. West campus is for people who are learning Spanish. Unless we have some kind of special appointment (we did have some but I'll tell you about that on p-day) then we don't ever go there. 

I'm out of time! Be safe!  Tell everyone I love them! Bye!

Hermana Eubanks

Note from Mom:  "P-day" is "preparation day."  This is one day each week for the missionary to "prepare" for the coming week.  On this day they do things like shop for groceries, laundry, sight-seeing, or relaxing.  It normally ends at 5 p.m.

Missionaries are organized into "districts".  A district can be made up of anywhere from 4 to 12 or more missionaries.  While in the MTC Amy will spend her classroom time with the members of her district.  There are both Elders (the guys) and Sisters (or in this case, Hermanas) in each district.

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