Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter, Protestors, and President Uchtdorf

Those mountains!

1.  How is the Spanish going?  Is your head swimming with Spanish? 

Spanish is hard. I know in reality its nothing like Mandarin Chinese or something, but learning a new language is still really tough. I can say what I want, what I can do, and what I should/must do, what I like, what I need, and pray and bear a testimony effectively in Spanish now. That’s progress. There are still tons I don't understand, but after only being here for two weeks I can sort of carry on a conversation, so I guess that’s impressive. The gift of tongues is seriously real. El don de Linguas, the gift of tongues in Spanish, is something that really happens. It isn't what everyone thinks it is, like being able to suddenly speak perfectly, but we learn so fast because of it and we remember things in the moment so well.

2.  What has the weather been like there?  Do you go outside at all during the day, like walking from building to building? 

Windy and sorta chilly. We walk outside everywhere. Everything requires walking outside, which I love because we get a lot of fresh air between those crazy long classes.

3.  How do you like the MTC choir? 

Yeah, I love the choir!!! I love the director and the music. It’s nice to sing. Honestly, it’s probably keeping me sane, too. They've broadcasted every performance we've had so far because of the speakers. All of the other MTCs (there are 15 throughout the world) got to hear us sing!

4.  Who was your “mystery speaker” for Easter?

UCHTDORF. MOM, PRESIDENT UCHTDORF CAME AND SPOKE ON EASTER. IT WAS AWESOME. HE SHOOK MY HAND AND TOLD ME TO HAVE A HAPPY EASTER. He walked around afterwards and shook as many hands as he could, and since I had one of the front row seats (sorta) HE SHOOK MY HAND!!  His talk was amazing! He talked about the incredible resurrection of Christ, and the fearlessness of Peter after the resurrection. Look it up on the Church News. Since I sang in the choir and I was on the front row, they took like 50 pictures of me for the Church News, so you should check it out and see if any of them made it on there. It was probably the best Easter I've ever had. The Spirit was so strong the entire day, and I've never considered the amazing Resurrection of Jesus, our Savior, as much as I did this past Sunday. Neil L. Anderson also spoke last Tuesday. We have someone else tonight, too, and word on the street is that it’s Holland, but we'll see.

Note from Mom:  Here is a link to the Church News about President Uchtdorf's visit. 

Amy isn't in any of the pictures - but there are only five of them posted.

5.  How is “Salvador?”  Do you have any new "fake" investigators?

Salvador agreed to be baptized, but then the teacher playing him graduated, so we don't have any more lessons with him. We now have Jordan, Gabriela, and Nelson. "Nelson" is from Argentina, so I'll get to hear the Castashano (sp?) Spanish, which is what they speak down there.  (Note:  She is referring to “Castellano” Spanish.  The Argentines pronounce the Spanish letter “ll”, which is normally pronounced like an English “y”, with a soft “sh” sound.)

6.  Have you learned anything new about Argentina?


7.  Just how dry is it there?  Is your skin dry?  Are you lips dry?

Yeah, I put on lotion all the time and Chapstick has become my new best friend (sorry y'all). My hair dries super fast here, though, so I can shower in the morning and my hair will be completely dry in like twenty or thirty minutes.

8.  What impresses you most about the MTC?

Honestly, how wonderful the grounds always look. We refer to the MTC as holy ground, not like a temple, but still holy ground. Think about it, this is one of the places where God sends His missionaries to be trained to bring others closer to Christ. You can practically feel the Spirit radiating everywhere.

9.  How large is your branch on Sunday?  Where do you meet?

There are maybe 15 people in my branch total. We meet in the chapel near my apartment. I lead the music, lol.

10.  How do you like the Provo Temple? 

I like it, but I like the Atlanta one better. This morning, though, I had the most amazing feeling afterwards. It was the Spirit and it gave me the most reassuring and happy feeling. This has been a tough week, so I really needed to feel that.

11.  Have you been wearing makeup?  Do your compañeras wear makeup? 

Yes. Every day so far except yesterday. Hermana Kantoa had never worn makeup before, but she bought some and we've showed her how to put it on. We taught her how to straighten her hair, too. She loves makeup and hair styles :)

12.  What did you enjoy eating this week in the cafeteria?

There was this pot roast stuff that was super good. These westerners are crazy. Literally, there are potatoes with every meal. EVERY MEAL. I mean, I love potatoes and all and they taste great, but get some green beans or something. Sheesh.

13.  Are you getting used to the water there?

Yeah. Sometimes its gross but lately I've been ok with it. It helps that I'm always super thirsty.

14.  What are you studying in the scriptures now that has impressed you?

Ammon and Aaron. They are the best missionaries ever. The conversion stories that are in the Book of Mormon that are about them are the best! It is a wonderful guide about how to bring others closer to Christ. The Book of Mormon is just amazing. Everyone should read it. It is the most correct book in the world and it is the word of God. I know it is.  I've read it. 

15.  What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

Oh man where to start. First of all, everything Hna Kantoa says is hilarious. She gets her 'L''s and her 'R's mixed up. She asked how to say something in españir (instead of español), and we found out that she didn't know Hna Saunder's name because it's too hard to pronounce. We spent a whole night quizzing her on everyone's name. The best thing was that we were trying to explain to her what having a crush meant. Just so you know, the MTC is filled with cute guys. Seriously, everyone here is good looking. So my district and I talk about them a lot lol. We don't flirt, don't worry, but we were explaining how we had some crushes and Hna Kantoa didn't know what that meant. So we explained it to her and then a few days later a guy waved at Hna Saunders and Hna Kantoa whispers, "You crush him?" It was hilarious, so no, we don't have crushes on people, we just crush them. 

Ok, so there are protestors here. Only a few, but even just one protestor is enough to be annoying. First they were on main campus earlier this week. They had these huge signs and were yelling and one guy was playing this weird horn thing. We had an appointment up there and we got stuck on a street corner with one. He started asking me if I saw the blood moon and was going on about the Passover, and then realized that Hna Kantoa is a foreigner and started asking her where she's from and that was able to save us because then the bus came before he could start harassing us. The other sisters in our district weren't as lucky. They missed the bus and one of the guys started following them and was yelling about Joseph Smith and how they don't know anything about their own religion. They went and hid by security. Today they were protesting outside the temple, and we went the long way to avoid them. Some other sisters got yelled at by them about how we are sending people to hell and blah blah blah. I don't get it. Why would you protest at the MTC? We've all just devoted our lives to serving God. Yelling at us isn't going to make us change.  I guess the fact that people protest for the sake of degrading The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints only proves just how true this church is. If the true church of God was on the earth, then wouldn't Satan do anything to oppose it? This is the True Church. This is the Church Jesus Christ himself established. It has been restored and is run by a living prophet of God. People are going to protest. The world will try to stop us, but that won't ever change the church. That won't ever make us stop growing and following Christ.

Mi Corazon,

Hermana Eubanks

Superhero Easter Bunnies???

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