Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Settling in at the MTC

(Note from Mom:  Each week we will send her a list of questions in an email.  We are hoping this will help her know what to write since she will have a limited time on the computer each week.)

Ok, here goes the question answering thing.

1.  What is your daily schedule like? 

Wake up at 6:30. Wake up my compañeras. Eat at 7:45, class until 12:45, lunch, Class until 5:45, dinner, Class until 9:30, then we go back to the apartment and I shower and we go to bed. One of those class periods is usually personal and companion study, and language study.

2.  What is your favorite thing in the cafeteria so far? 

Maple Donuts!  lol. The meals change every day, so I always try and get one of the meals instead of eating just cereal or something. They usually have the donuts at breakfast so I like to eat one then :)

3.  Tell us about your teachers. 

My teachers are all super cute, and by cute I mean hot. Except the girl ones, but they are really funny. There is Hermano Day, Hermano Litzenberger, Hermano Wilkes, and Hermana Arbon.

4.   What is the funniest thing that has happened this week? 

There are too many to choose from!! Hermana K is hilarious. Yesterday I was taking a picture of Harold the duck and she just jumped clear over the stream, chased him, then jumped on a rock, sat down, and just stared singing. Hermana S and I were just like, "What? No!! You can't be in there!!"

5.  What is the most important thing you have learned this week? 

To chill out. Listen for the spirit in lessons and don't stress too much about knowing how to say everything. Stress is bad and if you spend too much time freaking out you won't be able to work properly.

6.  Is your bed comfortable?  Are you in bunk beds, and if so, are you top or bottom? 

No bunk beds and no, my bed is awful. I only have one blanket, so I've been sleeping in those cuddle dud things because it gets real cold at night. We would have had bunk beds, but because we are a trio we had to bring in a mattress from another room so we can all sleep in the same room. Hmna K has the floor mattress because she says she will fall off if she sleeps on the bed. lol

7.  How many books do you have for your Spanish study?  

Five and a Spanish set of scriptures.

8.  Are you in the MTC choir?  I highly recommend it – it is an awesome experience.   


9.  What are you doing on your first p-day? 

First we went to the temple, then we swung by main campus, now we are emailing and next we will be doing laundry and eating lunch.

10.  Where are your compañeras going for their missions? 

Hma S is going to the same one as me, and Hma K is going to Dominican Republic West.

11.  Are there any turtles in the MTC? 

NO :( But there are ducks, who I have named Harold, Tony, and Denise)

12.  Have you seen any cute guys?  (Not that you are thinking about that, of course!  J

There are cuties EVERYWHERE. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate at meals because some cute guys in my district will start talking to me.  lol

13.  Is your compañera from the islands as happy and nice as Elder Balewai was?  (The Elder from Fiji)

Yeah, at first she was super closed off and scared and unhappy I think because she doesn't speak good English and she felt different because she isn't going to the same mission, but now she has opened up and is super happy and funny. She just does the cutest things!

14.  How many people are in your district? 

Five, including myself. We are the second all girl district in the history of the MTC, I think.

15.  How did you like your first Sacrament meeting in the MTC? 

I appreciate church so much more now that I'm on a mission. Sacrament was awesome! Relief Society was great and I'm the official music leader for sacrament (no surprise). We also watched Music and the Spoken Word (a radio/TV broadcast with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir [MoTab for short] each Sunday morning) which was just what I needed. The MoTab sang pieces from Handel’s Messiah. My district doesn't appreciate that kind of music like I do, but I loved it.

16.  Did you already attend a weekly devotional?  If so, who was the speaker? 

We had a devotional on Sunday and the BYU Men’s Choir came and sang to us! IT WAS AMAZING. Tell Alan that one of the songs they sang was O Magnum Mysterium. They sang some cultural songs from Africa and New Zealand, hymns, and some Latin pieces. Look them up, they are super good!! We are having another devotional tonight and a mystery speaker on Easter :)

17.  What do you get when you cross a turtle and a flu shot?  A slow-poke!  


18.  Have you learned anything there about Argentina that you didn’t already know? 

They use the 'nos' word. . . thing. I don’t know, teachers haven't explained it because it’s not proper Spanish. None of my teachers served in my mission, by the way.

Everyone thinks it’s weird how I say “y'all”, by the way. It’s better than “Oh my heck”, though. lol
Sorry about all of the typos (Mom fixed them for her). I have less time to fix them because I have a bunch of emails and I have to help Hma K with her email. She doesn't have a camera so I'm taking enough pictures for the two of us so she can send some to her family too.

I love you all!


Hermana K, Hermana S, and me

Our room

Hermanas C and M

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