Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Twins, New Shoe, "Sin" vs. "Fish"

Twins!!!  Hermana Eubanks and Hermana S

1.  Tell me about your companions.  What are they like?  Exactly where is Hermana K from?

I'll start with Hermana S. She's super funny!  Honestly, she's probably the rock of this companionship. Hermana S is the best at Spanish so far (not that I'm comparing myself or anything) and is also the best at working with Hermana K. I'm the one who makes sure things sort of get done on time, she's the one who adds life to the group. These companionships really are inspired, because I know that if she wasn't a part of the trio I might not have made it past those first few weeks. She teaches me all about Utah culture and Mormon history stories, too, since I'm apparently lacking in that department. She's always super stylish and very good at being a friend. She always makes fun of me for saying "y'all" and in turn I pick on her for saying "Oh my heck".

Hermana K is from Kiribati Island, or the Gilbert Islands. Fun fact, the first missionaries were sent there in 2006. They had no way to learn the language, so they were sent to the MTC here to study doctrine and how to teach, and then sent to the Island to learn it by themselves. One of the teachers here told us that.   One of his friends was one of the first missionaries to serve there. 

Hermana K is hilarious! She’s always doing something funny. She eats lots of food, too. She has ice cream with every meal, and puts ketchup on just about everything, including cucumbers, rice, Chinese food, breakfast stuff, etc. She is always singing songs or laughing about something!

2.  Do they have any workshops there for you missionaries?  When I was there they had a workshop on scripture study, one on driving (for those who would be able to drive a car), etc.  Or do you just go to class every day as usual?

Just class every day. Lately we've been convincing some of our teachers to help us understand some things, like the Second Coming and the Book of Revelations.  

3.  How are they teaching you Spanish?  Do you have grammar time, vocabulary time, teach discussion time, or how is it structured?  Does that even make any sense?  Lol

Ok, we have an hour of learning something new (grammar), an hour of teaching, an hour of how to teach, and then usually in the night we teach and learn about the scriptures and how to help others come closer to Christ. We teach maybe two or three lessons a day. Everything we learn is taught to us in Spanish, too, so we are constantly learning the language.

4.  Do you exercise every day?  If so, what do you do?  If not, why not?  J

 YES. Gym is probably my favorite time of day. We play Volleyball every day. Hermana S and Hermana K are really good. I feel like I've started to get a lot better.  Hermana S almost always plays on the team opposite of me, and she does this thing called "Jump Serving" where she throws the ball up, runs, jumps, and hits it super hard in the air. I'm usually the one who has to try and return it, and it’s like trying to stop a meteor with your arms.

5.  What was good in the cafeteria this week?

Chicken Cordon Blue with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Hermana S doesn't like vegetables so I always eat hers :)

6.  Evan wants to know if you have tried the orange juice.  (Some of the missionaries serving in our area told Amy not to drink the orange juice because it makes everyone feel sick.  Sounds like a rumor to me…)
 Ew, no. Orange juice is gross. (Amy doesn’t like orange juice!)

7.  Evan said you smelled the tree that smells like cream soda.  What was that like?  What kind of tree is it?

Evan is wrong, I didn't get to smell it, but I asked Sister Ramsden where it is. She got her Visa, by the way! Tell Evan that he better send me a letter... or else...

8.  Have you heard anything about your visa? 

Nope. I'm starting to get concerned. Nobody has heard anything about theirs either. 

9.  Do you realize you are halfway done with the MTC?

YES. ITS WEIRD. Seriously, that first week was so so so so slow, and now it’s like I blink and a week goes by.  In three weeks Imma be in Argentina.

10.   Did you know that the actress who plays Snow in Once Upon a Time (Ginnifer Goodwin) and the actor who plays Charming (Joshua Dallas) are married in real life and she is very pregnant?  Ha ha – that has absolutely nothing to do with your mission!!!

Nope, I didn't know that. I told my district so they could know too. They didn't know that either.

11.  Who was your devotional speaker last week?  What was it about?

Dallin H Oaks. I'm gonna be honest, I don't remember what he talked about. I'm sure it was interesting, but I was feeling particularly homesick that night and I was considering some of the stuff that I learned and I was mostly lost in my own thoughts. Yeah, I know, I should have paid attention.

12.  What new things have you learned this week?

About the Second Coming and how it is extremely possible, if not likely, that Christ could actually return while I'm alive. Spanish-wise we learned future tense and past tense and NC/PIG.

13.  Are you feeling confident about being a missionary?

About being a missionary? Yeah. About Spanish? No. I know all the things I want to tell people, I know what I want to say, what I need to say, but I don't know how to say it.

14.  What new thing have you learned in the scriptures this week?

That the Doctrine and Covenants are really cool. It’s not just writings of a prophet, it is things that God has said to us. It’s not "Joseph said" its "God/ Jesucristo said".  And about the seals in the Book of Revelations.

15.  How is it reading the scriptures in Spanish?  Does it make any sense to you yet?

Nope. Before bed me and my companions all read together and I still have no clue what's happening most of the time. There are some words and tenses that I'm starting to recognize now, so I'm making some kind of progress.

16. What requests do you have for your next package?

Could you send me a few pairs of socks? And a small sketchbook? Haha, and maybe some pretzels? I'm going through withdrawals. If there is anything else you want to send, too, that would be awesome!!

17.  Did you do anything different today for P-day?

Not today, really. We went shopping on main campus, which is always an experience -  haha. They have more things to do up there. 

18.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I wrote it to you in a letter, so if you want to transfer it to the blog you can. It’s the contact conversation practice that Hermana S and I did with Hermana K.  (Note from Mom:  I haven’t gotten the letter yet)

Something else funny that happened this week is that Hermana K hurt her foot and has to wear an ankle brace (that’s not funny, I know, but the funny part is after). So she gets out of the doctor’s office for the last time (we had to travel to main campus, then off campus to a medical place, then back to main campus) and she shows us her brace and says, "I have a new shooooe". She later stopped liking her shoe, though. 

She gets her “L’s” and her” R’s” mixed up.  So she asked "How do you say in espaniiiirrr?" (Instead of “espanol”)and "No me guster este zabaters" (No me gusta este zapato - translation "I don't like this shoe"). There is also the way we all keep mixing up the words "Pecado" (sin) and "Pescado" (fish).

 It snowed yesterday, actually. Is Utah even real?! What kind of crazy place snows in the summer??



Hermanas S and K

Hermana K....was she cold?

Our district and one of our teachers

Hermana K's new shoe

At Sub-Zero

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