Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spanish Breakdown, Jokes(?) in Spanish

Here is my weekly update:

1. Is playing volleyball the only thing you do during gym?  Do you lift weights, use a treadmill, or anything like that?

 It depends. Sometimes we go and work out, but rarely. Lately they opened up a field so we've been playing kickball :)

2.  Which teacher is your favorite and why?

Ohh, I don't know. I like Hermano Day because he is really sincere about everything and he loves teaching people so much. But Hermana Arbon is super funny and sincere too! It’s hard to decide.

3.  Who was your devotional speaker this past week?

Elder D. Todd Christofferson. I think we are getting another of the 12 (Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) tonight, too. The rumor is that it is once again Elder Holland, but that’s ALWAYS the rumor. I'm hoping for Elder Bednar.

4.  Is your brain spinning from all the Spanish?

 Yeah. I actually had a "Spanish Breakdown" yesterday. That’s a breakdown from struggling with the language. I got super frustrated because I was working one-on-one with a teacher, and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing or saying, no idea what he was saying, and how I was ever going to learn this language. Lucky for me I have amazing companions and an awesome district and they comforted me through it. That’s my second Spanish breakdown so far. Everyone has them.

5.  Do you ever wish you had started learning some Spanish before you left for the MTC?

 I wish I know some vocabulary, but other than that, no. Really, they cover everything school taught me in the first two days. I don't regret not cramming Spanish before I left, but I wish vocab stuck some. That’s my biggest problem.

6.  Have you been enjoying the warmer weather in Provo?

YES. Thank goodness! I was so tired of being cold all the time! It’s still cold at night, but the days are nice and sunny. We study outside a lot now because of the great weather.   It snowed the other day here, but now it’s really starting to warm up. All these whiny westerners are acting like it’s all hot, but it’s in the 70s and 80s.

7.  What have you been able to see on p-day in Provo?
Ok, so we can go to the temple, main campus MTC, and this outlet place called Brighams Landing. It has restaurants, stores, etc. We went to this ice cream parlor that Evan would really like. They mix all the cream and ingredients together in a bowl, then freeze it right in front of you with liquid nitrogen! The store is called Subzero, and its super common out here. Today we are actually taking a special field trip. The BYU Museum of Art is having some really rare pictures by some famous artists about the life of Christ. Apparently these pictures have never been taken out of Europe or something, I don’t know, but this is a once in a life time chance to see them!

8.  Did new sisters come this past week?  Do they study in your same apartment area?  How does that work out?  Do you get to know them at all or are you like ships passing in the night?

Yup, there are 6 new sisters with us now! They are all really cool and all of them are headed to Mexico. They share a classroom with the Elders, but we hang out a lot. We eat meals together and go to gym with each other. Sometimes we visit them in their class, but that’s the most. One of them is with us now because her district are all out getting their visas in Salt Lake and Las Vegas. She's with Hermana S as a temporary companion.

9.  Since you are the senior companion – what does that mean for you?  Any extra work or responsibilities in the MTC?

 Um.... let’s see.... I call on people to pray in companionship study and stuff, and I initiate companionship study and sort of dictate the topics and conversation. Other than that I don't really do anything at all. 

10.  You said Hermana S is a Sister Training Leader.  What is her role in the MTC? 

 Honestly, I don't know much about being one of the sister training leaders. She has to go to certain meetings on Sundays, but I don't know what they talk about. Then she welcomes new people and I guess is kind of responsible for the sisters of the district. She doesn't have any direct power over us, like she never calls on people to pray or holds meetings, but she does interviews and stuff. 

11.  What have you learned from reading the scriptures this week?

 I've learned a lot about weak things becoming strong. I was reading Ether 12. That chapter is cool because it talks about faith, and then Moroni just cuts in and basically bears his testimony and talks about his insecurity about his writing. He says he’s not a good writer, and he is worried that the wicked will mock the Book of Mormon because of his poor writing, but God reassures him and tells him that he will make weak things become strong. It’s cool too because you can see how powerful Moroni's words are through the whole Book of Mormon! How many hearts have been turned because of Moroni 10:3-5?

12.  What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

Ohhh, let’s see. So yesterday I was changing back into missionary clothes and Hermana S was changing, too. So I'm putting on my skirt and I hear a thump, so I turn around and see Hermana S lying on the floor. So I said, "Are you ok?" and she starts laughing and says, "I was taking off my pants and my foot got caught and I tripped!" Then she reenacted it and fell again!

Also, we were having a role play, and Hermana S and Hermana K were teaching Hermana M, and Hermana M was expressing some kind of doubt and Hermana K cuts her off and says "DO YOU NOT WANT TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD?" It was great.

Oh, and Hermana S and I had a moment - ha ha. She was expressing a concern to me and in the middle she just goes "Oh Hermana!" and gives me a hug. Then she lets go and says, "You know, I think that’s the first real hug we've given each other. That was nice, let’s do that again," so we hugged again. It was funny the way she said it. There have been lots of hugs between us three companions this past week.

13.  Any new or interesting food in the cafeteria this week?

Nothing really. The meals have started to repeat themselves. Wait, I had this green jello fruit marshmallow salad stuff that was good but weird.

14.  Learn any Spanish jokes yet?

Que es la differencia entre un pera, y la novia de misionero? Un pera es pera, la novia no espera! Translation:  What’s the difference between a pear and a missionaries girl friend? A pear is a pear, a girlfriend is no hope. (Okaayyyy)

And Que hace un pes en la agua? NADA.  Translation:  What does a fish do in water?  Nothing.  (Not exactly sure about that translation…)

15.  How does it feel to know that in just three more days you will reach your one month mark?

Weird. Our district has been sadly realizing that these are our last days. It’s pretty strange, because we're really close, but we've only known each other for four weeks. It’s going to be tough saying goodbye to them in the field.

From a letter last week:

So, in Spanish the word for “sin” is “pecado.”  The word for “peace” is “paz.”  Now, the word for “fish” that you eat is “pescado” and the word for “fish” is “pes.”  See where this is going?  So, during a role play with Hermana S I tried to say, “Through the Atonement, we can be cleansed of our sins.”  But what I actually said was, “Por Media la Expacion, podemos limpiar de nuestra pescados.”  This translates to “Through the Atonement, we can be cleaned of our fish.”

I’m not the only one who has made this mistake.  Hermana C said, “El Espirito Santos de nosotros un sentimiento de pes.”  Which means, “The Holy Ghost gives us a feeling of fish.”  She meant peace, not fish!  Ha ha!

So, the other day we were doing another role play where we practice going up to people and asking them a question.  In the role play Hermana S and I were supposed to go see Hermana K, meet her, ask her a question, and either share a short message or schedule an appointment.  (Note from Amy:  Hermana K didn’t understand most of what we were saying and we were speaking only in Spanish, though I will give you the English version here)

     Me:  Hello!

     Hna K:  Who are you?  Why are you at my house?  Do you want me to release my dog?

     Me:  No!  No dog, no!

     Hna S:  Hello, how are you?

     Hna K:  Good

     Hna S:  Good!  What is the name of your dog?

     Hna K:  Ummm……Good!

     Me:  Your dog’s name is “good”?

     Hna K:  What?

     Hna S:  The name of your dog is “good”?

     Hna K:  No!  No!  My dog’s name is….is….”For”!  (That was the word written on a sheet of paper on the floor)

     Hermana S and I greet “For” the dog.

     Hna S:  What do you think is the purpose of life?

     Hna K:  What?  I have time, you can share your message.  I have five minutes.  I’m waiting for a taxi.  A car.

     Me:  Um….I think the purpose of life is to come unto Christ.

     Hna S:  Can we stop by later and share our message?

     Hna K:  Where is your church?  I will go tomorrow!

     Me:  Ummm… the church is….um….

     Hna S:  There!

     Hna K:  OK, thank you, good bye!

Maybe that doesn’t sound funny, but Mom, it was so hilarious.  Hermana S and I were literally on the floor laughing and we were crying from laughing so hard.  Hermana K didn’t understand most of it – she was just saying stuff.  It was great!

Amy will get to call us on Mother's Day!  We are so happy!

Once again, Hermana S and I wore matching colors without planning it!

Hermana S and Hermana K

Our District

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