Monday, June 23, 2014

World Cup Fever

Me and Hermana Pin on a rainy day

Here are your weekly questions:

1.  Have you gotten any of my letters?  If so, about how long is it taking them to reach you?

Yes, three letters and the card with the chameleon. It takes about three weeks! I´m super happy to have gotten mail from you! It literally makes my week!

2.  How do you heat your apartment?  Do you have a space heater?  Does it have to be turned off all night?

We have a calefactor (heater).  So, it’s a gas heater that you light a fire in and the fire heats the apartment.  We can´t leave it on at night because it’s dangerous.  If the flame goes out it’s just pumping gas that can kill us in our sleep, so we leave it off.  We have two more misióneras (girl missionaries) living in our apartment right now because their calefactor broke and was just pumping gas. 

3.  Does it ever get completely warm in your apartment?

Nope. Thermaskins (thermal underwear) all day!

4.  Is the air temperature really cold when you have to take a shower?  Is it hard to take off clothing in the cold?

 No, it’s not hard to take off clothing or anything, but that doesn’t mean I like it.  This week was a little hotter than normal so I was in that awkward cross between sweating and being cold, plus, I was sick so I was just a weird mash of temperatures anyway.

5.  Have you learned to take a very fast shower now since the hot water runs out quickly?

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh unfortunately.

6.  So you said you lead your companion in morning exercises.  When did you turn into a personal trainer?  *Smile*

You learn a lot of things on the mission mom, and one of those is being a personal trainer.  And a person who can give massages. 

7.  You told me last week how you and your companion had the opportunity to do some stargazing recently.  Does the sky look very different there?  Did you see the Southern Cross?

I don’t know what the Southern Cross is, but you can see the Milky Way.  You know, that big strip of stars that takes up most of the sky. Yesterday we saw some huge shooting stars, too.  The stars are different here, but not too different. 

8.  What do most of the people look like in your area?  Are they the dark-haired, olive skinned Latino types?  I know that many Europeans settled in Argentina – from many different countries.  I read that the majority of immigrants were Italians but that people came from many other countries as well.  I’m just curious!

Well, it’s just a huge clash of people.  Lots of blondes, but lots of obvious Latinos, too.  There are some people that are a mix of the two, and some people are just white.  The coolest looking people I´ve seen so far are the ones with the Latino skin, but with the blue, green, or  brown eyes of the Europeans and the light brown hair.  Literally, our whole family could pass as Argentine if we lost the freckles.

9.  Tell me about a discussion you taught this week.  How did it go and what was the person you were teaching like?

Well, we taught this lady named Noelia.  She is an investigator, and we taught the plan of salvation.  I liked how she really asked serious questions.   She was honest about how she feels, she wasn’t trying to just answer our questions fast, she was sincere.  We know she’s had some problems with different religions before, so we are trying to keep her focused on how this is a good thing.  How the Gospel can bless her life.  We talked a lot about the afterlife and the things we need to do in this life to live with God again. We need to have faith, repentance, baptism by someone with the proper authority, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.  Wow, feels weird to type those in English.

10.  Have you played any soccer on p-day yet?

No, as Hermanas we are not allowed to play soccer.

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Well, yesterday we had this thing that was basically grits with this tomato cheesy chicken sauce on top. Delicious, but bad if you have to walk several miles afterwards haha because it was super heavy.  If I have time I´ll tell you about my almuerzo (lunch) eating strategy.  The grossest thing was these mashed potato pancakes Hermana Pin made. We were experimenting.  Bad idea - haha.

12.  Have you bought anything at the store that you weren’t really sure what it was?

Yeah, every week I´m allowed to buy one weird candy, so every time I do that it’s an adventure.  One time it was these weird chocolate banana things that were not that great. 

13.  I sent you my biscuit recipe and cinnamon roll recipe last week.  Did you try making some biscuits?  Were you able to find the ingredients?

 We have everything but shortening. Do you think butter would work instead? We didn’t make the biscuits, but the cinnamon rolls were a hit.  We brought some to a member who was sick, and she ate the cinnamon rolls with mayo.  Grossssssss.  People put mayo on everything out here.

14.  What is the most important thing you have learned this week?

This morning I was reading the Book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon.  The whole book.  I really like chapter seven, and the whole book is so sad because here’s Mormon watching his people be destroyed. I never want something like that to happen again. I want to show people the way to repentance so that they never have to suffer like that. 

15.  What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

OK, so the Hermanas living with us got robbed twice in the same day yesterday.  I know that’s not funny.  But the second time they were robbed (by a 12 year old and a 15 year old)  they were with the Zone Leaders.  It was super funny because they said that they had already been robbed that day so it was like “Seriously????”  and then one of the Elders was like “Elder! Protect the Hermanas! “ like some kind of grand hero!  It’s sweet how he was all protective and stuff, but it was funny because he’s a short guy and the other Hermanas were just like “Come on, this already happened today!”  Something else really funny happened too, but I can’t remember what happened. 

16.  How long has Hermana Pin been on her mission?  Is there anything else you would like to tell me about her? 

She had her one year birthday last week!  (She has been on her mission for one year)  She’s dang awesome!  She’s an obedience freak like me, but super funny and comfortable around everyone!  I wrote a letter describing her more that you should get in about a month haha.

17.  You said you have had some bad days but didn’t elaborate.  Are you really OK?  Are you just trying not to worry me?  What was so bad about those days – homesickness?  Feeling out of place?  Discouragement?

Yeah, I´m great mom, don’t worry.  Bad days happen.  It’s just days of discouragement, that’s it. La verdad (the truth, or “really”), homesickness isn’t really a problem for me.  I was sick this past week and that was the most homesick I have been the whole time on my mission, but even then it wasn’t much.  I miss home and all, but it’s not distracting, and it’s not a longing for home.  I just miss my family.  Nothing else.  It’s hard not to have frustrations about the language, and it’s hard to know when you´re doing enough.  

18.  Are you doing lots of walking and does it make you really tired at the end of the day?

 Yeah, I don’t even bother trying to figure out how many miles I walk a day.  I’ve lost weight!  haha

19.  Have you seen any World Cup fever there?

Oh, yeah.  Every game the streets are empty, and every time there is a goal you can hear people screaming and honking horns and some people are shooting guns into the air.  Crazy stuff. 

So, the Sister Training Leaders came by, and I worked with Hermana Haw for a day.  She’s super cool and probably gave me the greatest compliment of my life!  I´ll write about it in a letter because I don’t have much time.  I heard this morning though that she lost her camera, so if you happen to know her mom on that crazy email group of yours could you maybe send her pictures that I have of her or something?

Thanks for the update! I love you all so much and I have letters for you!!!  Be safe!  Keep it cool and I´m fine, I really am.  I had a stomach sickness thing but all is good in the hood here. 



This is how I study, yo!

The Sister Training Leaders with us

Cinnamon Rolls - without mayo!

My new shirt!

The armpit waxing

Lunch in our apartment

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Stars at Night

Here are your weekly questions:

1.  Are you taking at least one picture a day?

 No. I usually don´t have time or leave the casa (house) without the camera. I keep forgetting that I have a camera. I acutally had some funny pictures to send this week that I´ll send next week. SORRRRRRYYYYY....

2.  Tell us what you do in an average day there.

Wake up, roll out of bed, exercise, clean and get dressed and eat, personal study, companion study, language study, training, then its 12 and we either visit people or go to almuerzo (lunch). Then afterwards we spend the whole rest of the day contacting and visiting members, menos activos (less active church members) , and going to our appointments.  Right now we are working with the ward a lot since they need a lot of encouragement.

3.  How do you contact people?  Knock on doors?  On the street?

 We talk to people in the streets. Hermana Pin is anti-door knocking. She hates it and believes that it’s a complete waste of time. I´ve knocked maybe two doors my whole time here hahaha.

4.  Who feeds you?  Are they mostly the same people?  Do they have a dinner calendar there like they do here?

They have a calendar, and yeah it’s usually the same people. We eat with the members a ton, they are really good at feeding us. We usually never have almuerzo en casa (lunch at home)  because members always feed us.

5.  What sort of fruits do you buy there for yourselves?

Bananas, oranges, and pears. I eat tons of fruit here. I have to manage the money super well so that we have money for things like that. Its expensive haha but don’t worry, I´m a budgeting pro. We always have enough money for everything.

6.  You said there are a lot of parrots and owls there?  I think of parrots being in tropical climates.  What do they look like?  What colors are they?  And when and where do you see owls?  They are so hard to see around here!

 Yeah, the parrots are just flying around everywhere. They are mostly green and yellow. I haven’t seen any up close, but you can always hear them. The owls just hang out at night in fields and parks. There is this dog that I named Joseph that likes to chase birds. This dog likes to walk with us, actually, so it will walk with us until it sees an owl or a bird then chases it until the bird leaves the area, then Joseph will find us and walk with us some more. It’s kinda weird haha.

7.  Do you feel as if you are understanding things a little better?  Have you noticed progress in your language skills?

 I understand a little more each week, but there are still some people that I can’t understand at all, and it’s really hard when people talk fast. I can definitely speak more. I don´t stutter as much and there are some words that are really starting to stick, and by that I mean that I keep getting English and Spanish mixed up. It’s actually kind of funny. It’s super frustrating sometimes, but lately I’ve been ok.

8.  Tell us more about “Operation Anti Nephi Lehi”.

 It’s my plan to get the members more involved and reactivate people. I call it Operation Anti Nephi Lehi because the Anti Nephi Lehites were totally awesome, and they were completely committed to the Gospel and to helping their brethren. I want these people to be like that. First we are trying to pump all the members up. Make them trust us and feel good. We’ve been sharing scriptures about conversions, helping your brethren, etc. We´re also going to try and kickstart visiting and home teaching. That’s how we´re going to help those less actives. We´re still fine tuning this plan, but it involves planning lots of activities, service, and helping members to get out of their own lives and helping each other.

9.  You use a computer in an internet café?  How long do you spend there each week?  How much does it cost?  Can you print things there?

Yes, one hour for emails, no clue and yes.

10.  Have you had the chance to eat in any restaurant yet?  If so, where and what was it like? 


11.  Have you had any special experience this week that you would like to share?

Well, last night since it’s the World Cup we couldn’t find anyone to talk to, so we started going around trying to visit menos activos, and we were on this one street that was dark and you could see lots of stars. So we watched the stars a little and talked about God and the Gospel and how grand and perfect everything is. I don’t think I´ve ever looked at the stars and not thought about God. I want everyone else to look at the stars and know the plan He has for us. I want everyone to see the stars and know that God is watching over us.

12.  Any good food or strange food this week?

Hmmm... We had these ravioli things yesterday with onion and chicken inside, and I got to eat fish and egg empanadas, which is actually really good. One of the members made us pizza and this carrot egg salad thing. Both of those weren’t that great, but I discovered that if you put the carrot salad on the pizza it tastes super good.

13.  You said you had pizza last week. What do they put on their pizzas there?

Ham, eggs, green olives, a little bit of red pepper, but mostly ham and boiled egg pizza.

14.  Do you teach an English class there?

 Nope. I wish we did.

15.  What are you studying in the scriptures right now?

 Isaiah and the coming of Christ in the Book of Mormon. I love reading about Christ in 3 Nefi  (Nephi). Everything is more clear and you can really understand more about His teachings and His love for the people there. He truly worked miracles and really is our Savior.

16.  Do you do your daily exercise?  If so, what do you do?

Yes. We always stretch, then I run us through lots of different exercises, like lunges, pushups, sit ups, jump thingys (I don’t know the name), jumping jacks, etc. We do that rapidly until we are out of time.

17.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

OK, so last night Hermana Pin fell asleep during our companion prayer, but the thing is that she was the one praying. So she goes  “Querido Padre Celestial. . .” (Dear Heavenly Father) and then stops.  So I´m sitting there waiting, thinking that she must really be overwhelmed with the Spirit or something, then after a minute of silence I ask if she’s ok. She was like “What? Are you ready to pray?”  So I said “Um, we are praying. Right now. You started it.” It’s funny because she fell asleep and then completely forgot she was the one praying!

Also, all the dogs here like to smell my companion. Everywhere we go dogs will follow her and just sniff her. It’s hilarious. 

OK, get ready for this. Those Hermanas that visited me and my companion waxed my armpits. No joke, the Hermanas brought the wax and last week, with my consent, they waxed my pits. It hurt. It was funny because right before they all gathered around  with a “Welcome to the mission” they ripped out all my armpit hair!  I had to sleep with my hands behind my head that night, but now my pits are silky smooth. 

18.  Do you have a weekly email from your mission president? 

No, but I email him every week.

19.  Have you had a zone conference yet?  What was it like?

Yes, and I actually spoke at it. It was two weeks ago. I didn’t understand anything that was happening, but I talked about stats and the importance of goals.

Tell Granni that I got her emails and her letter and that I say thank you so much! I´m sorry that I don’t respond to everyone’s emails and I really appreciate and read them all. I just have so little time.

I love you all, and tell Dad feliz dia del padre (HappyFather’s Day)and that I´m writing him a letter to send him.


Monday, June 9, 2014

The Endless Pizza

Here are your weekly questions:

1.  What kind of cars do they have in your area?  Do many people have cars?

Stick shifts.  It’s not like America where you have mostly newer nice cars.  They are from all years.  In my area I don´t think most people have cars. Tons of people use the bus, though, including myself.

2.  Do you ever ride the bus anywhere?

Yeah, to Centro (the city) and district meetings.

3.  What do you take with you when you go out for the day?  Messenger bag?  Scriptures?  Umbrella?

I always have my Book of Mormon (Hna. Pin carries a Bible), tons of pamphlets, pass-along cards, my white handbook (since it doubles as my wallet), planner, and at least two extra Book of Mormons to hand out. I`m using this waterproof messenger bag that Hna Pin gave me. Oh, and a dictionary!  Haha

4.  You said you are supposed to carry a little money with you in case you get robbed.  How much do you carry with you, and how much is it in American dollars?

 I always have 100 pesos on me, which is like ten dollars. That’s just for stuff I need to buy. I don't carry around American dollars because if we did get robbed and I had American money then they are more likely to rob me again, since dollars are worth more than pesos.

5.  Are there street lights in your area at night?

Yeah, and it’s important that we stay in the streetlights.  Darker areas are more dangerous, so we stick to the lights :)

6.  Have you seen any bugs?  I know it is soon to be winter there so you might not have seen any yet. 

Ants, but that’s it. There are lots of parrots here, and owls, and dogs, but no bugs really. Oh, and mosquitos.  Freaking mosquitos. It’s already winter and its DANG COLD.

7.  What is your apartment like?  Is it in a house, or an apartment building?  Is an apartment called a “pensión?”

Creo que un (I believe that an) apartment is called an apartamento, but we just say monoblock since we live in a monoblock.  It’s decently big for two people. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living room, yeah lol. There are tons of mattresses because there used to be more people living here, which is good because every Monday night four more sisters spend the night with us for district meeting.

8.  Are any of the roads paved in your area?

 A few:   Terrada,  Casteli, some others.  Most are just dirt. . . or should I say mud?

9.  How are you dressing since it is cold?  What I mean – is your coat and a scarf enough to keep you warm or are you going all out with the Thermaskins (long underwear)?

I live in my coat. I always have a scarf, but I haven’t gone all out with those thermaskins.   I sleep in them, but usually I only wear the bottoms during the day. 

10.  Are you getting used to telling the temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

No, because we don’t have a way to tell the temperature.  It’s either frio (cold) or muy frio (very cold).

11.  You mentioned your “washing machine” last week.  Where do you hang your clothes to dry?  Outside or inside?

Inside. In the kitchen.  I wish we had more clothesline but I don´t know where we would put it. 

12.  Are you having any problems with the electrical outlets?  Are the adapters you brought doing the job?

The adaptors are great and no problems so far!

13.  Alyssa mentioned that singing isn’t such a big thing in Honduras.  What is the singing like in church?  Are the Argentines good singers?

Lots of people sing in church, but I don´t know if people sing good or not. People don´t sing like Hna. Pin and I.  We sing stuff all the time haha.  It’s one of the few pleasures missionaries have!

14.  You had a district meeting last week – how was it?  How many are in your district?

I have no idea how many, but I think it was good.  I have no idea what happened because I couldn’t understand any of it, but everyone seemed happy.

15.  You had another set of Hermanas visit you.  Where did everyone sleep?  Who were they and what were they like?

They all slept in the same room as Hna Pin and I on the mattresses on the floor. Their names are Hnas Pete, Arren, Mor, and another but I can´t remember her name. They´re cool. We always hide the peanut butter and all the good food when they come around, haha.  They sing a lot, and Hna Mor is a rocker, so that’s fun haha.

16.  What is the most useful Castellan word you’ve learned this week?

Enojado.  It means “angry.”  It’s taken me forever to use.  Also, heladoria, which is “ice cream store,” because people ask me about my life before the mission a lot.

17.  Are you the only missionaries in your ward?


18.  Are you in a ward or a branch?  What is the name of it?

A ward,  the Terrada ward.  But get this.  We have 62 activos (people who attend church) and 266 menos activos (people who do not attend church).  HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT????  This ward needs a major change, and you can bet we are going to start it.  We have all these plans to work with the members more, get visiting and home teaching going, and reactivate those others.  This ward needs a Sister Kozak and a Kozak family.  There are other people I can think of from home that this ward could use, but Sister Kozak is the most needed personality here, haha.

19.  What was the best thing you had to eat this week?  What was the worst?

Meloneza.  It’s kind of like country fried steak. You eat it with lemon juice and mayo.  It’s dang good.  The worst was probably this weird mystery multi-meat and bean soup.  I don´t know why, but it made me feel pretty sick.  I’m finally getting used to the food here, and I actually got to eat some vegetables yesterday, which is great since nobody here feeds us vegetables.

20.  What was the funniest thing (or things) that happened this week?

OK, so first we saw some people rob a truck full of soda. It was pretty funny.

 I think meals here are funny. We were eating at this one lady’s house and she made pizza.  So she brings out one pizza and we are thinking, “Ok, cool, this isn’t a lot of food,” so we eat two slices.   Then the lady brings out another pizza and it’s like, “Ok this is pretty good, I’m good,” then she brings out a third pizza, and we`re getting pretty tired, then a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, and a seventh!  And the thing is that people get offended if you don’t eat a freaking ton for lunch, so between Hna.  Pin and I we must have eaten a whole pizza each. It was good and all, but endless haha.  I`m super careful about the way I eat. You have to eat slow enough so that they don’t try and give you a huge helping of seconds, but fast enough to make it look like you love it. 

Something else that’s funny is how people just breastfeed their kids all the time here.  They`ll be walking down the street, talking to you, at church, at home, no importante (doesn’t matter).   Hna. Pin asked me how many boobs I`ve seen lol. The weird thing is that these kids are like three years old, they don’t need to breastfeed anymore!

21.  Did you have any meaningful or spiritual experience this week that you would like to share?

Well, this whole week I`ve been praying to know what more I can do. No work is really progressing this week, and I got an answer this morning.  We need to work with the members.  This ward is weak.  We need to strengthen it.  So, I started “Operation Anti Nephi Lehi “ this morning.  It’s the plan of spiritually boosting the members and strengthening the ward.  I really feel like this is the answer to our problem. And Heavenly Father knows that I DO NOT want to baptize people who are only going to come to church once or twice.  So, I feel really good about this plan to work with the ward.  I`ll explain the plan more next time.

22.  Do you think you have more time at the computer on p-day than you did in the MTC, or is it about the same?

It’s the same.

23.  Where do you go to use a computer?

We use it in Centro in this internet cafe.  The keyboards are sticky. 

Hey, can you email me some recipes? I want the one for your biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and any others you can think of.  Hna Pin wants you to mail me some photos, email or normal mail, since she’s mad that I have hardly any.  Oh, and if you try to mail something like a package, send me some marshmallows haha.

Please apologize to everyone that emailed me because I didn’t have a lot of time today to respond back!

I love you and miss you!!!


Note from Mom:  Amy didn't send any pictures this week.  We are sad!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Where are the Vegetables?

Hermanas Pin and Eubanks

1.  Now that you have been in Argentina for almost two weeks, what do you think about Argentina?  Give us a description.

Argentina is a nice place. The people are nice, but blunt. The houses here are really small and pretty run down. My apartment is pretty nice compared to a lot of the falling apart houses here. It kind of reminds me of the ghetto, except this isn't the ghetto, it's just normal here. It's flat, and the roads are usually dirt where I'm at. I´m glad I'm not driving because the roads here are crazy. Its like there are no rules, you just drive where there aren't any cars.

2.  Is Hermana Pin doing a good job of training you?

 I think so. She talks a lot, but always tries to make room for things for me to say during lessons. She thinks she is doing a bad job because she talks so much, but really it is OK with me.

3.  Do you ever speak English with Hermana Pin?  If so, how often?

Yes -  right now we are maybe half English -  half Spanish. We try to speak in Castellano as much as we can, but sometimes we just take short breaks. I talk to all the other missionaries in Castellano, never English if I can help it.

4.  Do you have a district meeting every week?

Yup, I have one tomorrow. And since there is a group of sisters that have to travel 4 hours to get to the district meeting, they leave on Monday and spend the night with us.  We hid all the peanut butter and are preparing for their visit.  (Peanut butter isn't sold in Argentina and Hermana Pin's mother recently sent her some)

5.  Have you gotten any of my letters yet?  Does the mission office give out letters every week, or only at zone conference?

No, not yet :( but I might get some tomorrow. We get them weekly.

6.  Do any of the church members feed you?

Yes, almost every day for lunch! Its usually the same thing. Pasta, beef, tocco (sauce), rice, yeah. Same stuff. But it's good. I know how to make a mean spaghetti sauce here!

7.  If you only have hot water for 5 minutes in the shower, do you still have time to sing in the shower?

 I do if I had a bad day, but usually, no. Have any of the boys started singing in the shower yet?

8.  I have heard that in some countries missionaries are supposed to try to not appear wealthy (even though it is not wealthy by American standards) because they could get robbed.  Have you had any problems with that, or any counsel given to you about your area?

Kinda. We are supposed to carry a little money around with us so that we have something to give to robbers, and at night we have to be very careful where we go. We try to always stay in well-lit areas. There are some more dangerous areas that we don't go near at night. Terrada is less dangerous than some places, plus, I got my danger sense going on so I´m good. I usually don´t take my camera places, though, in case we get robbed. 

9.  What is your area like?  Is it on the outskirts of Bahía Blanca?  Is it very crowded?  Are there any American stores or restaurants, like McDonald’s?

 It's on the outskirts of the city, and, no, there are no American stores. There are lots of different brands and food here. It's hard to buy stuff sometimes because everything is in Spanish. There is a McDonald's in Centro, or the city, and it's always super crowded lol.

10. Where do you shop for food?  What is the store like? 

Various stores. There is a place where we buy fruits nearby, and a sort of supermarket place. I haven't eaten a vegetable in two weeks, Mom, because we haven´t been able to buy any and because nobody feeds us vegetables. :(

11.  What sort of food do you buy and what do you cook?

We usually buy bread, milk, cereal, eggs, dulce de leche, jelly, bananas, pears, potatoes, onions, pasta, flour, and I think that's it. Just basic stuff. If I want to cook something special then we plan for it. Today I´m making a potato omelet thing for almuerzo (lunch) since on Mondays we feed ourselves.

12.  Were you able to do any service for others this week?

Yeah, we ironed clothes for this lady in the ward and she taught me how to make tortas fritas, which is basically fried bread.

13.  Who is the nicest person you spent time with this week, other than Hermana Pin?

Hmm... I don´t know. Probably the ward mission leader Hermano Leal. Yesterday a member bore her testimony because we ate at her house and we shared a thought with her that just really struck her so she bore her testimony about  how much we helped her and how much God is in her life. Then another member talked about us, too. She called us angels. Hermano Leal said that he´s proud of the work and is really patient with us, so that makes me happy. Plus, he talks slowly. Haha

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, there are always lots of funny things that happen, but the other day I was walking and Hna Pin whispers all nervously, "Do you like Nickleback?" and I was like "Oh man, if she likes Nickleback..." but I said "No" and she was like "Good, I don´t know what I would have done if you said yes". 

And she was talking in her sleep one night. My arm fell asleep so I woke up and groaned, then she heard the groan and started talking to me in Spanish. I have no idea what she said. She was sick this week for two days, so she did all sorts of crazy stuff. 

Oh, and yesterday one of the members was giving us a ride to our apartment and this English rap song came on the radio and Mom, it was AWFUL. I´m talking explicit lyrics all the way, and this family just had no idea because it was all in English. It was bad, but funny how they had no clue.

15.  Have you had any embarrassing language mistakes this week, or are you still too new to know if you made an embarrassing mistake?

Nothing embarrassing yet. I just have no idea what's going on most of the time. 

16.  Dad wants to know if you have ridden any llamas, or alpacas, yet.  (I am not sure that they have them there…)


17.  Dad also wants to know how many hours a day do you study the language?

Only an hour.

18.  What are you doing for your p-day?

Shopping for food, making invitations for a ward activity, and chilling, I think. I´m not really sure.

19.  You have to wash your clothes by hand?  What is that like?  How do you do it?

No, we don´t have to wash our clothes by hand. I think we are one of the lucky groups. We have this big barrel that we fill up with water and soap that sort of sloshes all the clothes around. We have to run it though twice to get them clean. It's a little hard to explain. I would call it a washing machine, but I feel like Americans wouldn't call it a washing machine. We hang up everything to dry.

20.  Are you doing lots and lots of walking?  Are you sore?  Are your shoes/boots holding up? 

 Yeah, I am, and I do some running because Hna Pin walks really fast.  Sometimes I have to jog every couple of steps. My shoes are covered in mud, but fine. I remember when they used to be black...

Things to be grateful for:

1.  Food variety (like if you want Chinese, or fried chicken, or something different you can just go get some)

2. The little tear edge thing on toilet paper (bet you didn't even know that was a thing!)

3. Traffic laws

4. Cheese variety

Filling up the "washing machine."  Notice the "pipe."

Cooking in the apartment

The Missionary Training Center in Argentina