Monday, June 23, 2014

World Cup Fever

Me and Hermana Pin on a rainy day

Here are your weekly questions:

1.  Have you gotten any of my letters?  If so, about how long is it taking them to reach you?

Yes, three letters and the card with the chameleon. It takes about three weeks! I´m super happy to have gotten mail from you! It literally makes my week!

2.  How do you heat your apartment?  Do you have a space heater?  Does it have to be turned off all night?

We have a calefactor (heater).  So, it’s a gas heater that you light a fire in and the fire heats the apartment.  We can´t leave it on at night because it’s dangerous.  If the flame goes out it’s just pumping gas that can kill us in our sleep, so we leave it off.  We have two more misióneras (girl missionaries) living in our apartment right now because their calefactor broke and was just pumping gas. 

3.  Does it ever get completely warm in your apartment?

Nope. Thermaskins (thermal underwear) all day!

4.  Is the air temperature really cold when you have to take a shower?  Is it hard to take off clothing in the cold?

 No, it’s not hard to take off clothing or anything, but that doesn’t mean I like it.  This week was a little hotter than normal so I was in that awkward cross between sweating and being cold, plus, I was sick so I was just a weird mash of temperatures anyway.

5.  Have you learned to take a very fast shower now since the hot water runs out quickly?

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh unfortunately.

6.  So you said you lead your companion in morning exercises.  When did you turn into a personal trainer?  *Smile*

You learn a lot of things on the mission mom, and one of those is being a personal trainer.  And a person who can give massages. 

7.  You told me last week how you and your companion had the opportunity to do some stargazing recently.  Does the sky look very different there?  Did you see the Southern Cross?

I don’t know what the Southern Cross is, but you can see the Milky Way.  You know, that big strip of stars that takes up most of the sky. Yesterday we saw some huge shooting stars, too.  The stars are different here, but not too different. 

8.  What do most of the people look like in your area?  Are they the dark-haired, olive skinned Latino types?  I know that many Europeans settled in Argentina – from many different countries.  I read that the majority of immigrants were Italians but that people came from many other countries as well.  I’m just curious!

Well, it’s just a huge clash of people.  Lots of blondes, but lots of obvious Latinos, too.  There are some people that are a mix of the two, and some people are just white.  The coolest looking people I´ve seen so far are the ones with the Latino skin, but with the blue, green, or  brown eyes of the Europeans and the light brown hair.  Literally, our whole family could pass as Argentine if we lost the freckles.

9.  Tell me about a discussion you taught this week.  How did it go and what was the person you were teaching like?

Well, we taught this lady named Noelia.  She is an investigator, and we taught the plan of salvation.  I liked how she really asked serious questions.   She was honest about how she feels, she wasn’t trying to just answer our questions fast, she was sincere.  We know she’s had some problems with different religions before, so we are trying to keep her focused on how this is a good thing.  How the Gospel can bless her life.  We talked a lot about the afterlife and the things we need to do in this life to live with God again. We need to have faith, repentance, baptism by someone with the proper authority, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.  Wow, feels weird to type those in English.

10.  Have you played any soccer on p-day yet?

No, as Hermanas we are not allowed to play soccer.

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Well, yesterday we had this thing that was basically grits with this tomato cheesy chicken sauce on top. Delicious, but bad if you have to walk several miles afterwards haha because it was super heavy.  If I have time I´ll tell you about my almuerzo (lunch) eating strategy.  The grossest thing was these mashed potato pancakes Hermana Pin made. We were experimenting.  Bad idea - haha.

12.  Have you bought anything at the store that you weren’t really sure what it was?

Yeah, every week I´m allowed to buy one weird candy, so every time I do that it’s an adventure.  One time it was these weird chocolate banana things that were not that great. 

13.  I sent you my biscuit recipe and cinnamon roll recipe last week.  Did you try making some biscuits?  Were you able to find the ingredients?

 We have everything but shortening. Do you think butter would work instead? We didn’t make the biscuits, but the cinnamon rolls were a hit.  We brought some to a member who was sick, and she ate the cinnamon rolls with mayo.  Grossssssss.  People put mayo on everything out here.

14.  What is the most important thing you have learned this week?

This morning I was reading the Book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon.  The whole book.  I really like chapter seven, and the whole book is so sad because here’s Mormon watching his people be destroyed. I never want something like that to happen again. I want to show people the way to repentance so that they never have to suffer like that. 

15.  What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

OK, so the Hermanas living with us got robbed twice in the same day yesterday.  I know that’s not funny.  But the second time they were robbed (by a 12 year old and a 15 year old)  they were with the Zone Leaders.  It was super funny because they said that they had already been robbed that day so it was like “Seriously????”  and then one of the Elders was like “Elder! Protect the Hermanas! “ like some kind of grand hero!  It’s sweet how he was all protective and stuff, but it was funny because he’s a short guy and the other Hermanas were just like “Come on, this already happened today!”  Something else really funny happened too, but I can’t remember what happened. 

16.  How long has Hermana Pin been on her mission?  Is there anything else you would like to tell me about her? 

She had her one year birthday last week!  (She has been on her mission for one year)  She’s dang awesome!  She’s an obedience freak like me, but super funny and comfortable around everyone!  I wrote a letter describing her more that you should get in about a month haha.

17.  You said you have had some bad days but didn’t elaborate.  Are you really OK?  Are you just trying not to worry me?  What was so bad about those days – homesickness?  Feeling out of place?  Discouragement?

Yeah, I´m great mom, don’t worry.  Bad days happen.  It’s just days of discouragement, that’s it. La verdad (the truth, or “really”), homesickness isn’t really a problem for me.  I was sick this past week and that was the most homesick I have been the whole time on my mission, but even then it wasn’t much.  I miss home and all, but it’s not distracting, and it’s not a longing for home.  I just miss my family.  Nothing else.  It’s hard not to have frustrations about the language, and it’s hard to know when you´re doing enough.  

18.  Are you doing lots of walking and does it make you really tired at the end of the day?

 Yeah, I don’t even bother trying to figure out how many miles I walk a day.  I’ve lost weight!  haha

19.  Have you seen any World Cup fever there?

Oh, yeah.  Every game the streets are empty, and every time there is a goal you can hear people screaming and honking horns and some people are shooting guns into the air.  Crazy stuff. 

So, the Sister Training Leaders came by, and I worked with Hermana Haw for a day.  She’s super cool and probably gave me the greatest compliment of my life!  I´ll write about it in a letter because I don’t have much time.  I heard this morning though that she lost her camera, so if you happen to know her mom on that crazy email group of yours could you maybe send her pictures that I have of her or something?

Thanks for the update! I love you all so much and I have letters for you!!!  Be safe!  Keep it cool and I´m fine, I really am.  I had a stomach sickness thing but all is good in the hood here. 



This is how I study, yo!

The Sister Training Leaders with us

Cinnamon Rolls - without mayo!

My new shirt!

The armpit waxing

Lunch in our apartment

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