Monday, June 9, 2014

The Endless Pizza

Here are your weekly questions:

1.  What kind of cars do they have in your area?  Do many people have cars?

Stick shifts.  It’s not like America where you have mostly newer nice cars.  They are from all years.  In my area I don´t think most people have cars. Tons of people use the bus, though, including myself.

2.  Do you ever ride the bus anywhere?

Yeah, to Centro (the city) and district meetings.

3.  What do you take with you when you go out for the day?  Messenger bag?  Scriptures?  Umbrella?

I always have my Book of Mormon (Hna. Pin carries a Bible), tons of pamphlets, pass-along cards, my white handbook (since it doubles as my wallet), planner, and at least two extra Book of Mormons to hand out. I`m using this waterproof messenger bag that Hna Pin gave me. Oh, and a dictionary!  Haha

4.  You said you are supposed to carry a little money with you in case you get robbed.  How much do you carry with you, and how much is it in American dollars?

 I always have 100 pesos on me, which is like ten dollars. That’s just for stuff I need to buy. I don't carry around American dollars because if we did get robbed and I had American money then they are more likely to rob me again, since dollars are worth more than pesos.

5.  Are there street lights in your area at night?

Yeah, and it’s important that we stay in the streetlights.  Darker areas are more dangerous, so we stick to the lights :)

6.  Have you seen any bugs?  I know it is soon to be winter there so you might not have seen any yet. 

Ants, but that’s it. There are lots of parrots here, and owls, and dogs, but no bugs really. Oh, and mosquitos.  Freaking mosquitos. It’s already winter and its DANG COLD.

7.  What is your apartment like?  Is it in a house, or an apartment building?  Is an apartment called a “pensión?”

Creo que un (I believe that an) apartment is called an apartamento, but we just say monoblock since we live in a monoblock.  It’s decently big for two people. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living room, yeah lol. There are tons of mattresses because there used to be more people living here, which is good because every Monday night four more sisters spend the night with us for district meeting.

8.  Are any of the roads paved in your area?

 A few:   Terrada,  Casteli, some others.  Most are just dirt. . . or should I say mud?

9.  How are you dressing since it is cold?  What I mean – is your coat and a scarf enough to keep you warm or are you going all out with the Thermaskins (long underwear)?

I live in my coat. I always have a scarf, but I haven’t gone all out with those thermaskins.   I sleep in them, but usually I only wear the bottoms during the day. 

10.  Are you getting used to telling the temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

No, because we don’t have a way to tell the temperature.  It’s either frio (cold) or muy frio (very cold).

11.  You mentioned your “washing machine” last week.  Where do you hang your clothes to dry?  Outside or inside?

Inside. In the kitchen.  I wish we had more clothesline but I don´t know where we would put it. 

12.  Are you having any problems with the electrical outlets?  Are the adapters you brought doing the job?

The adaptors are great and no problems so far!

13.  Alyssa mentioned that singing isn’t such a big thing in Honduras.  What is the singing like in church?  Are the Argentines good singers?

Lots of people sing in church, but I don´t know if people sing good or not. People don´t sing like Hna. Pin and I.  We sing stuff all the time haha.  It’s one of the few pleasures missionaries have!

14.  You had a district meeting last week – how was it?  How many are in your district?

I have no idea how many, but I think it was good.  I have no idea what happened because I couldn’t understand any of it, but everyone seemed happy.

15.  You had another set of Hermanas visit you.  Where did everyone sleep?  Who were they and what were they like?

They all slept in the same room as Hna Pin and I on the mattresses on the floor. Their names are Hnas Pete, Arren, Mor, and another but I can´t remember her name. They´re cool. We always hide the peanut butter and all the good food when they come around, haha.  They sing a lot, and Hna Mor is a rocker, so that’s fun haha.

16.  What is the most useful Castellan word you’ve learned this week?

Enojado.  It means “angry.”  It’s taken me forever to use.  Also, heladoria, which is “ice cream store,” because people ask me about my life before the mission a lot.

17.  Are you the only missionaries in your ward?


18.  Are you in a ward or a branch?  What is the name of it?

A ward,  the Terrada ward.  But get this.  We have 62 activos (people who attend church) and 266 menos activos (people who do not attend church).  HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT????  This ward needs a major change, and you can bet we are going to start it.  We have all these plans to work with the members more, get visiting and home teaching going, and reactivate those others.  This ward needs a Sister Kozak and a Kozak family.  There are other people I can think of from home that this ward could use, but Sister Kozak is the most needed personality here, haha.

19.  What was the best thing you had to eat this week?  What was the worst?

Meloneza.  It’s kind of like country fried steak. You eat it with lemon juice and mayo.  It’s dang good.  The worst was probably this weird mystery multi-meat and bean soup.  I don´t know why, but it made me feel pretty sick.  I’m finally getting used to the food here, and I actually got to eat some vegetables yesterday, which is great since nobody here feeds us vegetables.

20.  What was the funniest thing (or things) that happened this week?

OK, so first we saw some people rob a truck full of soda. It was pretty funny.

 I think meals here are funny. We were eating at this one lady’s house and she made pizza.  So she brings out one pizza and we are thinking, “Ok, cool, this isn’t a lot of food,” so we eat two slices.   Then the lady brings out another pizza and it’s like, “Ok this is pretty good, I’m good,” then she brings out a third pizza, and we`re getting pretty tired, then a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, and a seventh!  And the thing is that people get offended if you don’t eat a freaking ton for lunch, so between Hna.  Pin and I we must have eaten a whole pizza each. It was good and all, but endless haha.  I`m super careful about the way I eat. You have to eat slow enough so that they don’t try and give you a huge helping of seconds, but fast enough to make it look like you love it. 

Something else that’s funny is how people just breastfeed their kids all the time here.  They`ll be walking down the street, talking to you, at church, at home, no importante (doesn’t matter).   Hna. Pin asked me how many boobs I`ve seen lol. The weird thing is that these kids are like three years old, they don’t need to breastfeed anymore!

21.  Did you have any meaningful or spiritual experience this week that you would like to share?

Well, this whole week I`ve been praying to know what more I can do. No work is really progressing this week, and I got an answer this morning.  We need to work with the members.  This ward is weak.  We need to strengthen it.  So, I started “Operation Anti Nephi Lehi “ this morning.  It’s the plan of spiritually boosting the members and strengthening the ward.  I really feel like this is the answer to our problem. And Heavenly Father knows that I DO NOT want to baptize people who are only going to come to church once or twice.  So, I feel really good about this plan to work with the ward.  I`ll explain the plan more next time.

22.  Do you think you have more time at the computer on p-day than you did in the MTC, or is it about the same?

It’s the same.

23.  Where do you go to use a computer?

We use it in Centro in this internet cafe.  The keyboards are sticky. 

Hey, can you email me some recipes? I want the one for your biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and any others you can think of.  Hna Pin wants you to mail me some photos, email or normal mail, since she’s mad that I have hardly any.  Oh, and if you try to mail something like a package, send me some marshmallows haha.

Please apologize to everyone that emailed me because I didn’t have a lot of time today to respond back!

I love you and miss you!!!


Note from Mom:  Amy didn't send any pictures this week.  We are sad!

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  1. Irene, I really appreciate this blog! Your questions are perfect and I love reading Amy's answers. Could you email me the address to send her stuff? Thanks and thank you for sending Jojo the card. It made his day :)