Monday, June 16, 2014

The Stars at Night

Here are your weekly questions:

1.  Are you taking at least one picture a day?

 No. I usually don´t have time or leave the casa (house) without the camera. I keep forgetting that I have a camera. I acutally had some funny pictures to send this week that I´ll send next week. SORRRRRRYYYYY....

2.  Tell us what you do in an average day there.

Wake up, roll out of bed, exercise, clean and get dressed and eat, personal study, companion study, language study, training, then its 12 and we either visit people or go to almuerzo (lunch). Then afterwards we spend the whole rest of the day contacting and visiting members, menos activos (less active church members) , and going to our appointments.  Right now we are working with the ward a lot since they need a lot of encouragement.

3.  How do you contact people?  Knock on doors?  On the street?

 We talk to people in the streets. Hermana Pin is anti-door knocking. She hates it and believes that it’s a complete waste of time. I´ve knocked maybe two doors my whole time here hahaha.

4.  Who feeds you?  Are they mostly the same people?  Do they have a dinner calendar there like they do here?

They have a calendar, and yeah it’s usually the same people. We eat with the members a ton, they are really good at feeding us. We usually never have almuerzo en casa (lunch at home)  because members always feed us.

5.  What sort of fruits do you buy there for yourselves?

Bananas, oranges, and pears. I eat tons of fruit here. I have to manage the money super well so that we have money for things like that. Its expensive haha but don’t worry, I´m a budgeting pro. We always have enough money for everything.

6.  You said there are a lot of parrots and owls there?  I think of parrots being in tropical climates.  What do they look like?  What colors are they?  And when and where do you see owls?  They are so hard to see around here!

 Yeah, the parrots are just flying around everywhere. They are mostly green and yellow. I haven’t seen any up close, but you can always hear them. The owls just hang out at night in fields and parks. There is this dog that I named Joseph that likes to chase birds. This dog likes to walk with us, actually, so it will walk with us until it sees an owl or a bird then chases it until the bird leaves the area, then Joseph will find us and walk with us some more. It’s kinda weird haha.

7.  Do you feel as if you are understanding things a little better?  Have you noticed progress in your language skills?

 I understand a little more each week, but there are still some people that I can’t understand at all, and it’s really hard when people talk fast. I can definitely speak more. I don´t stutter as much and there are some words that are really starting to stick, and by that I mean that I keep getting English and Spanish mixed up. It’s actually kind of funny. It’s super frustrating sometimes, but lately I’ve been ok.

8.  Tell us more about “Operation Anti Nephi Lehi”.

 It’s my plan to get the members more involved and reactivate people. I call it Operation Anti Nephi Lehi because the Anti Nephi Lehites were totally awesome, and they were completely committed to the Gospel and to helping their brethren. I want these people to be like that. First we are trying to pump all the members up. Make them trust us and feel good. We’ve been sharing scriptures about conversions, helping your brethren, etc. We´re also going to try and kickstart visiting and home teaching. That’s how we´re going to help those less actives. We´re still fine tuning this plan, but it involves planning lots of activities, service, and helping members to get out of their own lives and helping each other.

9.  You use a computer in an internet café?  How long do you spend there each week?  How much does it cost?  Can you print things there?

Yes, one hour for emails, no clue and yes.

10.  Have you had the chance to eat in any restaurant yet?  If so, where and what was it like? 


11.  Have you had any special experience this week that you would like to share?

Well, last night since it’s the World Cup we couldn’t find anyone to talk to, so we started going around trying to visit menos activos, and we were on this one street that was dark and you could see lots of stars. So we watched the stars a little and talked about God and the Gospel and how grand and perfect everything is. I don’t think I´ve ever looked at the stars and not thought about God. I want everyone else to look at the stars and know the plan He has for us. I want everyone to see the stars and know that God is watching over us.

12.  Any good food or strange food this week?

Hmmm... We had these ravioli things yesterday with onion and chicken inside, and I got to eat fish and egg empanadas, which is actually really good. One of the members made us pizza and this carrot egg salad thing. Both of those weren’t that great, but I discovered that if you put the carrot salad on the pizza it tastes super good.

13.  You said you had pizza last week. What do they put on their pizzas there?

Ham, eggs, green olives, a little bit of red pepper, but mostly ham and boiled egg pizza.

14.  Do you teach an English class there?

 Nope. I wish we did.

15.  What are you studying in the scriptures right now?

 Isaiah and the coming of Christ in the Book of Mormon. I love reading about Christ in 3 Nefi  (Nephi). Everything is more clear and you can really understand more about His teachings and His love for the people there. He truly worked miracles and really is our Savior.

16.  Do you do your daily exercise?  If so, what do you do?

Yes. We always stretch, then I run us through lots of different exercises, like lunges, pushups, sit ups, jump thingys (I don’t know the name), jumping jacks, etc. We do that rapidly until we are out of time.

17.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

OK, so last night Hermana Pin fell asleep during our companion prayer, but the thing is that she was the one praying. So she goes  “Querido Padre Celestial. . .” (Dear Heavenly Father) and then stops.  So I´m sitting there waiting, thinking that she must really be overwhelmed with the Spirit or something, then after a minute of silence I ask if she’s ok. She was like “What? Are you ready to pray?”  So I said “Um, we are praying. Right now. You started it.” It’s funny because she fell asleep and then completely forgot she was the one praying!

Also, all the dogs here like to smell my companion. Everywhere we go dogs will follow her and just sniff her. It’s hilarious. 

OK, get ready for this. Those Hermanas that visited me and my companion waxed my armpits. No joke, the Hermanas brought the wax and last week, with my consent, they waxed my pits. It hurt. It was funny because right before they all gathered around  with a “Welcome to the mission” they ripped out all my armpit hair!  I had to sleep with my hands behind my head that night, but now my pits are silky smooth. 

18.  Do you have a weekly email from your mission president? 

No, but I email him every week.

19.  Have you had a zone conference yet?  What was it like?

Yes, and I actually spoke at it. It was two weeks ago. I didn’t understand anything that was happening, but I talked about stats and the importance of goals.

Tell Granni that I got her emails and her letter and that I say thank you so much! I´m sorry that I don’t respond to everyone’s emails and I really appreciate and read them all. I just have so little time.

I love you all, and tell Dad feliz dia del padre (HappyFather’s Day)and that I´m writing him a letter to send him.


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