Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Not Perfect, But It's OK

Here are your questions:

1.  Last week you sent pictures of a dog sitting with you on a mattress.  Who was that dog?

Ok, that was Rascal. I was sick, so we went home early, right? So, I pulled a mattress out into the main room and was lying down on it. This was during the second to last mundial (World Cup) game, and they had just won, so Hermana Pin opened the door to see outside and Rascal ran into our apartment and sat on my mattress. See how happy he looks? He never looks that happy. We had to pull the matress out into the hallway to get him out, he's so heavy. Yeah, so that's Rascal trying to live with us.

2.  Are you truly all better now?  No more illness?  I looked up the grippe and it seems that it is another name for the flu.  I hope you are all well!

Yup, all good. There's still a little mucus and every now and then I cough a little, but I´m all good. No fevers, no sickness, no nada (nothing). I´m finally better! It was one of my weekly goals to feel better ha ha.

3.  Dad wants to know if there is a state of general depression in Argentina since they lost the World Cup?

Hahaha Yeah there was. People were crying. Maybe its because I'm from the States, but I don't see the big deal, it's just a game. I think people are getting over it now.

4.  Tell me about the girl that was baptized.  You sent pictures of her last week.

Camila. She has 9 años (she is 9 years old), and her dad is an activo (member of the church), and the rest of her family are menos activos (members but don't go to church). Her mom wants to return to church, and wanted her daughter to get baptized, so we started teaching her. Honestly, I feel like I did nothing for this baptism. Her mom has been coming to church now. We have almuerzo (lunch) with her family tomorrow, actually. But yeah, Camila is sweet. Kind of shy but she laughs at me a lot, which is usually a good thing. I´m trying to crack jokes here and she's the only person who thinks I´m funny.  I think - ha ha!

5.  I thought the pictures that you sent last week of the drawings made by children were cute.  Do you find it easier to talk to children?

Yeah, because children actually talk to me. Sometimes adults find out I´m having trouble with the language or that I don't understand too well and only talk to Hna. Pin. Children don't care and just keep on trying. That was a card that one of the niñas (girls) in the ward made for me because I was sick. Could you see the TV? I think I´m watching General Conference in the picture - ha ha!

6.  Do children at church like the missionaries in Argentina like they do in Warner Robins?

Oh yeah, they are always drawing us stuff and showing us things and telling us stuff. 

7.  You sent pictures last week of something cooking - looked kind of like a thick pancake with corn.  What was that?

That was tortas fritas, or fried bread. It was squash, not corn. Its basically flour, oil, and salt mixed together and fried. One week we had no money so we ate tortas fritas a bunch because its cheap and easy and pretty good. We like to add the squash for a little bit of very subtle flavor. This is one of those things that everyone eats here. They eat it with mate, which is this tea that everyone drinks here. I´ll explain that later.

8.  What was the most important thing you learned this week?

That I´m not ever gonna be perfect, but its OK. I feel like God is proud of how hard we´re working right now. 

9.  When are the next transfers?

August 9. I have absolutely no idea if I'm staying or leaving. Hna Pin thinks she's staying again. She's been here since January. I think she's leaving.

10.  You said you want us to send you marshmallows.  Why?

You can't really buy them here, and if you get lucky and find some obscure store that sells them then I think it's really expensive. I got a package of peanut butter and jello from Granni! THANKS GRANNI!!!!!

11.  Have you gotten your haircut in Argentina yet?  If so, what was it like?

Nope, I´m doing the whole "grow your hair out on the mission" thing here. It's so windy that it's just easier to have longer hair so you can braid it and stuff. I literally have the shortest hair in our zone, mom. Everyone out here has long hair or really short, boyish cuts.

12.  Did anything unusual happen this week?

Nope, but our investigator Nestor has decided that he wants to be baptized and he knows that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and feels ready. So we´re working now to finish all the lessons and get him ready for baptism. His wife isn't ready yet, and we´re working hard with her to help her find an answer. Nestor has family in the church who are crazy happy about this, and I´m scared she's going to feel pressured to join when she hasn't found her testimony yet.  Nestor was the first person I taught here in Argentina

13.  What was the best thing you learned from your studies this week?

I was reading in Jesus the Christ about how he talked to that Samaritan woman, and then she told her town about him and they believed he was the Christ and then he stayed with them for two days.  The seeds he planted during that time were probably why in the later years there were so many baptisms from the Samaritans. I was thinking about this. I´m probably not going to have a billion baptisms, but what's important is that I´m planting these seeds and helping people prepare. Have I told you about Hna Pin's story? She literally leaves a trail of baptisms everywhere she goes, but she always leaves before the baptisms. She's the picture of success without a ton of numbers to show for it.

14.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

OK, I´ve told you about asada, right? The thing that's like barbecue but no sauce and basically more fat than meat, right? Yeah, so we had that and it was good, but I wish there was more meat and less fat, and we also had carne (meat), raisin, and onion empanadas, which was really, really good. I love empanadas.

The worst thing was yesterday. We think it was cow intestine. It was terrible, and I was able to eat one, but it was weird. The outside tasted like pork rinds, and the inside had this gray mush filling stuff that was gross. Yeah. . . it was an experience. I don't know if it was fried or grilled. Probably fried.

15.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

This isnt really funny, but yesterday was Dia del Amiga, which, according to Hna. Pin, they celebrate more than Christmas out here. I had so much cake yesterday - ha ha. People kept giving us cake. 
Oh, and there is this niño in our ward named Marcos. He has maybe two years. I mean he's two years old. Whoa, whats happening to my English?! Anyways, he is CRAZY. Every time we visit his house he's doing something weird. We passed by the other day and he sees us, runs to the back of the house, grabs a pillow, hides behind it and walks up behind me to scare me. It's just funny. He's always showing us his shoes or running around the chapel "stealing" hymn books in sacrament meeting.

16.  What are you doing for your p-day this week?

After this we are walking back to the house, making empandas for almuerzo and building a mattress fort.

Sorry, I can't really send pictures this week. Is Alan's birthday this week? If so, happy birthday to him!

Keep writing and know that I love you all! I thnk about yáll a lot. I love hearing all the updates and everything!! I write you guys letters every pday and I´m going to send them as soon as I can!

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