Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's a Bunch of Little Things

Note from Mom:  I am late in posting this week because we were out of town.

OK, here are your questions:

1.  Ever since last week I keep thinking about the Hermanas who were robbed twice in one day!  What do the robbers do when they rob someone?  Do they have a weapon?  You said a 12 year old and a 15 year old robbed them.  I am just trying to imagine what a 12 year old would do to rob someone.

 I haven’t been robbed, so I have no idea what robbers do. The first guy who robbed them had a gun, so they gave him their phone and 2 pesos and walked away. I feel like if a bunch of 12 and 15 year olds tried to rob me without a weapon, I would just laugh and walk away.

2.  Have you been robbed?  Have you had any creepy feelings about going certain places or about certain people?

Nope. But there are times when I feel like we shouldn’t walk down certain streets, or when we´re in an area and I feel like we should leave. Plus, on my map I have all the really dangerous places marked so we don´t go there at night. We always listen to our feelings though, and my area is pretty safe as long as I stay in the right areas. Don’t worry haha!

3.  When are the next transfers?  Do you think either you or Hermana Pinnock will be transferred or do you normally stay with your trainer until you finish the 12-week training program?

 Transfers were last Saturday. I´m with Hna Pin for another transfer! I´m so happy! This is what I wanted. I'm still in the same area, too. 

4.  I saw on two other Argentina mission blogs that they call the missionaries who are returning home after their missions are over “Los Fieles” (the faithful) and the new missionaries just arriving “Los Refuerzos” (the reinforcements).  Do they use those same terms in your mission?

Not that I know of, but I like that. I´m gonna start using that haha.

5.  Has your mission had a visit from a General Authority yet?

Not since I’ve been here.

6.  Who is your district leader and what is he like?

Elder Ben.   He’s super, super tall. I´m talking Elder Jones tall, mom (Elder Jones was in our ward and was about 6’9”).  He’s a funny guy and I can tell he’s trying really hard to help us have success.  Honestly, Elders and Sisters don’t really bond in this mission so I don’t know him super well. I do know his companion better, though.  His name is Elder Brod and he is a newbie like me.

7.  Evan wants to know if your armpit hair has grown back yet.

Yup, waxed it Sunday morning.

8.  Have you been able to perform any acts of service this week?  Do you always ask the members if there is anything you can do for them, and do they always say no? (The missionaries in our ward once told us that they wished people would let them help, but every time they asked if there was anything they could help with the answer would be, "No, but thanks for asking".  They said they would love the opportunity to put on some jeans and do some work.  We actually let them work in our yard with us a few times, even though at first I felt a little bad about it, and they did seem to enjoy it!)

 Not this week and yeah, they always say no.  I´m going to stop offering and just serve them.

9.  What was the most amazing spiritual experience you had this week.

This is a tough one.  Have I told you about the “it’s a bunch of little things” conversation Hna Pin and I had?  We were talking about testimonies and how you get them.  I don´t have a testimony of this gospel because I had some grand vision, I have a testimony because of a bunch of small things.  I´ll read a verse in the Book of Mormon and know it’s true.  I´ll see someone destroy themselves from not keeping the commandments and know that this gospel is true.  I´ll feel the Spirit when I pray or talk to people or read and know this is true.  It’s not uncommon for us to be walking in the streets and just randomly say “This gospel is so true”!  Also this morning I was reading Ether 12 (in the Book of Mormon), so go read that and all the amazing stuff about faith.  Oh, and also this week I tried to start having more effective prayers, so I found the part in Preach my Gospel Chapter 4 about praying and I just took it with me to my nightly prayer and followed the guidelines. Wow, I don´t think I´ve had a personal prayer with so much power before. The Spirit was obvious.

10.  Tell me about someone you met this week.  How did you meet them?  What happened during the meeting?

I met Hermana Mart, another missionary.  We had divisions again this week, and I was with this chica de Honduras (girl from Honduras).  She has the coolest accent.  Anyways, I lived with her for a day, and that was our meeting.  We talked to lots of people and I wish I could say I know tons about her now, but I don´t because it was a little hard to understand her.  She helped me understand how I can use the Book of Mormon in lessons more, though.  

11.  Who teaches the Gospel Principles class in your ward?  Are there usually many people in the class?

 Hermana Leal, the daughter of Hermano Leal, is the teacher. We usually have maybe five or six people in the class. 

12.  Tell me about one of the people who feeds you each week.

La Familia Riv.  This is the family of the bishop.  They usually give us food to take and eat in our casa since they don’t have a huge amount of time.   I have eaten with them once, though.  They have lots of kids!  The family is pretty big on helping us out, partially because they have a family member on a mission.  Like Hna Mart, I can’t describe the people here too well because I can’t understand them much.

13.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week? 

This week we had this tarta, which was like a chicken pot pie but without the chicken, just vegetables.  It was sooooooooo good.  It was maybe the size of a pizza and about as thick as a pizza too.  Hermana Pin and I ate the whole thing.  I think we were happy to have something that wasn’t carne (meat).  I know that seems extreme how we ate that much, but when you think about it, we only have almuerzo (lunch), no dinner and hardly any breakfast. 

The grossest thing was sausage.  I like American sausage, but here it’s not all super ground up, so there’s noticeable chunks of who knows what and it’s gross.  I was going to try and avoid eating it, but the lady serving us just slapped a huge piece on my plate and it’s rude to not eat everything here, so I just had to force it down.

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Hna Pin fell out of a chair.  She was trying to move the seat over, and just fell right out.  Also, these two dogs that we´ve named "Robert" and "Sexy" like to follow us.  They wait for us outside stores, and literally follow us everywhere.  It’s great because they chase off mean dogs sometimes!

15.  Do you know if it ever snows there?  Just wondering.

I don’t think so.

Sorry I don't have any pictures this week.  I can't figure out how to use this computer.

I love you all!


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