Monday, July 7, 2014

"Look! Cookies!"

Well, here are your weekly questions:

1.  I saw in your pictures that you don't appear to have a table in your apartment to eat at.  What's up with that?

Yeah, we usually eat on the floor, or on my desk since it has the most room for eating. Lame, right? But usually we don´t eat a lot in the apartment. In the mornings we eat at our desks, then we usually have almuerzo (lunch) at someone's house, and we just stand and eat in the kitchen at night since we don't have tons of time before bed.

2.  How often do you have divisions with the Sister Training Leaders?  Are there only two Sister Training Leaders for your mission or are there more?

I think there are 4 for the mission, and its pretty unusual to do divisions with them. They pick the divisions depending on if the companionship is having some kind of problem or if the leaders just feel like a companionship needs to have a little help or if the spirit just tells them to have divisions. It's not an "everyone gets a turn" thing or a scheduled thing. Hermana Pin thinks after this transfer one of the Sister Training Leaders will be my new companion, I think she's crazy, haha. I think I´ll get a Latina.

3.  When was the last time you saw your mission president in person and what happened?

Maybe a month ago? We had a surprise meeting with him. The office called Hna. Pin and told her to call Presidente (President), and then he told us to stop by, so we did, and talked about ideas and asked for advice. That was pretty unusual. I don't think most people see the Presidente outside of interviews which are about once every three months.

4.  Does your mission president send you an email reply every week?  You email him every week, right?  Does he send you a personal email or does he send out a mission-wide email?

He never replies, but he usually sends out a short mission-wide spiritual thought email. I always read them. Sometimes its only in Spanish, and sometimes its in English and Spanish.

5.  What sort of things do you talk about in your email to the mission president?  Does it all have to be in Spanish or can you write in English?

I write everything in Spanish, but sometimes I throw in some English words. He speaks English but not very well. He's not super fluent, you know? Anyways, I just talk about my week. The stuff we did, the spiritual experiences I had. How I´m doing. Basic stuff.

6.  Did anything unusual happen this week?

Yeah, I was sick this whole week. I had a fever on Tuesday, then it went away but I caught a "beetle" (not sure what that word is) or a really bad cold, so I was sort of house bound until Saturday. I worked some half-days, but we decided that since I wasn't doing too great it was best if we worked from home and I slept a lot. I´m better now, but being sick in another country isn't super fun. We went to the doctor because Hna Parreño (the Mission President's wife)  told us to go and they wouldn't take us because I didn't have an Argentine ID. I brought the copy of my passport, though, and eventually someone looked at me. It was the only time I was happy for free healthcare - haha - but on the downside it took us 2 days to get me checked because of the waiting-list-first-come-first-served thing. LAME.
But don't worry, I´m fine.

7.  What was the best experience you had this week?

So, I was lying in bed thinking about doing contacts, then I realized that the only things I really think about when I try to sleep here are hymns, lessons, contacts, my investigators, and God. Literally, those are the things I think about the most. I realized just how amazing it is to be a missionary. I have the opportunity to leave all of the distractions of the world behind and devote all of my time to GOD. It's awesome. I´ve never felt so happy like this before. I´ve never felt closer to my Savior than now. I was thinking about how I only have 15 more months of this and how I have got to treasue this time because it's never coming back. I´ll never get this again.
Oh, and a lady gave me a free limon (lemon) for my throat when I was sick.

8.  Does it seem to rain a lot there?

Nah. Maybe once every few weeks, but less than in Georgia. Rain is the worst here, because nobody goes to church if its raining.

9.  Have you noticed the two Magellanic Clouds in the night sky?  They are two dwarf galaxies and they say they are quite visible in the southern hemisphere.  I know you probably don't do much star-gazing, but I'm still wondering if you've seen them.  By the way, the Southern Cross is the most famous constellation (I think) in the southern hemisphere.  Some bright stars form a cross...up in the sky...supposed to be somewhat easy to find....have you seen it?  lol

Nope, can you send me pictures of these things or something so I can look for them?

10.  Have you seen any sloths?  I saw a picture from an Elder in Bolivia who was holding a young sloth! (Amy has always, for some reason, loved sloths)

MAN I WISH!!!! There are no trees here so there are no sloths :(

11.  What was the most profound thing you have learned this week?

That many are called but few are chosen. Study that one in the scriptures, its pretty good. It's like lots of people are given opportunities but only few will receive the blessings. . . or. . . wait, OK I´ll explain this better when I understand it better.

12.  What was the best/worst food that you ate this week?

Best: This chicken with a salad and this squash potato thing. Honestly, anything that wasn't Milanesa (Italian?) or noodles with sauce was delicious. One of the grosser things that I ate was this bean stew, which wasn't that bad, but the lady cooking it put scrambled eggs on top and it didn't help the meal that much. The grossest thing was this limon honey water drink thing that Hna. Pin made for my throat. She made me drink it all. It was GROSS.

13.  Was there anything strange or unusual that you bought this week?

Well, this isn't strange or anything, but I discovered that I can buy 50 cough drops for 10 pesos, which is a little bit more than one American dollar. Oh, and we bought this weird squash thing and Malta, which is like hot chocolate, but it's not chocolate - its wheat. We drink it with milk. First time I tried it it was gross but now I like it.

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Ok, so we´re walking to church yesterday morning. It rained the night before so there's mud everywhere. So, we´re walking and I slipped and fell in the mud, haha, but right as I fell I saw three of the biggest chickens I've ever seen in my life. And you just don't see chickens that much out here so I got all excited. So I said, "Mira! Galletas! Oops, I mean gallinas!"which means "Look! Cookies! Oops, I mean chickens!" And Herman Pin is like "Hermana, you just fell and you have mud all over your knees and all you care about are a bunch of gallinas?"

Yeah, so this week was pretty lame because I couldn't do much, but I´m all good now and I´m rocking it in Argentina! The mundial (World Cup) is almost over so I´m happy for that.  (Argentina is one of the final four teams still playing in the World Cup)  Tell everyone I love them!  I miss you all but its cool to see all the blessings you´re getting by me being out here. Keep sending the updates and tell me when we move so I can change all the address on the letters I've been writing. I have been writing, but since I have a bunch of American stamps I´m gonna give my letters to a returning missionary to mail in the U.S. That's a really popular thing to do.  So, I know that's a bit of a wait, but its really complicated to mail letters to the US from here and I´m gonna avoid it for as long as possible.

You´re gonna be upset again, because I forgot my camera again this time. . . . sooooorrrrryyyy.....I had some good pictures, too. Sorry, this week has been kind of hectic.


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