Monday, July 14, 2014

Feeling Better

Taking my medicine

1.  My goal in writing letters to you is for you to receive at least one letter from me each week.  Has this been happening at all?  I have no idea how international mail works as far as regularity.

 No, I don't get letters every week, but when I do get letters from you I get 3 to 5 at once, which I like. I got 5 from you this past week (probably because I was sick and couldn't receive any the week before) and one of them was one of the first ones you sent to Argentina that got sent to Bermuda, ahaha!

2.  Last week you said you caught a "beetle", or a bad cold.  What the heck does "beetle" mean?  Is it some sort of Spanish slang?

Ok, so it turns out I actually had gripe which is. . . I don't know but its only supposed to last for 7 days, but mine was worse and longer because I wasn't accustomed to all this stuff. I officially stopped having fevers Thursday and right now I´m perfectly normal. Beetle is like catching a bug, you know? But they don't call it a bug, they call it beetle. I don't like the doctors here. The only doctor that was any help was the mission doctor, who is a gringo and actually knows what he's doing.

3.  You went to the doctor when you were sick.  What was that like?  Was it similar to a doctor's visit in the US?

It took two days to be able to see someone, the offices are dirty and dumpy, and they didn't treat me. They looked at me and were like "take some ibuprofen and inhale vapors". Which didn't help at all. The mission doctor was way more helpful. He didn't even look at me and he diagnosed me over the phone, told us what medicines to get, and now I´m better.

4.  You said it took two days to be seen.  What did you do - sign up on a list?  Did you have to wait in the office for a long period of time?

We had to get there at 7 in the morning, wait forever, and yeah, sign up for a list. It's first come, first served and the list fills up fast and they didn't take anyone after 12. 

5.  Were they able to give you any medicine to help?  If so, what sort of medicine did they give you?

Ibuprofen from the Argentine doctor. "Qura Plus y mucosuajdflk" and something from the mission doctor.

6.  I am going to try to send you a padded envelope while I am in Maryland with Dad.  Do you have any requests?  Hermana Saunders said she received an email from the mission secretary in response to her email asking if parents could send packages to their missionaries.  The response said that padded envelopes weighing no more than 4 pounds would be OK.  They said not to send things like peanut butter and beef jerky!  So, are there any small, light things that you would like?

Could you try sending me marshmallows? Or chocolate? or socks!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why we didn't bring more socks. The good kind, for boots and stuff. I hear if you send things with tampons it's less likely to be stolen.

7.  I talked with Fernando (Amy's step-grandfather) about the mundial (World Cup).  He has been watching games. (He said Geema doesn't like the games - no surprise there!  Ha ha!)   Costa Rica (Fernando is from Costa Rica) made it to the final 8 teams so he was excited about that.  I asked him who he thought would win the final game (Germany vs. Argentina) and he said, "Alemania" (Germany) without any hesitation.  I'm sure you will know by now if Argentina won or not.  You may have heard that Germany beat Brazil in the semi-final 7-1 - Brazil was humiliated!  So - any last thoughts or observations from you on the World Cup and what it was like to be there in a country playing in the final game?

Yeah, when I heard about the Germany Brazil game I knew Germany was going to beat Argentina. The people acted the same like every other game, but this time when they lost they weren't singing in the streets, they were just crying and going home all quietly. 
Funny story, some people here think I´m from Germany, including one of my investigators. We dont know why they think this, but we´ve decided that I probably should talk a little less so that they don't hate me on sight for being ¨German¨.

8.  Did you have any investigators or menos activos at church this week?  If so, tell me about at least one of them.

Our investagators Nestor y Julieta! They´re a couple and they´ve been investigating for a long time. We´ve had some really, really good lessons. Nestor is sick and he got a blessing this past Sunday and he cried afterwards. They really liked church and they are both really trying now to learn if this is true. 

9.  What was the most profound thing you learned this week?

Ok, I know this isn't something profound, but I had an experience. We were going to have this lesson with Nestor and Julieta in the church and watch a movie about Christ, but mom, we forgot the movie. So, we sat them down and apologized and Nestor was mad, but then we had the best lesson of our life and afterwards Nestor was really happy that we had the lesson. The Spirit was so strong and they accepted a date to be baptized ( doesn't mean that they´re getting baptized yet but it's progress). It was just cool to see that God had other plans for this lesson and made us forget the movie so we could teach what they needed more.

10.  The weather seems to be holding steady, according to my app on my phone.  By this I mean that it seems to be highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's to 40's.  No super cold (like in the 10's or even zero) yet.  Do you think this might be as cold as it will get there?   Are you getting used to the cold?

 I´m pretty used to the cold now, and the people say its supposed to get colder in August.

11.  Tell me about a district or zone meeting you had this week.  If you had one.

We had a zone meeting, and honestly, I don't remember much because I didn't understand much and I kinda had a fever and just did my best to keep my eyes open. Hna Parreño spoke about keeping things sacred and how our dress and speech keep things sacred.

12.  What is the most useful Spanish word that you have learned this week?

"parese" which means ¨looks like¨. So when I need to say things like" it looks like its going to rain", "you look sick", or "you look like your dad", I can use that word.

13.  How is your Spanish comprehension coming along?

 A lot better. I understand the most part of things now, but I still don't understand everything. It's hard when people speak to me directly, because they expect immediate responses, but I´m getting better. It's hard to respond quickly and normally sometimes.

14.  When you and Hermana Pin are walking around do you feel as though people stare at you because you look like a foreigner?

 Hermana Pin looks more like a foreigner, but most of the time people thing I´m Argentine until I speak.

15.  Do people there seem to like Americans or do they hate them?  Or have you not noticed any like/dislike from anyone there?

Yeah, people don't like Americans. It's funny because they like to talk about our politics, like they know what's going on and what's best for us (one guy tried to tell us how great Hillary Clinton was and literally Hermana Pin and I just looked at each other and laughed.)  But really they have no idea. I think it's funny how much they care about our politics and stuff. People arent mean to us or anything because we´re Americans, but you can tell they have lots of pride in their country. 

16.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

It wasn't that we ate anything weird this week, or that we eat tons of weird food, but it's just that we ate a ton. I got to try asaga, the meat of Argentina. It's like barbecuewithout barbecue sauce, and it's cut different. It's pretty good. This family fed us so much food one night, it was an almuerzo-sized (lunch sized) dinner. You can't imagine how much food we have to eat at almuerzos, mom. It's insane. I don´t know how I'm losing weight here.

17.  Did you cook anything wonderful this week?

Biscuits :) This is my second time. Success each time, but our oven is weird so I have to flip them all the time.

18.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So It rained a lot this week and Hna Pin doesn't have rain boots. This is bad because the streets flood and some of them are like small rivers. So, at one point we had to cross one of these rivers- I could do it because I had the boots, but Hna Pin couldn't, so I took our stuff across, after doing a test cross to make sure its not too deep for my boots, then carried Hna Pin across on my back. Pioneer moments haha.

Yeah about adjusting to the mission life: I don't stress a ton about the language, I don't get super homesick. I had the worst day of my mission last Thursday (so far) because I had a dream that made me really homesick, the most homesick of my mission so far, I was cold, it was raining, and nobody wanted to talk, but even then I was still OK. My worst days aren't even that bad. I´m like the weirdo missionary that is just crazy about working. I just don't really have problems.

It is cold in the apartment

This girl got baptized

This picture had no explanation....

Translation:  Sister Eubanks of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Translation:  I hope you feel better soon - the best missionary a ward could ever have.  I love you.  With love, Luci

Not sure what this is

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