Monday, August 25, 2014

Do You Have a Husband?

It's a beautiful day!

Here are your questions:

1.  Did you find out more about your new district this week?  How many are Latinos and how many are Americans?  We don't need an exact count, just curious how many Latinos there are vs. non-Latinos.  

There are three companionships in our district, me and Hna de Leon, Hna Chestler and Hna Cruz (the only Latina) and Elder Broderick and Elder Rascon. We say that we have one real Latina, but Hna de Leon and Elder Rascon are "Latinos de sangre"which means that one of their parents is a Latino. But really we only have one, and that's Hna Cruz. She's from Honduras.

2.  Did any of your investigators come to church this week?  What did they think about church?

 Nestor and Julieta, and they like church a lot. They are getting baptized Saturday at 6 in the afternoon! I´m so happy for them, and they are pretty excited, too!

3.  Are the kids loud in your ward?  Some parents are very good about keeping their kids quiet and taking them out of the chapel when they are too loud.  Is that the way the members of the ward there handle their children?  

 Yes, they are loud. The kids run wild here. No joke, they run all over the chapel, scream, play with one another, and it doesn't seem to bother anyone but me and my companion. It's just normal here, I guess. 

4.  Have you heard any special musical numbers in church since you have been in Argentina? 

Nope. Occasionally in zone conferences a district will sing, but that's about it. 

5.  What was the most useful Spanish word you learned this week?

"Falta."  I don't know the exact definition, but when people ask me how much time I have left on my mission, they ask "Cuanto falta?"or if someone is looking for something or missing something they say "Falta dos o tres". It's really useful because people use it a lot. I guess I only recently started to notice because I only recently began to understand it.  (According to Google Translate, "falta" means "lack.")

6.  How is your comprehension coming along?  Do you understand more of what you hear in church and other missionary meetings?

Yeah, I understand a lot more. I can answer questions and kind of have normal conversations now, but it all depends on the person. Some people I can understand very clearly and easily, and others I can't understand at all. But for the most part I´m improving.

7.  What was your fun goal for this past week?

We didn't have one. I couldn't think of a good one and with a new companion and all... yeah, you know how it is. 

8.  Do you use an official planner each week?  On my mission we had a planner printed on yellow paper that we used each week.

Well, we have our missionary planners that we use every day. Is that what you  mean? It has all of our goals for the week and the day, the information of our contacts and a schedule for every day. I use it a ton. When I forget my planner it's like not having one of my hands. 

9.  Have you met any of your neighbors where you live?

Yeah, there's Luis and his wife and daughter that live above us, and then our neighbors across the hall, and then a lady named Karen who lives above Luis, I think. They're all pretty nice, but they don't seem to want to listen to our lesson very much, which is OK. I hope they don't think we're bad neighbors....

10.  What was something interesting you bought this week?

A batada. It's like a sweet potato, but it's yellow and not a sweet potato. It's a potato thing that's sweet. It's just one of the weird vegetable food items I´ve bought., We put it in a soup. 

11.  Who do you visit that lives the farthest away from your apartment?  How long does it take you to get there?

Florencia and Sonia, two recent converts of Hna Pinnock. It takes us maybe 30 minutes or more to walk there from our house (which is in the middle of our area), and they live in the corner of our area in the middle of nowhere. 

12.  What was the best/worst thing you had to eat this week?

Worst? I don't really know. Everything was pretty normal. Well, wait, there was this salad of rice, boiled eggs, and mayonesa that I didn't like too much. We ate a bunch of empanadas this week, but the best thing that we had was this meat on noodles with onions and peppers and cream. It was gooooood. 

13.  What was the most profound thing you learned this week?

That's a tough one. I was studying repentance in Alma 5 in the Book of Mormon. It's about how if we don't repent, we aren't going to even WANT to be in the presence of God after this life. Also, I was studying Alma 42 about the fall of Adam and how it was necessary for the plan of salvation. If they hadn't eaten the fruit, we wouldn't have progressed, and if they ate the fruit but didn't leave the Garden of Eden then they would be trapped in their sins forever and we wouldn't be able to progress. So basically we are really lucky to be living in this life now, where we can grow and repent and better ourselves. We have the opportunity to come closer to Christ every day because of the fall.

14.  Describe something that happened this week that made you happy.

Well, there's a young woman in the ward named Abril. We were talking to this old man outside of his house and Abril walked by and stopped and greeted me and my companion and the old guy. Here it's a custom that when you see friends you greet them, so that's what she did to us. The thing is that most of the time the youth in our ward are embarrassed by us and pretend that they don't know us, so to know that not only one of the youth isn't embarrassed by us but is willing to go out of her way to greet us made me happy.

15.  Have you made empandas yourself?  What do you, or whoever else makes them, usually put in them?  Geema said someone in her ward made her some empanadas and brought them to her.  She liked them!

Yeah, I like to put ham and cheese in them, since people usually give us the kind with beef, onion, olives, boiled eggs, and raisins. I like to keep it pretty simple with the ham and cheese. What kind did Geema eat? And the real question is how many did she eat? Because I can eat a ton here. I eat a lot of food here, actually. It doesn't seem to be affecting me, though. 

16.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Alright, so we were contacting and looking of a referral of some members, and we tried to talk to these two old men who were sitting outside of their house eating oranges. Right away they gave us an orange (yeah I accepted food from a stranger and ate it. I do that all the time here, now that I think about it, but don't worry, I´m being careful) and asked us where we were from. We said we are from the States and one of the old guys went off about how we need to find his son and how I need to get married to his son. The conversation went like this.
Me: No, I´m a missionary here and----
Now repeat that three or four times and that was our contact with them. 

It's stormy here. Yeah, I walked like 2 or 3 miles in freezing rain to email you guys. Be happy -- haha.
Be safe, I love you all and I´m writing letters, it just takes forever to send them. Tell the boys and everyone that I love them and give them a hug for me.
Hermana Eubanks
oh, opps., I mean Amy

See the chickens?

This is the cat lady I told you about last week.

Yes, I wear this out of the house.  I'm wearing it right now!

Cooking in the kitchen

Sunglasses make every picture better.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cats Eat Pasta?

OK, here are your questions:

1.  Tell us about your new companion.  Do you like her?

I do like Hna De Leon. We are very, very different people, but we get along great and we like each other very much. She's very into sports, mainly lacrosse, but also soccer and basketball. Her Spanish is really, really good, and she's been helping me a lot. She's served in this area before, which is really unusual, so she knows people and has a lot of hope for the people here. She's focused a lot on finding and teaching new people, and also on some of her old investigators.

2.  What is the best thing you have learned from your new companion so far?

How to invite people to be baptized in the first lesson, and how to improve my Spanish. She's been teaching me a ton. She's been on the mission for a year now, but I know the area better than her so I teach her about the area and she teaches me the Spanish and how to teach better. 

3.  How do your investigators/menos activos like your new companion so far?

Most of them remember her, and the ones that she doesn't know like her a lot. Nestor and Julieta like her a lot, but I can tell that they also miss Hna Pin. A lot of people here miss Hna Pin a lot. I do too, of course.

4.  We enjoyed the pictures of the church building you sent.  I noticed the Relief Society room had a lace tablecloth!  How is Relief Society in your ward?

Pretty much the same, but in Spanish and a lot smaller, and people don't really do their visiting teaching, which is something we´re working on. Yesterday there were only 30 people at church, one of which was an investigator and two were from a different ward. There was a quinceñera the day before (quinces are the big birthday here. The parties are about the size of wedding receptions.  They celebrate a girl's 15th birthday.) So everyone was sleeping in. So, yesterday Relief Society was really small, but usually there are a lot of people who make comments and stuff. Yesterday was kinda funny and also kinda sad because we didn't have enough priesthood holders to pass the sacrament, so we had to start late. We had enough in the end, but it took a while to find the right amount. I conducted the music and Hna. De Leon had to give a talk because the speaker didn't show up. 

5.  What was your biggest challenge this week?

Learning how to work with a new companion. It's hard to adjust, I´m not gonna lie, and I missed Hna Pin a lot. ( I did the whole "cry in secret thing", which every missionary does - haha). I had some stress in the beginning because I felt responsible for the area but I also felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I feel fine now, but the adjustment was hard.

6.  Have you met any missionaries that are newer than you?

Yes. Hna Chestler, who is from West Virginia, I think, and a few new newbies who are Latinos that I´ve only talked to a little. Hna Chesttler was in our "night crew" so I know her better. She has one transfer less than me, and is the "daughter"of Hna Peterson, who was the companion of Hna Pin before me. I love seeing new missionaries. Makes me feel like an adult, haha.

7.  Out of the missionaries in your district, how many are Latinos and how many are Americans?

Since our district just changed, I haven't seen my new district yet. But I do know that we have one Latina, named Hna Cruz. She's from Honduras. I think the most part of the Hnas in our zone are Latinas. I´ll find out a better answer for this question.

8.  Does your new companion cook?  Have you cooked anything good this week?

Kinda. She has had some Latina companions so she knows some stuff. She cooked this really good fried rice, and we made crepes one morning, but that's all so far. I think she cooks just about as much as me, so nothing is really different. 

9.  What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

That's a hard question. We had a big zone reunion with our mission president where he talked to us about our purpose as missionaries and understanding why we do what we do. That was really fun, and then yesterday Nestor wasn't going to come to church, but his son who is a member in a different ward showed up and so Nestor came to church! So that was a great miracle that made me really happy.

10.  Have you been able to play a piano at all since you arrived in Argentina or are you just too busy?

No :(  Sometimes I have a few minutes when we are waiting for someone in the church for a meeting or something, but never enough time to actually play anything. 

11.  Was there any food that was especially good or bad this week?

Raviolis, which was pretty good. That's about it. And yesterday in our almuerzo we had this bread and it was homemade with chunks of some kind of mystery meat in it. It was soooooooooooo gross!!!!

12.  Are you ready for the winter to end?

Nah, I´d rather have the cold than the heat. And when you´re walking all the time you just get used to it. Its been pretty warm here lately, too, so I´m pretty content. 

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So we had almuerzo with a menos activo yesterday. This lady is old, she's a widow, and she has three cats and ten dogs. She's a sweet lady, and she's very lonely and loving, but her house smells terrible because of all her cats. But she insisted on having an almuerzo with us, so we went. The whole time she talked to her cats. It was hilarious. She's yelling at them and giving them pasta to eat. 

14.  What was the most important thing you learned from your studies this week?

 I was reading in Jesus the Christ about when Jesus walked on the water. So, what happened was that He had His sermon where he fed the 5000, then they were trying to make Him their ruler, so He told the apostles to go out in their boat while He calmed the people down and then come back and pick Him up. So the apostles went out and then tried to return but there were fierce winds and storms and they couldn't get to shore. Then they saw Christ walking on the water towards them and they were scared, but then they realized that it was Christ so it was ok. Then you all know what happens next - Peter jumps out of the boat and walks but then gets kind of scared and sinks. Then Jesus gets into the boat and all the winds and storms stop.  But what I learned is that this is a great example of life. Here we are in our boats, surrounded by storms and winds and we are struggling to progress or just to live. But the thing that can give us the most peace and help in our life is Christ. Sometimes people see Him walking on the water and they get scared and they don't want the help. And sometimes people see Him walking on the water and rejoice and accept His help gladly. But when we accept His help, all of the storms and winds will be calm, and we will be safe, secure, and happy.

15.  Do you think you are developing love for the people of Argentina?

Yes, I am. It was hard at first, and it's still not easy, but I´m really working hard to develop a real and strong love for these people.

Thanks!!! I love you all so much and I´m always super happy to hear how you all are. Thanks for the update on Israel, all of the news here is pretty warped, so it's hard to find any real facts. I hope you get my letters soon! I love you!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Transfers and Facturas

Me and my new companion!

OK, here are your questions:

1.  Why did you send pictures last week of a stack of mattresses and then what looked like a fort made out of the mattresses?

Every week we make goals, and I always try to make a fun goal. So that week we had a fun goal of making a mattress fort and chilling in that for our p-day.

2.  You mentioned last week that one of the things you wish you could have from America is a normal toilet.  What are the toilets like there?

I wish I could give you a description, but literally every time I use the bathroom outside of our house it's like playing a game. I first have to figure out how to flush the toilet, and then see if I can flush toilet paper down it or not. Every house has a different kind. I can practically build a toilet now with all the knowledge that I have of the inner workings of a toilet!

3.  So they eat a lot of mayonnaise in they have other types of salad dressings that they put on salads?

Most of the time if it's not mayonesa, they put lemon juice, salt, and oil on salads. Which is good.  I like the oil, salt, lemon thing...

4.  You were going to try to think of a miracle that you experienced recently.  Did you think of one?

This menos activo of a ton of años (someone who hasn't gone to church for many years) prayed. We´ve been passing by to try and start to get his kids interested in coming to church. Hna Pin told me that when they first started passing by he didn't even believe in God anymore. But now he listens enthusiastically and he prayed!!! We were so happy!!! This is just the first step. Hermana Pin left instuctions to keep passing by for them.

5.  The water here in Maryland is not gross.  It tastes a little different from Georgia but I think I am used to it now.  Do you get to drink much water there?  Do you use your water bottle with the filter on it?

Oh, good. I was worried that the water there would be gross. In our house we  drink water that we buy in these giant bottles like in offices, but if we have to drink anywhere else or out of a sink we use our filtered bottles. We drink juice or sometimes soda everywhere else. 

6.  Why did you send a picture last week of you next to a chocolate ice cream box looking sad?

That was meant to be a confused look. Yeah, you can buy ice cream in a box here like you buy cake in boxes in the states. Its weird. But yummy all the same.

7.  Can you take some pictures of the area you are in?  You probably can't carry around your camera all the time but maybe you can take it out with you one day...

Yeah I´ll try. I took some pictures of our church that I´ll send today if I can.

8.  Tell us about the lady who made the sock hats.

Se llama Alceira.  (Her name is Alceira) She's this older lady who knows the church is true, but she doesn't want to get baptized.  She loves the Book of Mormon, her daughter and granddaughter are both recent converts, but she just doesn't want to get baptized.  She loves Hermana Pin a lot, and I have lots of trouble understanding her sometimes. She likes to knit, so she made us hats - haha!

9.  What was church like this week?

Lots of crying and photos since Hermana Pin got transferred. I had a lot of trouble focusing and understanding, but it was also Dia del Niño, which exists here, so all the classes and talks were about how blessed and wonderful children are.

(From Wikipedia:  First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children. In Argentina, Children's Day (Día del Niño) is celebrated on the second Sunday of August.)  

10.  Transfers were this you have a new area or a new compañera?

I have a new compañera. Her name is Hermana De Le. She's from Utah, she's 20 years old, and she's worked in Terrada before. Her and Hermana Pin worked in Terrada together in January but she left after one transfer, and now she's back. I didn't know that you could work in the same area twice until now - haha. Her Spanish is really good and I know I´m going to learn a ton with her. We haven't had a full twenty-four hours together yet, so I still don't know her that well. 

11.  If you do have a new area or compañera, please tell us all about them.

Well, I just kind of told you everything I know, so I´m going to tell you about transfers. So, we got the call at 10:30 pm for transfers Saturday night. So Sunday we spent all day taking photos and packing. I helped Hermana Pin pack, and there was a lot of hugging and crying on both of our parts. She's in Mar del Plata, which is a ten hour bus ride away and in a different province of Argentina. So, yesterday we went to the bus terminal and she got on a bus and left and I waited another 3 hours in the terminal for Hermana De Le to come so we could go to our area together. I miss Hermana Pin a lot, I´m not going to lie. It's always hard to split up with your trainer, but I know I´m supposed to be with Hermana De Le and she seems super cool, so I´m happy. Hermana Pin left me some clothes and things that I need to try on today. . .haha.

12.  What was the most wonderful thing that you experienced this week?

Well, we had a giant conference with the zone Bahía Blanca ( my zone) and Villa Mitre (Hermana Saunders zone which is next to my zone) last Wednesday. The mission psychologist talked to us about stress and what it means to be a successful missionary. It was cool because I got to see all my buddies from the MTC and meet a ton of new missionaries (including Hermana De Le, but this was before we knew we´d be companions). The conference was nice, we had a zone meeting and for the first time I felt kind of united as a zone, and then we listened to the psychologist and I loved what he said about being a successful missionary. It's not about numbers or baptisms, its just about doing your all and your part. 

13.  Was there any food that was either good or strange this week?

Not really. We ate these mini tart things, and someone gave us a huge bag of facturas, so that was nice. Facturas are like croissants with dulce de leche, pudding, or some kind of sweet or sugar on top of  them.  People eat them for breakfast here.

Picture from The Life Less Traveled

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

I can´t really think of anything. This week was a lot of remembering the past and trying to stay focused even though we had transfers coming up. We did a lot of passing by for the people that Hna Pin wants me to keep working with. Nothing funny that stands out happened. Sorry ;(

Tell Christine to mail me a letter, gosh dang it!! And tell her thanks for reading my blog, unlike the boys!
I made cinnamon rolls again, and it was a sucess again... muwhahaha.
I love hearing about everything wiht the family and the house. I respond to most of this stuff in my letters. You should be receiving some soon, by the way. Probably within the next 2 weeks or so.
Thanks for all the love and support. I miss you all and love you soooo much! I´m glad the boys are liking everything and that the cats are still alive. I pray for you guys every night, and I spend practically all of my p-day writing letters to you guys. I got to go, bye!!


Our church building

The chapel

The foyer

A hallway

The Relief Society room

Our last Sunday together!

Being gangstas

Some other Hermanas



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What Does "Followingly" mean?

Our new sock hats a lady made for us!

Here are your questions:

1.  Your socks are getting holes in them?  Which socks?  The little footsie socks or the thick boot socks?

Footsie socks. Its hard to find good socks here, as I discovered an hour ago. I withdrew some money, by the way.

2.  What did you learn at your district and/or zone meeting this week?

That's a hard question, because I have lots of trouble understanding what's going on in the zone meeting, and district meeting is usually all about our investigators.  But something kind of funny happened during zone meeting. They called on me to answer a question. The question was " Para usted, que significa segimiento." Which translates to "For you, what does `followingly` mean." So, I was thinking, "I have no idea what that means". So, the other people described my reaction like this: You sat there for a minute and looked lost in thought, like you had a really good answer. Then you looked at the Elder and said "La verdad, no se" (which means: the truth is that I don't know.). And then everyone laughed. And some Hermana looked at me and said "it means 'follow up'" so I explained what a follow up is. It's funny because literally all of the gringos had no idea what that word meant, and everyone was watching me like "Poor little gringa, she's got to answer something". It was funny.

3.  Since you have transfers later this week, are there any thoughts that you have about the possibility of getting either a new companion or a new area?

We both think I´m leaving, which means I´m probably staying, hahaha. It's pretty certain that I´ll get a new companion, but I have no idea what's going to happen. 

4.  How is household trash dealt with there?  Do they have garbage trucks that pick up each week like we do here?

Yeah, they have trucks, but they don't have trashcans like us. They have these boxes on sticks about five or six feet off the ground that we put all the trash bags in.

5.  Have you had any power outages since you have been there?

Yeah, we had one for about ten minutes last Monday, and then on Wednesday all of the power in all of Bahia went out. Do you know why that happens? Because I don't and nobody here seems to care enough to explain why.

6.  Have you been able to do any sort of sightseeing on any of your p-days?

Nope. Everything is closed on Mondays, so I can't go to any museums. . . 

7.  What was the most amazing thing you saw this past week?

A hamburger. That was our almuerzo (lunch) yesterday, and it was GOOD. I ate three. THREE. I eat so much food here, and according to everyone who looks at my photos, I`m losing weight. We eat so much because we eat lunch, then we walk miles and miles until 9, then we eat maybe some fruit or bread and go to bed. So really the only real meal we have is almuerzo.

8.  If you could wave a magic wand and have any one thing from America, what would it be?

This is an excellent question. Right now it's a tie between a washing machine, a normal toilet, and a trash can for our house.

9.  Do you ever hear anything about Argentine politics there?

 Nope, but there are strikes all the time here, so all I know is that people are angry and striking.

10.  Food report, please!  What was good, what was bad?

Hamburgers,  and this isn't gross or anything, but they eat weird salads here. There's your traditional with lettuce and tomato and carrot, and then there are Argentine salads, with tomatoes and eggs and mayonesa (mayonnaise). Or carrots, corn, eggs, peas, and mayonesa. See the trend? Then there are potatoes, eggs, peas, and mayonesa. It's not bad, it's just weird. Have you ever eaten rice with mayonesa? I didn't until I got here. 

11.  Describe an incident you had recently that involved a miracle (even if it was only a small one).

This is a hard question, because we ALWAYS see miracles, and I usually tell them to you guys. I can't think of one for this week, but I`ll think really hard and share next week because miracles aren't really apparent until afterwards. Sorry.
I got up and bore my testimony this past Sunday.

12.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week?

Since there are no trees or mountains you can see the whole sky and the sunsets are BEAUTIFUL.

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

So we were teaching Nes and Jul and we showed them a picture of the temple and Nes points to the Angel Moroni and says "It's Carlos." We were like "What? No that's Moroni!" and he says "No! Its Carlos!" He got a little confused because the teacher who first mentioned temples to him is named Carlos. It was funny. He looks at temple pictures now and says "Carlos."

So, we found this lady who let us into her house and BASHED us. I`m serious, we were trying to talk, and clear up her misconceptions, but she wouldn't pause or stop. I couldn't understand everything she was saying, but Hermana Pin was really frustrated. But it's interesting because she was holding her Bible and saying "This is all, there is no more! This is perfect! We don't need more Bible! The Book of Mormon isn't the truth because we don't need more Bible!" and I`m looking in her eyes and I can just see how desperate she is. She's desperately clinging to the idea that the Bible is sufficient, but I feel like anyone who has truly read the Bible would realize that it's not enough. She's sitting there preaching to us and all of her arguments ran in circles. And you know what we did? Did we argue? Did we fight all of her arguments with the scriptures, which would have been a piece of cake? Did we fight her back and chastise her? No. We sat there and took it all. Then in the end I tesified and left her a Book of Mormon with 2 nefi (Nephi) 29 marked. It was interesting, because I could feel the Spirit talking to me the whole time. The only thing I was prompted to do was testify and leave that book. The ball is in her court now. 

It's just interesting because we really could have topped all of her arguments without even blinking. I could have used only the Bible and won that bash without even breaking a sweat. But we didn't. We were patient, and we let this prideful woman say her stuff and preach to us in ignorance until we were able to leave. And I can say that I tried my hardest to have love for her, too. I didn't leave that chapter or my testimony with her out of anger, but out of love and sadness.

So you are in the new house!!!!!!!! I cant really see all the pictures. I don't know if its the computer or the email, but it looks BIG. Geese?? What's the neighborhood like??  Is the water gross? Are the cats alive?

And hows Jojo and his call? (Amy's cousin Joseph (Jojo) just got his mission call to the Utah Provo Mission)
I love you all soooooo much!!!! Keep being strong in the faith and thank you for all the advice on numbers and everything. That helps. I`m starting to find the balance between fun and work. I`m working my butt off, but I`m also having a great time. 

I love you all so much! Be safe! Chao! (I hope that's how you spell it)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Brain Thinks in Spanglish

Note from Mom:  This is the post that should have been posted on July 28, 2014.  We were moving and didn't have internet for a while so it was delayed.

Here are your questions:

1.  You mentioned mate last week.  Go ahead and tell us all about mate.  Can Mormons drink it?

Yeah, and I´ve had mate conocido, but its not my favorite thing. Tastes
kind of like grass tea. It's the culture thing here. Everyone drinks it,people get together and hang out and they just drink mate together.

2.  Did you have a miracle this week?

Yeah, so we invited the daughter of the Relief Society President to go to an appointment with us, but the appointment feel through, so we decided to pass by the house of this chica and explain what happened and say hi to her mom. So, we get there and find out that the mom thought she had almuerzo (lunch) with us that day and had bought all the food and everything, but we had almuerzo with another family, so we apologized and laughed about the situation and everything. But then the lady who had our almuerzo forgot and so she couldn't feed us, so we called us the Relief Society President and asked if we could eat with her since she was prepared for us that day and she said yes. Maybe that doesn't seem like a miracle, but you can see how God was working this whole time. He knew we wouldn't have lunch, so He organized a way for us to have lunch that day. It's sweet how God cares about things like that :)

3. What are some of your goals that you are working on?

Write in my journals more, speak more in lessons and with contacts, clean the house more, draw a picture, and I´m doing all the relaxation exercises to help me sleep, so it's a goal to sleep better. It's just to help me fall asleep. haha

4.  Have you been able to have any success with any of the menos activos (less actives) this week?

Yeah, a menos activo came to church yesterday. The thing with menos activos is that we can't just make them come back. They have to realize it on their own, so we just pass by and share stuff and talk and ask for references and hope that we can find a way to help them.

5.  How is Nestor and his wife?

Good, they didn't come to church this past Sunday, but they are working towards baptism. They got in a fight and are having some problems, so we talked to them individually. I told Nestor about my Dad and his example in my life and I could tell he was really impressed. I think talking to them helped. Their new doubt isn't "Ï don't know if this is the true church of God", it's "Who´s going to baptize us?" so that's good.

6.  What was the most useful Spanish word you learned this week?

I cant think of a word, but I´ve been studying the preterit tense. Did you know that Spanish has two different past tense forms? I´m studying just one at a time. Oh, and my brain is changing. I can't tell the difference between somethings in Spanish and in English anymore. My brain thinks in Spanglish. Its really, really weird.

7.  Has it rained a lot this week?

Nope but it's been dang cold!!!!!!!! Thermaskin all day every day!!! And this old lady is knitting me a hat!!!!! I´m super excited about it!!

8.  What is the most important thing you learned this week?

That stress is bad. I've just got to chill out and work. I need to stop worrying about numbers because it's bringing me down. I just need to focus on my goals, my promptings, my work, and whatever anyone else says isn't important.

9.  How are your shoes holding up?  Are they showing any wear?

It's hard to find out where they are wearing down because they´re just covered in mud all the time. But yeah, they´re holding up good. The problem right now is socks. Almost all of mine have holes in them.

10.  How often do you ride the bus?

Usually only once a week to and from district meetings. We walk everywhere.

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

 Ok, everything this week was pretty much the same, but I want to talk about pepper. The people here don't use pepper. They just use salt.  My second week here I had to buy some pepper which is harder than you think because they don't really sell it in your average store. So, there is this one guy who we ate with who really likes pepper, and he knows that I like it too, so he looks at me and goes "Hermana Eubanks," holds up the pepper and in a very serious voices says "Pimienta" (pepper). 

One other time we were in a house where they had some pepper n the table and I started to put some on my beans and the lady feeding us screamed becasue she thought I didnt know what it was. They think its so spicy...

12.  What are you studying in your personal study this week?

Every day I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and I´m in Mosiah right now, and then I I read Jesus the Christ, by James E. Talmadge, which is an amazing, amazing book. The other things I study depend on the day and what I need to do that day. But those are the two constant things. I love Jesus the Christ. It's a tough read but its sooooooooooooo good.

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I kicked a dog. A puppy actually. Yeah, so we were walking with this lady and her dog kept jumping on me, so I just kicked it and it flew a couple feet. I didn't kick it hard, it was more like throwing it with my foot. I´m like a hardcore dog whisperer out here, mom. All that stuff they teach you in the States about how to handle aggressive animals is dumb. I´m learning the real stuff out here, haha.

I had a rough week this week, mom. We went to our zone meeting and I left feeling so stressed out. I worked the whole rest of the day and I had a rough time, then that night I just broke down. We talked for a long time and I feel way better now, but this last Tuesday was hard. Sometimes I just really miss talking to you. I love you so much mom!

Chao! (I hope I spelled that right, people here don't really say adios a ton)