Monday, August 18, 2014

Cats Eat Pasta?

OK, here are your questions:

1.  Tell us about your new companion.  Do you like her?

I do like Hna De Leon. We are very, very different people, but we get along great and we like each other very much. She's very into sports, mainly lacrosse, but also soccer and basketball. Her Spanish is really, really good, and she's been helping me a lot. She's served in this area before, which is really unusual, so she knows people and has a lot of hope for the people here. She's focused a lot on finding and teaching new people, and also on some of her old investigators.

2.  What is the best thing you have learned from your new companion so far?

How to invite people to be baptized in the first lesson, and how to improve my Spanish. She's been teaching me a ton. She's been on the mission for a year now, but I know the area better than her so I teach her about the area and she teaches me the Spanish and how to teach better. 

3.  How do your investigators/menos activos like your new companion so far?

Most of them remember her, and the ones that she doesn't know like her a lot. Nestor and Julieta like her a lot, but I can tell that they also miss Hna Pin. A lot of people here miss Hna Pin a lot. I do too, of course.

4.  We enjoyed the pictures of the church building you sent.  I noticed the Relief Society room had a lace tablecloth!  How is Relief Society in your ward?

Pretty much the same, but in Spanish and a lot smaller, and people don't really do their visiting teaching, which is something we´re working on. Yesterday there were only 30 people at church, one of which was an investigator and two were from a different ward. There was a quinceñera the day before (quinces are the big birthday here. The parties are about the size of wedding receptions.  They celebrate a girl's 15th birthday.) So everyone was sleeping in. So, yesterday Relief Society was really small, but usually there are a lot of people who make comments and stuff. Yesterday was kinda funny and also kinda sad because we didn't have enough priesthood holders to pass the sacrament, so we had to start late. We had enough in the end, but it took a while to find the right amount. I conducted the music and Hna. De Leon had to give a talk because the speaker didn't show up. 

5.  What was your biggest challenge this week?

Learning how to work with a new companion. It's hard to adjust, I´m not gonna lie, and I missed Hna Pin a lot. ( I did the whole "cry in secret thing", which every missionary does - haha). I had some stress in the beginning because I felt responsible for the area but I also felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I feel fine now, but the adjustment was hard.

6.  Have you met any missionaries that are newer than you?

Yes. Hna Chestler, who is from West Virginia, I think, and a few new newbies who are Latinos that I´ve only talked to a little. Hna Chesttler was in our "night crew" so I know her better. She has one transfer less than me, and is the "daughter"of Hna Peterson, who was the companion of Hna Pin before me. I love seeing new missionaries. Makes me feel like an adult, haha.

7.  Out of the missionaries in your district, how many are Latinos and how many are Americans?

Since our district just changed, I haven't seen my new district yet. But I do know that we have one Latina, named Hna Cruz. She's from Honduras. I think the most part of the Hnas in our zone are Latinas. I´ll find out a better answer for this question.

8.  Does your new companion cook?  Have you cooked anything good this week?

Kinda. She has had some Latina companions so she knows some stuff. She cooked this really good fried rice, and we made crepes one morning, but that's all so far. I think she cooks just about as much as me, so nothing is really different. 

9.  What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

That's a hard question. We had a big zone reunion with our mission president where he talked to us about our purpose as missionaries and understanding why we do what we do. That was really fun, and then yesterday Nestor wasn't going to come to church, but his son who is a member in a different ward showed up and so Nestor came to church! So that was a great miracle that made me really happy.

10.  Have you been able to play a piano at all since you arrived in Argentina or are you just too busy?

No :(  Sometimes I have a few minutes when we are waiting for someone in the church for a meeting or something, but never enough time to actually play anything. 

11.  Was there any food that was especially good or bad this week?

Raviolis, which was pretty good. That's about it. And yesterday in our almuerzo we had this bread and it was homemade with chunks of some kind of mystery meat in it. It was soooooooooooo gross!!!!

12.  Are you ready for the winter to end?

Nah, I´d rather have the cold than the heat. And when you´re walking all the time you just get used to it. Its been pretty warm here lately, too, so I´m pretty content. 

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So we had almuerzo with a menos activo yesterday. This lady is old, she's a widow, and she has three cats and ten dogs. She's a sweet lady, and she's very lonely and loving, but her house smells terrible because of all her cats. But she insisted on having an almuerzo with us, so we went. The whole time she talked to her cats. It was hilarious. She's yelling at them and giving them pasta to eat. 

14.  What was the most important thing you learned from your studies this week?

 I was reading in Jesus the Christ about when Jesus walked on the water. So, what happened was that He had His sermon where he fed the 5000, then they were trying to make Him their ruler, so He told the apostles to go out in their boat while He calmed the people down and then come back and pick Him up. So the apostles went out and then tried to return but there were fierce winds and storms and they couldn't get to shore. Then they saw Christ walking on the water towards them and they were scared, but then they realized that it was Christ so it was ok. Then you all know what happens next - Peter jumps out of the boat and walks but then gets kind of scared and sinks. Then Jesus gets into the boat and all the winds and storms stop.  But what I learned is that this is a great example of life. Here we are in our boats, surrounded by storms and winds and we are struggling to progress or just to live. But the thing that can give us the most peace and help in our life is Christ. Sometimes people see Him walking on the water and they get scared and they don't want the help. And sometimes people see Him walking on the water and rejoice and accept His help gladly. But when we accept His help, all of the storms and winds will be calm, and we will be safe, secure, and happy.

15.  Do you think you are developing love for the people of Argentina?

Yes, I am. It was hard at first, and it's still not easy, but I´m really working hard to develop a real and strong love for these people.

Thanks!!! I love you all so much and I´m always super happy to hear how you all are. Thanks for the update on Israel, all of the news here is pretty warped, so it's hard to find any real facts. I hope you get my letters soon! I love you!


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