Monday, August 25, 2014

Do You Have a Husband?

It's a beautiful day!

Here are your questions:

1.  Did you find out more about your new district this week?  How many are Latinos and how many are Americans?  We don't need an exact count, just curious how many Latinos there are vs. non-Latinos.  

There are three companionships in our district, me and Hna de Leon, Hna Chestler and Hna Cruz (the only Latina) and Elder Broderick and Elder Rascon. We say that we have one real Latina, but Hna de Leon and Elder Rascon are "Latinos de sangre"which means that one of their parents is a Latino. But really we only have one, and that's Hna Cruz. She's from Honduras.

2.  Did any of your investigators come to church this week?  What did they think about church?

 Nestor and Julieta, and they like church a lot. They are getting baptized Saturday at 6 in the afternoon! I´m so happy for them, and they are pretty excited, too!

3.  Are the kids loud in your ward?  Some parents are very good about keeping their kids quiet and taking them out of the chapel when they are too loud.  Is that the way the members of the ward there handle their children?  

 Yes, they are loud. The kids run wild here. No joke, they run all over the chapel, scream, play with one another, and it doesn't seem to bother anyone but me and my companion. It's just normal here, I guess. 

4.  Have you heard any special musical numbers in church since you have been in Argentina? 

Nope. Occasionally in zone conferences a district will sing, but that's about it. 

5.  What was the most useful Spanish word you learned this week?

"Falta."  I don't know the exact definition, but when people ask me how much time I have left on my mission, they ask "Cuanto falta?"or if someone is looking for something or missing something they say "Falta dos o tres". It's really useful because people use it a lot. I guess I only recently started to notice because I only recently began to understand it.  (According to Google Translate, "falta" means "lack.")

6.  How is your comprehension coming along?  Do you understand more of what you hear in church and other missionary meetings?

Yeah, I understand a lot more. I can answer questions and kind of have normal conversations now, but it all depends on the person. Some people I can understand very clearly and easily, and others I can't understand at all. But for the most part I´m improving.

7.  What was your fun goal for this past week?

We didn't have one. I couldn't think of a good one and with a new companion and all... yeah, you know how it is. 

8.  Do you use an official planner each week?  On my mission we had a planner printed on yellow paper that we used each week.

Well, we have our missionary planners that we use every day. Is that what you  mean? It has all of our goals for the week and the day, the information of our contacts and a schedule for every day. I use it a ton. When I forget my planner it's like not having one of my hands. 

9.  Have you met any of your neighbors where you live?

Yeah, there's Luis and his wife and daughter that live above us, and then our neighbors across the hall, and then a lady named Karen who lives above Luis, I think. They're all pretty nice, but they don't seem to want to listen to our lesson very much, which is OK. I hope they don't think we're bad neighbors....

10.  What was something interesting you bought this week?

A batada. It's like a sweet potato, but it's yellow and not a sweet potato. It's a potato thing that's sweet. It's just one of the weird vegetable food items I´ve bought., We put it in a soup. 

11.  Who do you visit that lives the farthest away from your apartment?  How long does it take you to get there?

Florencia and Sonia, two recent converts of Hna Pinnock. It takes us maybe 30 minutes or more to walk there from our house (which is in the middle of our area), and they live in the corner of our area in the middle of nowhere. 

12.  What was the best/worst thing you had to eat this week?

Worst? I don't really know. Everything was pretty normal. Well, wait, there was this salad of rice, boiled eggs, and mayonesa that I didn't like too much. We ate a bunch of empanadas this week, but the best thing that we had was this meat on noodles with onions and peppers and cream. It was gooooood. 

13.  What was the most profound thing you learned this week?

That's a tough one. I was studying repentance in Alma 5 in the Book of Mormon. It's about how if we don't repent, we aren't going to even WANT to be in the presence of God after this life. Also, I was studying Alma 42 about the fall of Adam and how it was necessary for the plan of salvation. If they hadn't eaten the fruit, we wouldn't have progressed, and if they ate the fruit but didn't leave the Garden of Eden then they would be trapped in their sins forever and we wouldn't be able to progress. So basically we are really lucky to be living in this life now, where we can grow and repent and better ourselves. We have the opportunity to come closer to Christ every day because of the fall.

14.  Describe something that happened this week that made you happy.

Well, there's a young woman in the ward named Abril. We were talking to this old man outside of his house and Abril walked by and stopped and greeted me and my companion and the old guy. Here it's a custom that when you see friends you greet them, so that's what she did to us. The thing is that most of the time the youth in our ward are embarrassed by us and pretend that they don't know us, so to know that not only one of the youth isn't embarrassed by us but is willing to go out of her way to greet us made me happy.

15.  Have you made empandas yourself?  What do you, or whoever else makes them, usually put in them?  Geema said someone in her ward made her some empanadas and brought them to her.  She liked them!

Yeah, I like to put ham and cheese in them, since people usually give us the kind with beef, onion, olives, boiled eggs, and raisins. I like to keep it pretty simple with the ham and cheese. What kind did Geema eat? And the real question is how many did she eat? Because I can eat a ton here. I eat a lot of food here, actually. It doesn't seem to be affecting me, though. 

16.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Alright, so we were contacting and looking of a referral of some members, and we tried to talk to these two old men who were sitting outside of their house eating oranges. Right away they gave us an orange (yeah I accepted food from a stranger and ate it. I do that all the time here, now that I think about it, but don't worry, I´m being careful) and asked us where we were from. We said we are from the States and one of the old guys went off about how we need to find his son and how I need to get married to his son. The conversation went like this.
Me: No, I´m a missionary here and----
Now repeat that three or four times and that was our contact with them. 

It's stormy here. Yeah, I walked like 2 or 3 miles in freezing rain to email you guys. Be happy -- haha.
Be safe, I love you all and I´m writing letters, it just takes forever to send them. Tell the boys and everyone that I love them and give them a hug for me.
Hermana Eubanks
oh, opps., I mean Amy

See the chickens?

This is the cat lady I told you about last week.

Yes, I wear this out of the house.  I'm wearing it right now!

Cooking in the kitchen

Sunglasses make every picture better.

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