Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Brain Thinks in Spanglish

Note from Mom:  This is the post that should have been posted on July 28, 2014.  We were moving and didn't have internet for a while so it was delayed.

Here are your questions:

1.  You mentioned mate last week.  Go ahead and tell us all about mate.  Can Mormons drink it?

Yeah, and I´ve had mate conocido, but its not my favorite thing. Tastes
kind of like grass tea. It's the culture thing here. Everyone drinks it,people get together and hang out and they just drink mate together.

2.  Did you have a miracle this week?

Yeah, so we invited the daughter of the Relief Society President to go to an appointment with us, but the appointment feel through, so we decided to pass by the house of this chica and explain what happened and say hi to her mom. So, we get there and find out that the mom thought she had almuerzo (lunch) with us that day and had bought all the food and everything, but we had almuerzo with another family, so we apologized and laughed about the situation and everything. But then the lady who had our almuerzo forgot and so she couldn't feed us, so we called us the Relief Society President and asked if we could eat with her since she was prepared for us that day and she said yes. Maybe that doesn't seem like a miracle, but you can see how God was working this whole time. He knew we wouldn't have lunch, so He organized a way for us to have lunch that day. It's sweet how God cares about things like that :)

3. What are some of your goals that you are working on?

Write in my journals more, speak more in lessons and with contacts, clean the house more, draw a picture, and I´m doing all the relaxation exercises to help me sleep, so it's a goal to sleep better. It's just to help me fall asleep. haha

4.  Have you been able to have any success with any of the menos activos (less actives) this week?

Yeah, a menos activo came to church yesterday. The thing with menos activos is that we can't just make them come back. They have to realize it on their own, so we just pass by and share stuff and talk and ask for references and hope that we can find a way to help them.

5.  How is Nestor and his wife?

Good, they didn't come to church this past Sunday, but they are working towards baptism. They got in a fight and are having some problems, so we talked to them individually. I told Nestor about my Dad and his example in my life and I could tell he was really impressed. I think talking to them helped. Their new doubt isn't "Ï don't know if this is the true church of God", it's "Who´s going to baptize us?" so that's good.

6.  What was the most useful Spanish word you learned this week?

I cant think of a word, but I´ve been studying the preterit tense. Did you know that Spanish has two different past tense forms? I´m studying just one at a time. Oh, and my brain is changing. I can't tell the difference between somethings in Spanish and in English anymore. My brain thinks in Spanglish. Its really, really weird.

7.  Has it rained a lot this week?

Nope but it's been dang cold!!!!!!!! Thermaskin all day every day!!! And this old lady is knitting me a hat!!!!! I´m super excited about it!!

8.  What is the most important thing you learned this week?

That stress is bad. I've just got to chill out and work. I need to stop worrying about numbers because it's bringing me down. I just need to focus on my goals, my promptings, my work, and whatever anyone else says isn't important.

9.  How are your shoes holding up?  Are they showing any wear?

It's hard to find out where they are wearing down because they´re just covered in mud all the time. But yeah, they´re holding up good. The problem right now is socks. Almost all of mine have holes in them.

10.  How often do you ride the bus?

Usually only once a week to and from district meetings. We walk everywhere.

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

 Ok, everything this week was pretty much the same, but I want to talk about pepper. The people here don't use pepper. They just use salt.  My second week here I had to buy some pepper which is harder than you think because they don't really sell it in your average store. So, there is this one guy who we ate with who really likes pepper, and he knows that I like it too, so he looks at me and goes "Hermana Eubanks," holds up the pepper and in a very serious voices says "Pimienta" (pepper). 

One other time we were in a house where they had some pepper n the table and I started to put some on my beans and the lady feeding us screamed becasue she thought I didnt know what it was. They think its so spicy...

12.  What are you studying in your personal study this week?

Every day I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and I´m in Mosiah right now, and then I I read Jesus the Christ, by James E. Talmadge, which is an amazing, amazing book. The other things I study depend on the day and what I need to do that day. But those are the two constant things. I love Jesus the Christ. It's a tough read but its sooooooooooooo good.

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I kicked a dog. A puppy actually. Yeah, so we were walking with this lady and her dog kept jumping on me, so I just kicked it and it flew a couple feet. I didn't kick it hard, it was more like throwing it with my foot. I´m like a hardcore dog whisperer out here, mom. All that stuff they teach you in the States about how to handle aggressive animals is dumb. I´m learning the real stuff out here, haha.

I had a rough week this week, mom. We went to our zone meeting and I left feeling so stressed out. I worked the whole rest of the day and I had a rough time, then that night I just broke down. We talked for a long time and I feel way better now, but this last Tuesday was hard. Sometimes I just really miss talking to you. I love you so much mom!

Chao! (I hope I spelled that right, people here don't really say adios a ton)


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