Monday, August 11, 2014

Transfers and Facturas

Me and my new companion!

OK, here are your questions:

1.  Why did you send pictures last week of a stack of mattresses and then what looked like a fort made out of the mattresses?

Every week we make goals, and I always try to make a fun goal. So that week we had a fun goal of making a mattress fort and chilling in that for our p-day.

2.  You mentioned last week that one of the things you wish you could have from America is a normal toilet.  What are the toilets like there?

I wish I could give you a description, but literally every time I use the bathroom outside of our house it's like playing a game. I first have to figure out how to flush the toilet, and then see if I can flush toilet paper down it or not. Every house has a different kind. I can practically build a toilet now with all the knowledge that I have of the inner workings of a toilet!

3.  So they eat a lot of mayonnaise in they have other types of salad dressings that they put on salads?

Most of the time if it's not mayonesa, they put lemon juice, salt, and oil on salads. Which is good.  I like the oil, salt, lemon thing...

4.  You were going to try to think of a miracle that you experienced recently.  Did you think of one?

This menos activo of a ton of años (someone who hasn't gone to church for many years) prayed. We´ve been passing by to try and start to get his kids interested in coming to church. Hna Pin told me that when they first started passing by he didn't even believe in God anymore. But now he listens enthusiastically and he prayed!!! We were so happy!!! This is just the first step. Hermana Pin left instuctions to keep passing by for them.

5.  The water here in Maryland is not gross.  It tastes a little different from Georgia but I think I am used to it now.  Do you get to drink much water there?  Do you use your water bottle with the filter on it?

Oh, good. I was worried that the water there would be gross. In our house we  drink water that we buy in these giant bottles like in offices, but if we have to drink anywhere else or out of a sink we use our filtered bottles. We drink juice or sometimes soda everywhere else. 

6.  Why did you send a picture last week of you next to a chocolate ice cream box looking sad?

That was meant to be a confused look. Yeah, you can buy ice cream in a box here like you buy cake in boxes in the states. Its weird. But yummy all the same.

7.  Can you take some pictures of the area you are in?  You probably can't carry around your camera all the time but maybe you can take it out with you one day...

Yeah I´ll try. I took some pictures of our church that I´ll send today if I can.

8.  Tell us about the lady who made the sock hats.

Se llama Alceira.  (Her name is Alceira) She's this older lady who knows the church is true, but she doesn't want to get baptized.  She loves the Book of Mormon, her daughter and granddaughter are both recent converts, but she just doesn't want to get baptized.  She loves Hermana Pin a lot, and I have lots of trouble understanding her sometimes. She likes to knit, so she made us hats - haha!

9.  What was church like this week?

Lots of crying and photos since Hermana Pin got transferred. I had a lot of trouble focusing and understanding, but it was also Dia del Niño, which exists here, so all the classes and talks were about how blessed and wonderful children are.

(From Wikipedia:  First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children. In Argentina, Children's Day (Día del Niño) is celebrated on the second Sunday of August.)  

10.  Transfers were this you have a new area or a new compañera?

I have a new compañera. Her name is Hermana De Le. She's from Utah, she's 20 years old, and she's worked in Terrada before. Her and Hermana Pin worked in Terrada together in January but she left after one transfer, and now she's back. I didn't know that you could work in the same area twice until now - haha. Her Spanish is really good and I know I´m going to learn a ton with her. We haven't had a full twenty-four hours together yet, so I still don't know her that well. 

11.  If you do have a new area or compañera, please tell us all about them.

Well, I just kind of told you everything I know, so I´m going to tell you about transfers. So, we got the call at 10:30 pm for transfers Saturday night. So Sunday we spent all day taking photos and packing. I helped Hermana Pin pack, and there was a lot of hugging and crying on both of our parts. She's in Mar del Plata, which is a ten hour bus ride away and in a different province of Argentina. So, yesterday we went to the bus terminal and she got on a bus and left and I waited another 3 hours in the terminal for Hermana De Le to come so we could go to our area together. I miss Hermana Pin a lot, I´m not going to lie. It's always hard to split up with your trainer, but I know I´m supposed to be with Hermana De Le and she seems super cool, so I´m happy. Hermana Pin left me some clothes and things that I need to try on today. . .haha.

12.  What was the most wonderful thing that you experienced this week?

Well, we had a giant conference with the zone Bahía Blanca ( my zone) and Villa Mitre (Hermana Saunders zone which is next to my zone) last Wednesday. The mission psychologist talked to us about stress and what it means to be a successful missionary. It was cool because I got to see all my buddies from the MTC and meet a ton of new missionaries (including Hermana De Le, but this was before we knew we´d be companions). The conference was nice, we had a zone meeting and for the first time I felt kind of united as a zone, and then we listened to the psychologist and I loved what he said about being a successful missionary. It's not about numbers or baptisms, its just about doing your all and your part. 

13.  Was there any food that was either good or strange this week?

Not really. We ate these mini tart things, and someone gave us a huge bag of facturas, so that was nice. Facturas are like croissants with dulce de leche, pudding, or some kind of sweet or sugar on top of  them.  People eat them for breakfast here.

Picture from The Life Less Traveled

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

I can´t really think of anything. This week was a lot of remembering the past and trying to stay focused even though we had transfers coming up. We did a lot of passing by for the people that Hna Pin wants me to keep working with. Nothing funny that stands out happened. Sorry ;(

Tell Christine to mail me a letter, gosh dang it!! And tell her thanks for reading my blog, unlike the boys!
I made cinnamon rolls again, and it was a sucess again... muwhahaha.
I love hearing about everything wiht the family and the house. I respond to most of this stuff in my letters. You should be receiving some soon, by the way. Probably within the next 2 weeks or so.
Thanks for all the love and support. I miss you all and love you soooo much! I´m glad the boys are liking everything and that the cats are still alive. I pray for you guys every night, and I spend practically all of my p-day writing letters to you guys. I got to go, bye!!


Our church building

The chapel

The foyer

A hallway

The Relief Society room

Our last Sunday together!

Being gangstas

Some other Hermanas



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