Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What Does "Followingly" mean?

Our new sock hats a lady made for us!

Here are your questions:

1.  Your socks are getting holes in them?  Which socks?  The little footsie socks or the thick boot socks?

Footsie socks. Its hard to find good socks here, as I discovered an hour ago. I withdrew some money, by the way.

2.  What did you learn at your district and/or zone meeting this week?

That's a hard question, because I have lots of trouble understanding what's going on in the zone meeting, and district meeting is usually all about our investigators.  But something kind of funny happened during zone meeting. They called on me to answer a question. The question was " Para usted, que significa segimiento." Which translates to "For you, what does `followingly` mean." So, I was thinking, "I have no idea what that means". So, the other people described my reaction like this: You sat there for a minute and looked lost in thought, like you had a really good answer. Then you looked at the Elder and said "La verdad, no se" (which means: the truth is that I don't know.). And then everyone laughed. And some Hermana looked at me and said "it means 'follow up'" so I explained what a follow up is. It's funny because literally all of the gringos had no idea what that word meant, and everyone was watching me like "Poor little gringa, she's got to answer something". It was funny.

3.  Since you have transfers later this week, are there any thoughts that you have about the possibility of getting either a new companion or a new area?

We both think I´m leaving, which means I´m probably staying, hahaha. It's pretty certain that I´ll get a new companion, but I have no idea what's going to happen. 

4.  How is household trash dealt with there?  Do they have garbage trucks that pick up each week like we do here?

Yeah, they have trucks, but they don't have trashcans like us. They have these boxes on sticks about five or six feet off the ground that we put all the trash bags in.

5.  Have you had any power outages since you have been there?

Yeah, we had one for about ten minutes last Monday, and then on Wednesday all of the power in all of Bahia went out. Do you know why that happens? Because I don't and nobody here seems to care enough to explain why.

6.  Have you been able to do any sort of sightseeing on any of your p-days?

Nope. Everything is closed on Mondays, so I can't go to any museums. . . 

7.  What was the most amazing thing you saw this past week?

A hamburger. That was our almuerzo (lunch) yesterday, and it was GOOD. I ate three. THREE. I eat so much food here, and according to everyone who looks at my photos, I`m losing weight. We eat so much because we eat lunch, then we walk miles and miles until 9, then we eat maybe some fruit or bread and go to bed. So really the only real meal we have is almuerzo.

8.  If you could wave a magic wand and have any one thing from America, what would it be?

This is an excellent question. Right now it's a tie between a washing machine, a normal toilet, and a trash can for our house.

9.  Do you ever hear anything about Argentine politics there?

 Nope, but there are strikes all the time here, so all I know is that people are angry and striking.

10.  Food report, please!  What was good, what was bad?

Hamburgers,  and this isn't gross or anything, but they eat weird salads here. There's your traditional with lettuce and tomato and carrot, and then there are Argentine salads, with tomatoes and eggs and mayonesa (mayonnaise). Or carrots, corn, eggs, peas, and mayonesa. See the trend? Then there are potatoes, eggs, peas, and mayonesa. It's not bad, it's just weird. Have you ever eaten rice with mayonesa? I didn't until I got here. 

11.  Describe an incident you had recently that involved a miracle (even if it was only a small one).

This is a hard question, because we ALWAYS see miracles, and I usually tell them to you guys. I can't think of one for this week, but I`ll think really hard and share next week because miracles aren't really apparent until afterwards. Sorry.
I got up and bore my testimony this past Sunday.

12.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week?

Since there are no trees or mountains you can see the whole sky and the sunsets are BEAUTIFUL.

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

So we were teaching Nes and Jul and we showed them a picture of the temple and Nes points to the Angel Moroni and says "It's Carlos." We were like "What? No that's Moroni!" and he says "No! Its Carlos!" He got a little confused because the teacher who first mentioned temples to him is named Carlos. It was funny. He looks at temple pictures now and says "Carlos."

So, we found this lady who let us into her house and BASHED us. I`m serious, we were trying to talk, and clear up her misconceptions, but she wouldn't pause or stop. I couldn't understand everything she was saying, but Hermana Pin was really frustrated. But it's interesting because she was holding her Bible and saying "This is all, there is no more! This is perfect! We don't need more Bible! The Book of Mormon isn't the truth because we don't need more Bible!" and I`m looking in her eyes and I can just see how desperate she is. She's desperately clinging to the idea that the Bible is sufficient, but I feel like anyone who has truly read the Bible would realize that it's not enough. She's sitting there preaching to us and all of her arguments ran in circles. And you know what we did? Did we argue? Did we fight all of her arguments with the scriptures, which would have been a piece of cake? Did we fight her back and chastise her? No. We sat there and took it all. Then in the end I tesified and left her a Book of Mormon with 2 nefi (Nephi) 29 marked. It was interesting, because I could feel the Spirit talking to me the whole time. The only thing I was prompted to do was testify and leave that book. The ball is in her court now. 

It's just interesting because we really could have topped all of her arguments without even blinking. I could have used only the Bible and won that bash without even breaking a sweat. But we didn't. We were patient, and we let this prideful woman say her stuff and preach to us in ignorance until we were able to leave. And I can say that I tried my hardest to have love for her, too. I didn't leave that chapter or my testimony with her out of anger, but out of love and sadness.

So you are in the new house!!!!!!!! I cant really see all the pictures. I don't know if its the computer or the email, but it looks BIG. Geese?? What's the neighborhood like??  Is the water gross? Are the cats alive?

And hows Jojo and his call? (Amy's cousin Joseph (Jojo) just got his mission call to the Utah Provo Mission)
I love you all soooooo much!!!! Keep being strong in the faith and thank you for all the advice on numbers and everything. That helps. I`m starting to find the balance between fun and work. I`m working my butt off, but I`m also having a great time. 

I love you all so much! Be safe! Chao! (I hope that's how you spell it)


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