Monday, September 1, 2014

Making Doughnuts

We made doughnuts.  It is harder than you think!

1.  Dad wants to know if you ever shop at a street market.  Do they have large grocery stores there?

They have large grocery stores. We try and shop in the grocery stores, but we also shop from street vendors for fruits and vegetables because usually their fruits and stuff are better than the grocery store. And we buy our meat from the butcher, since it's cheaper and better there, too. 

2.  Did Nestor and Julieta get baptized this week?  If so, how did it go?

Yes. Oh man, do I have a story for you.  So we had a baptism this past week, and we had been visiting them every day. So the plan was to have the interview Friday, the baptism Saturday, and the confirmation Sunday. So we stopped by Wednesday and everything was great. They were happy and content, then with Hna Nelson (We had divisions, so Hna De Leon was working in a different area and I was with Hna Nelson) we passed by Thursday. Thirty minutes before we got there Thursday, they had been reading some anti-Mormon stuff on the computer and they were a little upset.  I only understood half of what he was saying and I was confused. We had no idea what to do, Mom, so I just started testifying. I started testifying that I know that the church is true, that Satan is going to try and discredit it, and that the people aren't perfect, but that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I testified and he listened, then Hna Nelson took over and testified and started reading scriptures to invite the Spirit, then we all said a prayer together asking if Nestor and Julieta should be baptized, if this was the Church of God.  The next day they came to the interview and Nestor said he felt at peace with the decision to be baptized again. After that everything went smoothly :) The next day in church Nestor told me "gracias" (thank you).

3.  One of the pictures of your area that you sent last week had some chickens in it.  Do a lot of people have animals like chickens?

Nope, but I saw the chickens and got excited so I snapped a photo. People here have tons of dogs. And the occasional cat.

4.  Do many people have dogs as pets?  Are there other animals that are kept as pets?

Dogs, cats, and parrots are really popular. Sometimes we see guinea pigs too, but that's about it.

5.  Now that you have been out on your mission for a while, what is the best thing about being a missionary?

Feeling the Spirit constantly, inviting people to be baptized and teaching real powerful lessons. It's cool to invite people to get baptized for the remission of their sins. To show people the way to salvation. It's way cool.

6.  And what is the most difficult thing about being a missionary?

People rejecting us. 

7.  What was the best thing you learned from your studies this week?

I studied a lot about following the Spirit. We were having a rough week finding new people to teach, and I read the letter dad wrote me about being where we need to be to find people. I read a lot about our authority and power as missionaries. How we have the authority, but the power to teach comes from obedience and diligence. 

8.  Did anything unusual happen at church this week?

confirmation, and an investigator that only speaks English came, so that was weird because we have to speak to her in English. It's funny to watch Hna De Leon try and speak English because she's been speaking Spanish for so long that she's practically forgotten how to speak English.

9.  How much do you get each month to spend on food?  Does it seem like it is enough?

1,000 pesos a month for food for one person, and since we share food between the two of us we have 2,000. That's about $100 for one person and $200 for the two of us in U.S. dollars. It's enough if we use it right. We just have to be really careful and smart about spending.

10.  Tell us about someone new you met this week.

I had splits with Hna Nelson this past week. I´ve met her before, but I had never worked with her before. She's from Utah, and has a billion siblings, and she's a sister training leader. She is one of the most powerful missionaries I´ve ever met. When she talks, people stop and listen. She has a way of guiding the conversation to teach people about the restoration of the gospel easily, and she invites people to listen and learn more and be baptized and they agree. It's interesting to work with her.

11.  What was the best experience you had this week?

The baptism and confirmation of Nestor and Julieta.

12.  Was there anything this week that made you get teary-eyed?

See question 2.

13.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Best thing? Well,we were short on almuerzos (lunches) this week so we had to get creative with food. So with Hna Nelson we fried some chicken in oil and vinegar with onions and salt and pepper, then mixed the chicken with a cream of mushroom soup that was in our house and put it on top of some noodles. It was delicious. 

The worst thing? Brace yourself. I ate this sausage that was cold. I ate it on top of a cracker and it tasted pretty weird and had a weird texture. That's because it wasn't a sausage. It was blood. Yeah, here people eat congealed, compacted, hardened blood. And I ate it, and it wasn't super gross, but it was kind of disturbing to think about while I was eating it.

14.  Were you able to do any service for anyone this week?

We cooked refreshments for the baptism, that was about it.

15.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I honestly can't think of anything this time. There was this old guy who was arguing with Hna Nelson and I about how he gets robbed a lot and then he told us that he doesn't ever lock his doors, so I told him to lock his doors so that he won't get robbed. That's the only thing I can think of, and that's not even that funny. Sorry.

I love you guys a lot, and I can't believe that I´m almost 5 months in. After 5 it's 6 months, and after 6 it's less than a year. I hope I have enough time to learn Spanish... 
I´m out of time, I love you all and I love reading the updates! I´m writing letters every week! I promise!!


Getting ready for the baptism


Nestor and Julieta

We made a lot of doughnuts!

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