Monday, September 29, 2014

The Creepy Mask

The classic first day together selfie

Alright, I got emergency transferred so I`m going to answer all the questions really fast then explain everything, so questions first, and the ones that I don't answer it's because it doesn't apply to me anymore. 

1.  Did you take any pictures of Centro for Dad?  Tell us what Centro is like.  Is it like an American city?

Nope, and I can't now for a long time. You might have to wait a long time for those, but yeah, it looks like a city in the states, but kinda old. Cities look modern and metally and sleek, but the cities here look like concrete and ugly. 

2.  So do they sell waffle irons there?  If people are always asking about waffles it seems as though there would be a good market for waffle irons!

 Nope, that's what I think, too. You think they would sell them but noooooo

3.  Do people in your area dress differently than we dress in America?  Or have you not noticed a difference?

Yeah, they dress different. They have these sweats that are kind of like MC Hammer pants. And there isn't a lot of clothing variety here, everything is basically the same style. 

4.  What are some things that you think Americans have in common with Argentines?

We like to have fun? That's a really hard question. I´ll think about that one.

5.  What stake are you in?

Bahìa Blanca stake.

6.  What street do you live on in Terrada?  I heard that Google View has at least some areas up in Argentina and thought I would look it up and see if they have a picture.

I lived in 2nd Terrada 2789, but you could look for Terrada and look for the monoblocks. Now I live  Beltran 736 in Piguè ( the u has the two dots over it).

7.  Does the Primary in your ward do a Sacrament Meeting Presentation?

Um, in Terrada, yeah, but I`m in a branch now so I have no idea. I`ll ask. 

8.  Is there a pianist/organist in the ward there?  Or do they use the recordings from the church when singing hymns?

There are two pianists. A lady in the ward and me. No, they don't use recordings, but they sing a capella if they have to. 

9.  What was the most profound experience that you had this week?

 See end of email.

10.  Did you have a time this week when you particularly noticed guidance from the Holy Ghost?

Yeah, me and Hermana Peterson were in our last ten minutes of the night, and we wanted to find someone, so we prayed and started walking around and I saw this lady outside smoking, so I started to talk to her. Turns out she has listened to the missionaries before, and wants to go to our church again. I almost didn't talk to her, but I felt like I should. 

Also, I was in a member's house and I started looking for a scripture to share, and the one that came to my mind was something that I had never shared before or even thought about before, but I felt like I should share it so I winged it and it turned out really awesome. Me and Hermana Peterson were really following the Spirit in this lesson, and we both learned a lot and taught the lady. 

It's interesting to get promptings that you don't understand and then see the reason for it later. I didn't understand why I should share that, but then I could see that it helped us as companions. We shared the part when Moses saw the burning bush and took off his shoes. I talked about how we need to recognize the sacred things in our life and be ready to take off our shoes. Then we talked about recognizing the hand of God in all things.

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Eggplant Milanesa, was the best, and the worst were ñioquis in the terminal. ñioquis are like potato noodles, and they are usually good but these ones were gross. 

12.  Is there anything you know now that you wished you had known before you left for your mission?

Just that it's not like you're going to get set apart and have obvious super powers. Literally, God will work through you, but you will feel absolutely normal most of the time. It's not going to be like the Spirit will make every decision for you, but God will work with every decision you make if you do it with good intentions.

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Wow, where to begin. So, it's my first whole day in Pigue, and we are working and a siren goes off, and Hermana Peterson starts freaking out. It went like this.

(siren starts)
Hna P: Oh no. Oh no, we have to find a house, we have to get inside.
Me: What? What is that?
Hna: Oh no no no no WE HAVE TO GET INSIDE WE ARE IN DANGER (Starts to run a little) Hurry!!!
Hna: Yeah yeah I`m just kidding. We aren't in danger, they test that siren every Saturday

She totally tricked me! 

Also, the other two Hermanas living in our house were talking about spirits living in our house, so the next day we found this creepy mask in the road and took it home and taped it in the window of the other Hermanas, then we found it in our bed the next day, so we stuck it in the fridge in response. 

14.  Did you get to go to the General Women's Broadcast on Saturday night?  If so, what did you think?

 No :(

Ok, so we had emergency transfers. So, our leaders told us that I was leaving. We had an emergency transfer, and that I was going to be companions with Hermana Peterson (who I`ve already told you about, right?) and I`m going to work in Pigue. First of all, if there were 2 things I was sure about on my mission, it was that I`m NEVER going to serve in Pigue and that I would NEVER be the companion of Hermana Peterson. Obviously, I was wrong. So, I packed that night in 2 hours (new record) and the next day I went to the terminal and rode to Pique with Hermana Peterson. 

We were talking in the streets the next day, and she was telling me about how a few weeks before she was reading this stress relief book and there's one sentence that says ``Recognize the hand of God in all things``. She says that, yeah, we see the hand of God when we make a really good contact, or when we have a good lesson, but that it said ``in all things``, not just missionary work, so she started looking. She would be in situations that were kinda stressful and be like ``ok, where is the hand of God in this``? She told me that and I started looking, too. Mom, I can see it. I can understand what I`m doing here and I can see the hand of God working until I got here to bring me here. I´ll explain more details in the letter. But hearing this, especially right after thinking that I would never be in Pigue with Hermana Peterson made me realize that God is working with us, not just in the work, but in our lives. He's doing everything. 

I love you all so much! This has been a crazy week, and I`m sorry that I don't have a lot of good answers, but I do have pictures this week, so I hope that makes up for it. I can`t print from the computer here, but we take photos of the emails, so it's cool - I can still read everything when I get home. Be safe! Tell everyone I love them!

byyyeeee love you!!!!

Saying goodbye to Hermana De Leon

Me and Hermana Blad

Me and Hermana Arenas

These two kids kept trying to play with us

How de Leon cooks corn

My shoes before and after polishing

Mountains in Pigue

My new apartment

The apartment

The apartment

The apartment

A chicken!

This picture might sum up our companionship!

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  1. Amy! My grandma gave me MC Hammer pants when I was in Elementary. I never wore them since I knew that was a neon flag for getting teased. Just think I could fit in there! I bet they still fit since I am 5' 3''. Have an amazing mission. You are doing a great job and I know Heavenly Father works through you. I have no doubt that the people there know you care and love them. I know they can see the strength of your testimony. Plus, I bet everyone loves to have you as a companion. You are sooo sweet !!! Hugs!!!!