Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lucky Shirt Still Works

1.  I saw in your pictures last week that you were wearing your lucky shirt at the baptism.  Do you think your lucky shirt still brings you luck?

Yup. Everything went smoothly, and thats why I wanted to wear it. Baptisms can be crazy. The stories I´ve heard...

2.  So now that you have been with Hna de Leon for a while, tell us about her.

She's really focused, and really nice. She has a bunch of love for the people here, and she's trying really hard to find the people who are prepared. Sometimes our lessons are pretty disorganized, but we´re working. She helps me a lot with my Spanish, and doesn't really let me use English at all. She's really into lacrosse, and she likes Avatar, like all good people should ( the Airbender, not the blue people). 

3.  What are some things you have learned from Hna de Leon?

Lots of Spanish, how to cook Latino rice, and how to use an area book. I´m afraid of our area book, but we´ve been using it a lot this week to find people to teach. It's been really helpful. She's helping me be more diligent. 

4.  Do you think Argentines are dramatic, compared to Americans?  I've watched some of the Spanish soap operas on the Spanish-language channels and noticed a big difference.  I know there are all sorts of different cultures in South America but I'm curious to see if you have noticed a difference.

Um. . . yeah they are a lot more dramatic about some things. Like rain. This is a culture that isn't really into working super hard to accomplish things. I understand now why we had to study the American Dream in school. I´m trying to focus on things that I like about Argentina, so I´m going to move onto a different question now.

5.  When are the next transfers and do you think you might stay or go?  (Of course I realize there is no way for you to know for sure but I'm wondering what your thoughts are about upcoming transfers)

 Not this Sunday, but the next. I feel like I might leave. I´ve been here a while. But at the same time I feel like I might stay. I have no idea, but I´m pretty certain that I´ll probably have a different compañera. 

6.  Last week you mentioned that you are teaching someone who only speaks English.  Who is she and how did you meet her?  What is she doing in Argentina?

She was a reference from the Hermanas in a different area. Her name is Merlamge, shes from Haiti, and she speaks English, French, and Creole. She married a guy from Argentina and she's living here with him and his family. She's really into church and God, but she's content with her church in Haiti. She recognized our church here and that's why she started attending, because it was similar. She's disappointed that here there aren't really a lot of people with God as the focus of their lives. Hardly anyone goes to any church here. 

7.  What is the best experience you had this week?

We started talking to this guy last night who didn't believe in God. Lots of tough stuff had happened to him and he was angry and didn't want to listen, but we talked to him and explained to him that there is still hope, and little by little he began to listen to us. In the end he wanted to know the schedule for church and he wanted us to pass by again. It's interesting to watch the Spirit open the hearts of people. I´ve been studying in Alma, the part about Zeezrom and the people there and how little by little their hearts were opened and they went from wanting nothing to repenting and being baptized

8.  What was the hardest thing you had to do this week?

The brother-in-law of someone we are teaching, who is a member, started telling her about all of the stuff about temple sealings and other things, and now she's confused.  It was hard because the stuff she was asking about are things that not only do I not understand, but I had doubts about the same stuff!  I spent a whole hour and 30 minutes studying Doctrine and Covenants Section 132 about all of this stuff. It hurt my head, but I´m still not sure how to help. We´re going to pass by her house later today, and I have no idea what to say to her. . . She needs to focus on building the faith she has. 

9.  You sent pictures of the doughnuts you made last week.  Did anyone put mayonnaise on them?

No, we didn't share with people who weren't missionaries. I didn't want anyone to have expectations.

10.  Dad wants to know if you have seen any gauchos (cowboys) or herds of cattle.  (I told him you were in the city but I'm asking anyway.)

Nope I´m in the city, haha. I have seen lots of dogs, though. One tried to bite Hna De Leon this morning. 

11.  About how many first discussions did you teach this week?

First discussions? It doesn't really work like that. We teach people in the streets, and we usually teach people principles in the lessons. We´ve taught a lot of the doctrino de Cristo (doctrine of Christ), which is faith, baptism, repentance, the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We also teach a lot of people how to pray, and about Joseph Smith, but we don't usually have many long discussions. We had a total of 20 lessons this week, about half of them were in the streets. 

12.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Well, I just ate an Oreo alfajor, and it was really good. I have a new favorite - haha. Worst? I didn't think there was one this week. Everything was pretty normal. 

13.  Is there anything Terrrada or Bahia Blanca are known for, as far as for tourism?  For instance, Florida is known for its beaches and tourist places like Disney World.  Washington, D.C. is known for the Smithsonian Museum and the Capitol, etc.  You might not know this since you are a missionary but I'm asking anyway.

Not that I know of.  Mar del Plata is the big tourist spot. 

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Right, so the week before last week, we got let into a house where a bunch of evangelicos were having a church meeting about getting people to come to church. We tried to leave the meeting, but they insisted that we stay and started to pray. Oh man, it was so, so, so hard not to laugh during their prayer. It wasn't reverent, and there was a bunch of yelling and crying and yelling and the Spirit wasn't there. I was trying hard not to laugh at how ridiculous it seemed.  I'm not trying to laugh at someone else's belief, but it was so dramatic!

We also got stuck in a rainstorm Friday, and we go SOAKED. We had to walk the 2 miles home, and it took us twice as long to do it because we were fighting the wind and the rain. It was hilarious.

15.  Is there a ward choir in your ward?

No. It's hard to do these things with only about 30 to 50 people who are active. 

We have a big p-day activity so I´ve got to go, but I love you all and I´ll read your letter later!! Bye Love you!!


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