Monday, October 27, 2014

Crazy Miracle Baptism

1.  Last week you said it had been Argentine Mother's Day.  Were there any traditions that the Argentine's have that are different from ours in America?

 None. Well, they all get together to drink mate, does that count?

2.  What was the best thing that happened to you this week?


3.  What was the most challenging thing that you experienced this week?


4.  Are there a lot of trees there?  Have you noticed leaves and flowers, now that it should be spring there?

There are more trees here in Pigue, but it's because people planted them. There are lots of plum trees that are growing fruit now and tooooons of flowers. I`ll try and snap some photos. They are very brightly colored and have some cool designs on them. And the roses here are purple, red, pink and yellow, and magenta. There aren't really any trees here, but the ones we have are eucalyptus, and some fruit trees and some other kinds that I don't know about. 

5.  Were you able to perform any acts of service for anyone?

 Well, I don't know if it's an act of service, but last night Hermana Peterson helped me move our bed around at 4 in the morning. It's storming like crazy here, and last night we discovered that we have 3 leaks in our ceiling directly above where I sleep. So, I woke up all wet and discovered what was happening, and said, "Are you KIDDING ME??" However, I was too lazy to get up, so I put my kinda-water-proof sleeping bag on top of me and tried to sleep. Then after about ten minutes Hermana Peterson says, "Hey - do you want me to turn the fan on?" so I was like, "YOU`RE AWAKE?? HERMANA. WE HAVE A LEAK IN OUR ROOF." She thought it was so funny! So she pushed the bed with me and we went back to sleep. Also, this week we helped a lady wrap pizzas, so that was servicio (service). 

6.  Tell me about someone you met this week.

There is the lady that was baptized. She's 82 years old, and she's pretty witty and really likes church. I don't really understand much of what she says, because she has a thick accent, but she seems really nice. 

7.  Do you think people like to garden in your area?

Oh yeah. People here have very nice looking gardens, filled with flowers and stuff. 

8.  Do many members there feed you?

Not really. We only regularly eat with 3 members a week, and it's always the same three. But we travel on Monday and Tuesdays, so no one can feed us then, and every other Wednesday we eat at our mission leader's house, and sometimes a lady gives us food to go. Well, yeah, I guess we do get fed. We still have to cook a lot for ourselves here, though. We`ve been getting pretty creative with some recipes. 

9.  What was the most profound thing you learned in your studies this week?

Well,  I guess that we need to be decisive. I`m studying about Captain Moroni and all of the wars in the Book of Mormon now, so I`m reading a lot about how Moroni wasted no time at all making decisions. He saw what was right and went for it instantly. He didn't wait for someone to step up first, he just went and did it. I think a lot of times people just wait for everyone else to do the right thing and then they`ll follow, but really we need to be the ones who are doing the right thing.

10.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Polenta, which I normally like but this time it was just too much. We made it in the house, which is probably why we didnt like it. We also ate pig, and I was checking out the plate of meat and saw the pig leg with the claws and everything still on it. The best think we had was this chocolate, toffee, nut, dulce de leche, peach, cream cake. It was a going away present for Hermana Avalos since she's returning home.  She has finished her mission. 

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

 Oh man, have I got some good ones to tell you. We pulled a prank on the other Hermanas. We were walking home from emailing last Monday when we found a huge box of mothers day flowers, including a set of 24 white roses. So we took them home, put them on our door step and decided to write a love letter for Hermana Avalos and leave it out there so it looks like she has a secret admirer. So I wrote this letter using a love poem that Hna Peterson got from a chocolate bar here (they have these chocolates called "dos corazones" (two hearts) that come with short little love poems in them) and we put it on the flowers and called them to tell them what we found. Hermana Avalos gets home and they are screaming and reading the poem and freaking out. She started trying to figure out who it was, then she started feeling all sick and started wondering if she should call Presidente Parreño. We didn't want her to bother him, so we told her the truth. She was mad, and didn't talk to us for an hour. After the truth came out she didn't want the flowers anymore either, haha. I`m sending you a letter with the poem written in it and more details. It was a good prank. 

12.  Have you gotten the card I sent with the stamps yet?

No, but yesterday Hermana de Leon called me and told me that she has 4 letters from my family with her, since I couldn't go to the last district zone meeting. So maybe it's with her. If not I`ll just give someone going home some money to send the letters. 


Ok, so something you should know is that Hna Peterson and Hna Blad, the hermana before me, had this investigator. She was ready to get baptized, and so they had the service and it turns out that she couldn't get baptized because her 82 year old body wouldn't let her. She couldn't bend over or back enough to get under the water, so the first baptism was a disaster.  So after this she went on vacation for 5 weeks, and when I got here we were waiting for her to return. 

So not last Thursday but the one before me and Hermana Peterson started really feeling like she was going to come home. So, we started planning for it. Then on Tuesday we told our ward mission leader that we felt like she was going to get home this week, so get ready to have a baptism. We explained our plan to help her get baptized (Hermana Peterson had the whole thing worked out so that they wouldn't have problems like they did last time.). Then the next day she came home! So we stopped by and talked to her and she was in for baptism that Saturday. Now, there was already a baptism planned, but it fell through, so we called our mission leader and explained that she was home and he said that it should be fine to have her get baptized that weekend. So he started making the preparations.

Then we called her to remind her what time she needs to come to church and she told us on the phone that she doesn't want to get baptized anymore. She was scared it would be a disaster again, and didn't want to try again. She was sad because she wanted to be a member of the church, but she couldn't do it. 

So we called Elder and he came over and instantly her attitude changed. She decided to try and be baptized again 15 minutes before the service started. So we called a taxi and went over to the church with her- They got her in the font for the baptism and she couldn't do it. All of our plans were failing, so I left the room and went to the hallway and started praying. Hermana Peterson did the same thing. Then just as we prayed for a miracle, Elder Villegas comes out in all white and gets in the font to help. I stayed in the hallway and kept praying so hard that Heavenly Father  would let her be baptized by someone with the proper authority, and just as I said "Amen" I heard a splash and everyone cheered. 

In the end God saw our faith and heard our prayers and helped us! 

This is the last week of the transfer, and I have no idea whats going to happen. I think I`m staying here. I love you all so much, thanks for the letters and have a great week!! BYYYYYYYYYYYWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Oh, and I miss you all and you`re all great. Love you, mom!


The pink note was Hermana Avalos trying to speak English. To decode it you have to read it like you're reading Spanish.  (Translation by Mom:  I love you Sister Eubanks and Sister Peterson baby.  Thank you for helping my English.  With love, Hna. Avalos)

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  1. Yay! I'm happy to have found your blog from the Argentina Missionary Moms facebook group. My daughter, Hna Emily Chipman leaves tomorrow (11/3) from the MTC for the same mission, Bahia Blanca. I am updating her blog while she is gone if you want to check it out: