Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Argentine Mother's Day!

1.  Last week you mentioned that dogs like to lick Hermana Peterson's hands when she walked.  Why?  And does it bother her?  And you seemed to think it was funny...

It's because she washes her hands with ground beef every morning. She likes the smell, which I think is really weird but whatever, it's her life. Just kidding. We have no idea what these dogs problems are, and YES it bothers her. Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!! 

2.  Are there any crazy things that you have said, that you know of, that were totally wrong in Spanish?

Nothing that I haven't already told you. My main problem is people not understanding my accent. 

3.  You had a weekly goal to prank someone this week.  What did you do?

We didn't get to do it. And I`m sad, but we are still looking for ideas. The other Hermanas are kinda not getting along for the moment, I think, so we decided it might be best to leave them alone. 

4.  Is the Family History Center in Pigue part of a church building there, like they are here?  Do you know if many people in that area are interested in family history?

It's part of the church building, and the whole center is exactly what you saw in the picture. It's tiny and the computers are super slow. I know a lot of people here who do family history for temple work, but there aren't any Sister Buzzells here (an enthusiastic and expert family history person!). Mostly people talk about how they should be doing it, but never seem to get around to it. I`m actually pretty excited to do mine when I get home. How cool is it to do the work for your ancestors? How many other opportunities do you think we`ll get to do this? 

5.  Have you met any people who still have the culture of the place in Europe where their ancestors came from?  I read that there are areas in Argentina that may be largely German, or Italian, or from other countries, and the names of places in the area reflect that heritage.

Yeah, here there are a lot of old people who speak German. There are also some Italians, too, but mostly German-speaking grandparents. It's funny because they always yell at all the animals in the streets in German. I can't really tell the difference in their accents because it all sounds like a different language to me, hahaha.

6.  Did you buy any sunscreen?  When you say it is really expensive, how expensive do you mean?   And you have money in your account - even if it is expensive please buy some!

Nope, I haven't gotten around to it yet. I still have some, but don't worry, I`m going to buy some. 

7.  In your picture last week of the little "Feliz 6 meses" cards it looked like some sort of candy was under one called, "Guaymallow."  What on earth is that?

That was my cumplemes gift from Hermana Peterson. That was an alfajor, the cheapest kind (of course) and those cards had a note wrtitten to me on the back. They are really into celebrating cumplemes here. (Note:  cumpleanos means "birthday" and "anos" means "year." I think cumplemes is a variation, with "mes" meaning month.  I think...)

8.  What was the most amazing thing that happened this week?

I`m not gonna lie, I have no idea. I`ll think of something, don't worry, and will respond next week. 

9.  Have you worn out any of your clothes yet?

Nope, but my shoes are starting to get holes in them. Oh, and almost all of my socks have holes in them too.

10.  What was church like this week?

Normal, it was Mothers Day this past week (Happy Argentine Mothers Day, Mom) so all the kids in primary sang. I also gave a talk (about mothers, of course) and there weren't that many people because everyone was traveling to see their mothers. 

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

There wasn't really anything new in the food report. Oh wait, I ate lamb for the first time. It wasn't bad, but definitely different. It was asado, which is like barbecue here. 

12.  Tell us a little bit about the other two Hermanas.  What are they like?

Hermana Avalos: She's crazy, the good kind of crazy. She's from Brasil, and she's 23 years old. She ends her mission in 2 weeks, so she's more crazy than usual. She's a morning person, and like all Latinas she's really blunt. 

Hermana Obando: She was born in Texas, but grew up in Honduras, then moved back to Texas, and she says she's from the States and that she's gringa, but I think she's a Latina all the way. I want to do a reality show called ``Living with Latinas`` The Latinas would love it but the gringos might not like it as much. She's 20 years old and this is her first transfer in the mission. She speaks English, but speaks Spanish better. She's into anime and all that stuff, and she's cool, but I still don't know her really well. 

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So, maybe this won't sound funny to you, but a 99 year old lady died here. Anyways, so we found out and we stopped by with a member at the funeral home. You know, in that service where people can come and talk to the family and see the body? Yeah, we went to that. And there was a fly, and it kept landing on the body, and the member that came with us tried to kill it. So she's over there next to this body with a scarf, trying to kill this fly. The stand holding the body is shaking and we were scared to think the whole thing was going to fall over.

Me and Hermana Peterson laugh a lot, and we are really focused on finding new people and teaching. 

I like being a  missionary, and Spanish still drives me crazy but I think I`m learning something. I`m learning a lot about how to be a better person out here, and I know this church is true and that what we do is important. 

I love you mom, and I hope everything is great! I`m looking forward to skyping this Christmas.  Can you believe that I have less than a year left? Oh, and I heard Hermana Saunders is already training, how crazy is that? I`m pretty sure I`m far away from training. 

Sorry,  no photos this week, we had some computer problems...

All of y'all are in my prayers, byyyyyyeeeeeeee


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