Monday, October 6, 2014

Living in Pigue

1.  Do you know if they celebrate Halloween at all in Argentina?  You know here in the States Halloween candy and decorations are everywhere!

Nope, and they don't like that we celebrate it, ha ha ha. They think it's weird that we would celebrate a day of tricks and scary things. They don't really get it. . .

2.  How do you like Pigue?

It's very different here. Living with 4 people is WEIRD and it's hard to do anything, like eat food, without someone asking for some. And study, and plan, and be a missionary. It's very, very pretty and waaaaaaaaaay safer than Terrada. I haven't seen anyone robbing anything! I carry my camera around here, that's how safe it is. It's a tourist place so things look nice and there are lots of hikes and things to do on p-day. On the down side, there are tons of old people, which isn't really a downside, it just means that I can't understand their accents and they can't understand mine, 

3.  I don't remember how you knew Hermana Peterson before.  Is she one of the Hermanas that would visit you each week for the district meeting?  What is she like?

Yeah, so before I got to Terrada, she was the comp of Hermana Pinnock. She got transferred to Pigue after I got there, and every Monday night for three transfers she stayed the night in my house in Terrada. So, yeah, we got to know each other really well, and there was no awkward adjustment phase when we started being companions.  She's tall, blonde, blue eyes, really smart and reallllly funny. She likes to prank, so we get up to all kinds of mischief with the other Hermanas. She's also probably one of the strongest people I`ve ever met. She holds her ground in every situation, and literally chooses the right all the time, even if the right is going to make someone else sad. She always tries to do what's best for people.  She doesn't let fear get the better of her, and she's just a good friend to everyone. She's a great example for me - haha!

4.  You said you hung the creepy mask in the other Hermanas apartment.  Do they live close to you?  Are they assigned to the same branch as you are in?

They are in the same branch and they live in the same house as us. There are four of us in total working in Pigue. Me and Hermana Peterson, and Hermana Avalos (de Brasil) and Hermana Obando (de Honduras and The US.)

5.  What is the branch like?  Are there many people?

Tiny, but they have more people coming to church than most of the wards in Bahia. They have 65 people who come regularly, and we are like five people away from being a ward. In Terrada we have maybe 40 or 50 people who came every Sunday. 35 if there was rain. 

6.  How do you like your new District and Zone leaders - if you have met them yet?

Yeah I`ve met them. I like my leaders, they`re cool. They are really good at running for their goals. Sometimes they stress me out a lot, but I just try and ignore that part and focus on my individual performance.

7.  Your cousin, Emily,  just received her mission call to the Nicaragua Managua North Mission.  Any advice to a soon-to-be new Hermana in a foreign country?

EEEEMMMMIIIILLLYYYYY!!!!! I`M SO HAPPY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Nicaragua is intense, from what I`ve heard. You are going to hear this phrase a thousand times, but I`m going to say it anyways: Don't stress about the language. Seriously, you`re not going to be able to understand for about 4 or 5 months. It's ok, don't stress, just say what you know how to say and it will come. Focus on the Spirit and the people and it's gonna be good. Obedience is cool too, and it helps a lot. I have kind of a "yolo" (you only live once) kind of attitude out here and it helps me deal with the stress and everything a lot. And don't get freaked out by food or anything. WRITE ME. SEND ME YOUR EMAIL.

8.  You mentioned in your letter that one of your friends in Argentina was "your dog Sparky."  Who is Sparky?  And I'm assuming he is in Terrada and not in Pigue, unless you somehow smuggled him on the bus...

Just another dog that follows me around. He was short and weird. Speaking of dogs, I saw a dog kill a cat yesterday. Are our cats still alive? I saw that right before almuerzo (lunch), so eating 30 seconds afterwards was kinda tough...

9.  So, last week you sent a picture of you and Hermana de Leon with two kids, and you were holding a large Barney the Dinosaur stuffed animal.  So they have Barney in Argentina?

They do. Those kids were CRAZY. We had never met them before in our lives, and the mom let us into the house after talking to her outside and we couldn't share anything because the kids were screaming and bringing us toys and playing with our hair and running around. We ended up sharing a scripture about children and leaving after about an hour.  

10.  Do you have problems with dirt there?  Alyssa said that in Honduras there is so much dirt that it gets into the door locks and occasionally they have to be cleaned out because they stop working.  She mentioned we should be grateful for grass in our yards.

Yup, that happened in Terrada, I thought I wrote about that. Anyways, yeah, all of the locks in Terrada broke and someone had to come and clean it so we could use our front door and lock our other doors. There was dirt everywhere in Terrada. Here there isn't a lot. When we sweep our floors after a week we have the same amount of dirt as we had after one day in Terrada.

11.  What's the story behind that giant fish hanging on the wall in your bedroom?  Is it a pinata?

The Hermana who was living here before me left that on the wall. She told me she found it in the streets in Centro and took it with her to Pigue. I like it, it adds a little somethin somethin to the room.  

12.  You sent a picture last week of you and Hermana Peterson that said the picture might just sum up your companionship.  What do you mean?

I actually don't know. I was referring to the fact that I was smiling really, really big, I think. I laugh soooooo much in the companionship, mom. 

13.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Worst? Rice with sauce. We went about a week without vegetables and frutas (fruit), which means that me and Hermana Peterson were like the walking dead. We felt sick, had no energy, and it was bad, but then we bought some healthy food when we had time and felt better in like an hour. The best thing was this banana milk stuff with oatmeal in it. Licuado with oatmeal. 

FYI:  Licuado is a smoothie that has milk, fruit, and oatmeal.

14.  Tell us about a member in your new area that has impressed you.

Um.... Our ward mission leader is good. He's really focused on helping us grow the ward and really helping us work with the ward. Sometimes ward mission leaders like to tell all the missionaries how to do their job, which is out of line, but this guy really focuses on working with us and fulfilling his calling. 

15.  Did you get to watch General Conference?

Yup. In English. I liked the last session the most, and the talk about which way do we face in the first session. Its cool how now people are giving talks in their native languages!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the updates and the emails! You are all in my prayers and I love you all so much! Conference was great, and I have a stronger testimony than ever that this Church is the only true Church on the planet! I love you all! 


Hermana Peterson said "While you're in the bathroom, I`m going to scarf down a banana real fast". So I said "If I get back out there and find one of MY scarves on YOUR banana, I`m gonna be mad". So, I get back and find that she has "scarfed" her banana.  Ha ha!

The fish on the wall

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