Monday, November 3, 2014

An Unusual Keepsake

1.  You sent some beautiful pictures last week from your p-day.  Where were you?  Were you with some members?  And was that a chicken cooking over that fire?

That was the mountain area around where we live.  We went to the mountains with a recent convert named Juan Carlos. It's super pretty, right? We rode in the back of his truck for like 30 minutes to get there, then we had asado to eat. That was chicken and lamb over the fire. That's how they cook asado here. It was yummmmmy.

2.  There was a cannon in the pictures.  This was an old battlefield?  From what battle?

Yeah, I have no idea. There was some kind of war monument there with the cannons. I asked but they didn't really give me a clear answer, and I couldn't understand the plaque.

3.  What happened with transfers?  I know at least one new Hermana is there since Hermana Avalos went home.

So, it's Saturday night and we get our call for transfers. We were sure that Hna Peterson is leaving and that I'm staying, but then they called us and told us that they don't know what's happening to us. Literally, they receive everyone else's call but ours. So, we were mad and thought this was some kind of mean joke, but then President called and told Hermana Peterson that she's going back to Mar del Plata and is going to be the Sister Training Leader there!!! So, she left, but they still didn't know who my companion was. 

The new companion of Hermana Obando is Hna Burgos, from Peru, and then the next morning on the way to stake conference (which is a three hour car trip) they called and told me that my new comp is Hermana O'Hara, from Utah! So, Sunday we went to stake conference, then Hna Avalos went and stayed with a group of Hermanas in Centro Bahia Blanca, and then me, Obando, and Peterson went to the bus terminal where I said bye to my companion. Then we wandered around Villa Mitre ( that was where we were), lost, until we found a bus stop (I´m officially good enough at Spanish that if you drop me in the middle of a city I can find my destination!), then went to Terrada and worked there. Our new comps got here this morning, and we are staying another day in Terrada and then we're going back to Pigue tomorrow after district meeting.

4.  Last week you sent a picture of Hermana Avalos holding the sign she wrote to thank you and Hermana Peterson for helping her with her English.  I noticed the note was attached to a package of toilet paper.  Is there a reason for that?  (That was a cute note!)

Nope, she was just being weird. She loves to act like she's speaking English, or in other words, making sounds that to her sounds like English, and she likes to try and speak English to us. It's super funny. We do the same in Portuguese to her. 

5.  What was the most wonderful thing that happened this week?

I can't think of one specific thing that was wonderful that happened, but I liked that I got to enjoy my last week with Hermana Peterson.  It was wonderful that we could laugh a lot and have a great time before she left, so that was wonderful.

6.  In what way did the Spirit guide you this week?

Well, yesterday we passed by a member's house, and I shared the story of Jairus and his daughter in the New Testament, and how he needed Jesus to heal his daughter.  He asked Jesus and they were on the way to heal her, when Jesus stopped to heal another person, and after he healed this other woman Jairus found out that his daughter died, but Jesus told him to not fear and went and raised her from the dead. I explained about how we need to be patient, and that we will see miracles, even when it seems like all is lost. The members started crying.  I don't know what's going on in their lives, but it's interesting to see how the Spirit will guide us to share exactly what they need to hear, if we listen closely. 

7.  Tell me about someone new you met this week.

I met this guy who is a poet, and he's listened to missionaries before. The whole time we talked I couldn't figure out if he was quoting poetry at me or not, but he was really friendly and wanted us to stop by again. His name is David and he's 70 something years old.

8.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

Well, there was this noodle, meat, and bean soup that was good this week, and also one of the members made us asado, so that was good. We didn't eat anything gross either, so that was good , haha. I always try everything, Maybe I'm just getting used to the food, finally. 

9.  Did you get the leak in your roof fixed?

Nope, Hermana Peterson told me to talk to our neighbors if it starts leaking again. 

10.  What was the nicest thing someone did for you this week?

This is a hard one. An old lady gave us some jewelry and a ton of food when we stopped by her house. She wanted us to remember her so that's why she was giving us stuff. There are lots of people who just kinda worry about us here. Who don't like it when we are working in the rain, or who always want to give us food because they know that not a lot of members feed us. The things like that are the nicest to me, to know someone is worrying about us and wants to help. I guess there isn't a single act that stands out in my mind right now, sorry.

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I have absolutely no idea. Oh wait, I remember now. So, yesterday after stake conference, one of the members (the one with the fly at the funeral) comes up to Hermana Peterson with a pair of scissors and asks if she can cut a piece of her hair to keep. No joke, this lady cut out a strand of hair and is going to keep it in her journal. I guess she collects sister missionary hair or something. How weird is that? I've decided that I might not tell anyone when I´m leaving now. 

12.  Did you get the card with the stamps yet?  Were you able to see all the pictures I sent in emails this week?

Yuuuup, and you have a letter coming for you in the mail , sent by the Hermana Nelson.

I love you a lot and I hope you have a great week. Sounds like everything is great there. I´m glad you could all go to the temple. Do a session for me, haha.  Look for my letters in the mail in these upcoming weeks!!
I miss you all a lot! Love you! Byeee!!

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