Monday, November 10, 2014

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce in Spanish

1.  Do you get the church magazines there?  Do you get the Liahona in Spanish, or English?  Do you get the full Conference issue in English?

We usually get the Liahona in Spanish, but every now and then we get some random months in English. All of the conference issues that we have gotten lately are in Spanish, which makes me sad, since I like to read the conference ones in English. We have TONS of Liahonas in our house, dating back to the 90s and some to the 80s. Most of them are in English (the old ones ) and about half of the conference ones are in English.

2.  Tell us about your new companion!  What is she like?

Well, her name is Kelleen O`Hara. Shes suuuuper cool and chill. This is her last transfer in the mission, and she extended (which is really easy to do here) so she's on her 18th month going on 19. She's from Utah, the same town as Hna De Leon. They went to the same high school, actually. She's skinny, blonde, with glasses and blue eyes. She's super creative and super good at teaching the lessons. I was scared she would be all trunky, but shes not, she's completely focused on working hard. She also gives really good motivational speeches a lot, hahaha. I have to be careful about which doubts I express. She likes to think out of the box too, so we never follow routines in our lessons and appointments. She's had some tough times in her mission, and some really tough comps (one of the first things she told me this week is that she's really happy I'm American. hahaha) but she hasn't let that stop her from serving the Lord with all her heart, might, mind, and strength

3.  Tell us about the other new Hermana there in Pigue.

She's from Perú, and she's short and likes my accent. She also thinks I`m really funny, which seems to be a Latino trait. Seriously, all of them laugh at me all the time and I don't understand why. Anyways, she's a good cook, kinda dramatic (haha) but a good missionary. 

4.  Do you ever seen any cats in Pigue?  K-3 is sitting on my lap right now.  He says hello....

Pet K3 for me. Yeah,there are cats here. One of the members here has a bunch of kittens, which we like to look at when we eat at their house. I see a lot more cats here than in other areas, but in other areas I`m pretty sure cats don't live as long, seeing as how there are so many stray dogs here. 

5.  Is there any farmland in your area there?  If so, what do they grow?

I don't know what they grow, but our whole area is surrounded by fields of farm land. Lots of it is filled with cows and sheep or horses. I don't know what kind of food they grow, though. Lots of people work in the fields here. 

6.  Were you able to do some service this week for anyone?

Ummm.... let me ask my comp.....she says "yeah, we shared the gospel". Does that count? We always offer service to everyone and they always say no....

7.  What thing touched your heart the most this week?

Well, yesterday we were in Relief Society, and one of the members made the comment, "It's one thing to be a Mormon, but it's another thing to FEEL that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true." Then everyone started talking about how we can't just be Mormons, we need to be saints. We need to be living and loving the gospel in every aspect of life. It just made me so happy, since all of these people are practically converts, but have tied the gospel into their lives so tight that that it's like it's who they have always been. To see the change in people gives me more hope for the people that I teach, that one they they will have this change in their lives too, and that one day they will be sitting in class at church saying the same things. 

8.  What do you like best in the ward that you are in now?

I like how the members here are really faithful. A lot of them were some of the first members here, and they are still going strong. They do all their family history, they plan very carefully for their temple trips, they just work really hard to stay strong, even when everyone around them is telling them otherwise. 

9.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

We had... ok, I think it was Spam. I liked it, it was good. And also, we had some really good Peruvian rice with a whole bunch of stuff in it. I liked it a lot. And it was rice. how weird... (Before Amy went on her mission she didn't like rice.)

10.  Are there Christmas things being sold there in the stores like there are here in the States?

Yeah, some. They don't celebrate Christmas here like they do in the States, though. It's just a few random ornaments in a few random stores.

11.  Have you seen anyone eating turkey in Argentina since you have been there?  I'm wondering if turkeys live there.

Yeah, its not as popular, though. Most people don't like it too much. But I`ve seen some turkey asados, and I`ve eaten some turkey asados. 

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

Ok, we had a bit of a crazy adventure. So I woke up Thursday in the middle of the night because the other Hermanas were screaming Hna O`Haras name. It was one in the morning. I was super tired, so I thought they were just goofing off and pulling some kind of prank on us because they kept yelling and banging really hard on our door. But then I realized that it sounded kinda urgent, So, I got out of bed and me and Hna O`Hara go out in the hallway and one of the hermanas is on the floor holding the other one in her arms. The one being held is all limp like a dead fish and she's crying and moaning. Turns out she had some kind of stomach attack or something and thought she was dying. So, she's praying and telling all of us to take care of her family, and she's super pale and looks like she's on the point of fainting. So, we called our branch president because we needed her to get to a hospital. The whole way there the sick hermana is sobbing because she feels like she's going to die, and Hna O`Hara and I went with them (because they wanted us to). So we made it to the hospital, and  we called Hna Parreño (the Mission President's wife) to let her know what was going on. The other Hermanas went into a room and we waited in the lobby for about 10 minutes. They came out soon and the sick hermana looked sleepy and fine. She had some kind of acid reflux problem. She seemed pretty normal after that.  We were glad she was OK.

So, here's the funny part, we went home and I asked the other hermanas why they were screaming only my companion's name and not mine, and Hermana Burgos told me that my name was way too difficult to pronounce in a moment of crisis. Yup, so we went home and all was good. 

13.  What was the best scripture story you shared this week?

I taught Hna O`Hara about Zeerom in the Book of Mormon when we were talking about repentance, and how he started out pretty dang bad but he was forgiven and healed and in the end was a leader in the ancient church. 

Also, I taught a member about the story of the army of Helaman, and how at one point the people were low on food, and soldiers for their armies, and they saw the Lamanites and their huge forts and were scared. So they prayed, and then God comforted them and they managed to capture the whole city without shedding blood. Alma 58, I think. I talked about how sometimes we have problems and things look scary, but we can pray and sometimes we will find a solution that isn't very obvious. 

I like teaching people scripture stories more than anything :)

Time is flying. Seriously, I still have no idea what I`m doing and I`m almost halfway in the mission. I feel like I`ve only really been gone for maybe 3 months, not 7.

No photos today, I`m having troubles with the computer, but I`ll let you know a new Spanish word: 
sloth = oso perizoso (lazy bear).  (Amy really likes sloths!)

 I love you all and thanks for the email! Sorry I never have time to write a ton... 

Be safe! Love you! Chau!!!

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