Monday, December 8, 2014

He is the Gift

1.  Last week I looked up "pastafrola" so I could find a picture and find out what it was.  One thing it said was that there is a saying in Argentina:  "La vida no es una pasta frola."  Have you every heard that saying?

Nope, but you can be sure that I`m going to ask everyone what that means now. I`m so saying that now, too, that's really funny!!!

2.  Have you learned any good Argentine sayings?  (You know I love English sayings!)

I have but I can't remember them, since people say them and I don't understand and have to have them explain it. Then I forget it shortly afterwards, haha. 

3.  You said people have Mary's in their yards and also "those little saint card things".  What are saint cards?  Actual paper cards of saints that are taped or nailed?

They kinda remind me of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They are little cards about the size of Pokemon cards that people tape to their doors or on the walls in their house. I think some people collect them. There are lots of different saints.

4.  Have you received the package I sent yet?

YESSSSSSSSS. I`m probably the first missionary down here to have a conference issue (General  Conference issue of the Ensign Magazine) in English and I love it!!! I haven't eaten the marshmallows or the chocolate (thank you, thank you, thank yoooooouuu), but I probably will this week. I`m saving the chocolate for a rainy day. Also, I love the music, especially the Christmas CD (Mormon Tabernacle  Choir). Its cool, and I like the Temple Square Orchestra :). It made my week!!!!

5.  Aren't transfers coming up next week?   Any predictions?  I was reading the blog of Hermana Long who is leaving the MTC for your mission next week.  It will be an exciting time for her and the other new missionaries!

Well, I`m pretty certain that I`ll be staying here in Pigue, and I`ll certainly have a new companion. Lots of people seem to think I`m leaving, though (I don't know why...). Personally, I am very nervous about this transfer. I have a feeling that this will be a bit of a big trial. I don't know why, though.  Maybe I`ll train Hermana Long - hahaha!  Naaahhh....

6.  You know that if you run out of money you can take money out of your account.  Please don't go without eating!  That being said, that was a neat story about praying for the Lord to help you have enough food to eat.

Yeah, that's what I did. Don't worry, I don't skip meals here unless I`m fasting.  One of the Sister Training Leaders unnecessarily lectured me about skipping meals. What she didn't know is that I ate breakfast while everyone was showering. 

7.  Does each companionship get a card to share with money to buy food?  Or do you each get one?

I have my own card. We get 1,000 pesos every month, but when you have to travel and the members don't feed you a lot then you start to pray for lots of miracles. Luckily, we don't have to travel this week (it's not really my favorite thing to do), well, we will at the end of the week depending on transfers, but right now we are pretty good on money.

8.  Have you learned the sign language sign for "witch"?  I learned it on my mission and we liked to do it for fun.  You make a sort of hook with one finger and put it over your nose.  Ha ha!

I have!!! We spoke a whole bus ride in signs. It was kinda funny. We use it in lessons, too, when we are trying to figure out how to leave a house without being offensive, like when the situation turns bad and we need to leave or when we just feel uncomfortable or have another appointment to go to and the people aren't letting us leave. 

9.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

Our investigator Olga came to church by herself!!!!!!! She's been progressing nicely :) And she has a baptism date for the 20th of December. We usually walk with her to church, but we had trouble communicating with her and so we didn't know if we would walk with her or not. We stopped by her house and she wasn't there, so sadly we walked to church thinking that no one would be there but when we entered Olga was right there waiting!

10.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week?

Alright, maybe it's not the most beautiful thing in the world, but the Church has released the "He is the Gift" video ( I think that's what its called) that we are using a lot to help people come closer to Christ. If you have seen that video and haven't watched it, watch it. If you`ve watched that video and haven't shared it, share it. If you haven't heard of the video, look it up. 

Seriously, we are trying to fill the world with the gospel here! But yeah, I watched that video a lot this week and it's made me think a lot about my Savior and how He really is the biggest gift for Christmas. There is nothing more important that what He gave for us. I know maybe this wasn't the most beautiful thing, but it was the most thought provoking thing. I hope everyone reading this can take some time to ponder exactly who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us. 

He is the Gift 

11.  What was the most difficult thing you had to deal with?

We`ve been trying to do special messages about Christmas for people to help people invite the spirit of Christmas in their house. We thought, "Who in their right mind would reject a message about Christmas?" Well, just about everyone we talked to would reject a message about Christmas, as it turns out. Seriously, some people have been down-right nasty to us. It doesn't matter how long we talk about Christ's birth in the beginning of the contact, the minute we mention that we are missionaries they stop listening to anything we say and tell us very bluntly that they aren't interested. We aren't even trying to invite them to be baptized! We`re offering to share the story of the birth of Christ in the Bible with them! I thought people would be more accepting this time of year, but I think they are tougher than before! 

On the bright side, we did find some good new people that were really nice. I was really frustrated about everyone rejecting us, though, and said a prayer asking how could so many people reject something like this, and I got the impression that lots of people rejected Jesus while He was there in the flesh offering people eternal life, so now I just get to have a taste of how that feels. 

12. What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, everyone and their grandmas has called me fat this week, hahaha. I`m not even offended any more, I`m so used to it. I don't feel like I`ve gained weight out here, but I feel like my body fat has figured out some new places to hang out. Still, Hermana O`Hara told me that every one of her companions has been called fat since Hermana O'Hara is so skinny. 

Also, just a shout out to all the sisters going out there. There are so many sisters who stress about gaining weight on the mission, and I have one thing to say to them: forget about it. You can't control every meal here. I`m not saying that you should be as unhealthy as you want, you still need to eat fruits and vegetables and try your hardest to exercise and be healthy, but don't stress about weight. There is already enough to stress about on the mission without that. 

13.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Awwww I have a food story. Alright, maybe this is kinda gross, but I`ve been having some constipation problems. So my stomach started hurting and I told my comp what was going on and she told me that she had a companion with the same problem. So her old companion took some medicine and it didn't work, but then some Latinas brought her some prunes to eat.  Her companion ate the prunes and it worked. So we decided to save money and buy some prunes to help me out. So we bought them and the next day I was more than perfectly fine. The problem is that I discovered that I actually really like prunes. So I ate some more to see what would happen and now I`m having some difficult times... too many prunes!  Ha ha!

I`m super excited to Skype! I`m already trying to set it up with the members. The times that are best for us to Skype are between 2 and 5 o clock here in Argentina. I`m not worried at all about what we are going to talk about, but there is one thing I don't want to talk about:  speaking Spanish. By that I mean I`d rather not have everyone ask me to say something in Spanish. We only have maybe an hour to talk, if not less, and I don't want to waste a second of it.

I love all the pictures and I love hearing about everything in Maryland.  I`m sending my letters home with my companion next week, so hopefully you`ll get some more. I really like being a missionary, mom, and I`m working hard to learn everything I can out here. I know what I`m doing is God's work. 

I love you so much!!! Thanks for the emails and the letters and the package and for thinking about me and for the recipes and your love!!!!!


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