Monday, December 29, 2014

Trying to Have My Own Groove

1.  I noticed in your pictures from the Christmas devotional last week that all the Hermanas seemed to be wearing white shirts.  Was that a coincidence, or did they ask you to wear white shirts?

Coincidence. We need to call each other beforehand or something, because it's really lame how every single Hermana ended up wearing white! Seriously! How can I have my own groove here when everyone steals my style??? And even more lame, everyone had red earrings or a red belt or something red too, so even though I tried to spice it up some everyone else just copied me again! uuuuugggghhhh next conference we are going to coordinate better!!! ;)

2.  So you've been with your new companion, Hermana Greene, for a few days.  Tell us about her.

Hermana Greene is from Arizona, she's 20 years old, and she's been in the mission for about 4 months. She's kinda crazy, but also pretty cool and laid back. She knew some Spanish before so she already speaks really good. She has an accent like a Mexican, though, so that's funny since my accent is more Argentine and she's like a blond Mexican. Her favorite color is teal and she doesn't like siestas, haha,  and she's one of the most healthy eating Hermanas that I know.

3.  How did it go for you on Christmas Day?  Was it pretty much like a normal day for you there?

Yeah, except nobody wanted to talk at all. But yeah, Christmas was normal. There was nobody in the streets and everyone was either sleeping or in a kind of hangover. The whole town had an "after the party" kind of feel to it, and nobody likes that feeling. The leaders kept calling us to inspire us to work - haha - so that we wouldn't be distracted by the idea of talking to our families. 

4.  We had some problems Skyping, since you couldn't get it to work at your end.  We used Facebook video chat instead.  Could you hear us and see us OK?  We didn't get the clearest image of you that was possible but we could see you fine.  How did it feel to talk to us after all these months?

The image was OK, a little laggy. I couldn't hear everything too well, especially Evan because his voice is super deep now, but for the most part I could hear fine :) It was great to talk to you all after all these months! It felt good to just talk normally to my family, instead of having to think of questions to ask or look for a need, I could just talk and relax. 

5.  Alan noticed that in the picture of you with Olga and the two other Hermanas you didn't look short at all.  Are there a lot of shorter people in Argentina, or is it pretty much the same as it is in the States?  (Not to say that you are

Pretty much the same as the States. There are some SUPER shorties, but at the same time everything is normal. 

6.  Who was it that baptized Olga?  You sent a picture of him with her.  Was he a missionary or a member?

That's Kevin, our ward mission leader. He leaves for his mission to Peru in March, and he's 18. 

7.  Do you know if Argentines celebrate New Year's like they do in  America?

 They just drink and party with all of their family. And they eat asado. Or at least that's what I can tell from what people have told me. They stay up till midnight, too. 

8.  What was something good that happened this week?

OLGA GOT COMFIRMED!!! I was super nervous that she would leave for the holidays and then not want to keep going to church, but she told me that she read all of the pamphlets we gave her to her grandchildren. I was really happy to see that she was still excited about following Christ!

Also, I got to talk to my family this week which was pretty dang awesome!!!

9.  What was the biggest challenge you faced this week?

Pedro, our other investigatordidn't go to church. We taught him about tithing and now he won't go to church or get baptized. We`re working on him, because he KNOWS that tithing is something he has to do, but he is just fighting it. He keeps asking us to not stop passing by, and we aren't going to stop.  I`m going to try everything to help him make the right choice. 

10.  How do you like being a senior companion?

It's good. It's hard because where do I draw the line between bossy and righteous? Overall, I like it because it motivates me to work really, really hard. 

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Well, we ate asado just about every day, and we had this chicken roll thing with prunes in it that was really, really good, so that was nice. Worst thing? I don't really know. I can't think of anything.

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I honestly can't think of anything! I`m super happy to have the time to rest this week. 

I guess something that's funny is that Hna Greene hates dogs, so she's always yelling at the dogs that follow us. We saved a dog from getting beat up and it followed us everywhere for further protection. It drove her crazy. Personally, the dogs here don't bother me since they aren't super aggressive like in Bahia. 

Also, just an observation, lots of people tell us to come back at another time when we knock on their door but then when we come back later they get all mad at us for bothering them. Why do people do that? If you don't want us to pass, don't tell us that we can come back! Its a lot easier for everyone. 

13.  Where do you email from each week?

The family history center in the church, There isn't another place to write, so we have to walk all the way to the church and back. 

I was in church yesterday, mom, and we got there kind of late, and one of the brethren was sharing a spiritual thought. He was sharing a spiritual thought that I shared with his family on Christmas Eve. He said he really liked that I helped his family slow down and appreciate Christmas. He then asked, "Does anyone else have an experience from Christmas or from Hermana Eubanks?" It almost made me laugh but I was really touched by that. The work we do matters and the members notice when we work hard and when we try and do our part. I really like the branch here, mom. Several times I`ve been here on Sunday and I`ve just felt a huge love for the members and people of Pigue. It's going to be so hard to leave here.

I hope you all have a great new year! I`m looking for funny things this week so I can have a more interesting email. I have interviews with President tomorrow, so that will be fun! Have a wonderful week and I love you all very very much!!!!

Oh, and thanks to Granni for the socks! I love them, and also thank you to Hermana Greene's mom for the stocking! Its awesome!!!


This is the family who let us use their computer to talk to you.

Our Christmas conversation!

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