Monday, January 5, 2015

I Like Huge Chickens

1.  Evan wants to know what type of foods they advertise in Argentina.  He did realize that you don't watch TV, but still wants to know if you've noticed any other type of advertising for food.

Ummmm.... Milanesas, ñoquis (these are gnocchi in Italian), and empanadas. That's about it. They mostly advertise asado, but it's so expensive that I ignore it - ha ha. There's not a lot of food advertisements here. But in Bahia there are some McDonald's advertisements.

McDonald's Ad in Argentina!

2.  Evan also wants to know if they sell M&M's in Argentina.

Yes, but not the the big packs with all the different kinds of variety like in the States. There are normal and peanut M&M's.

(Translation:  Meet the Characters:  Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue,  simply Irresistable)

3.  How was New Year's in  Argentina?  Did you hear fireworks?

No, they cancelled the fireworks - ha ha - because it scares all the dogs. It was pretty good, but work wise it was terrible. Nobody wanted to talk at all. Everyone was either sleeping, drunk, hungover, or had all their family over. We basically knocked doors for 14 hours. It was cold, too! I had to bring a jacket and everything. I used tights! Hahaha - that was bad because I have all of my winter clothing packed for next winter. 

4.  How do you decide what spiritual thoughts you will share with members?  Do you choose a new one each week, or each month, or do you just sort of go with inspiration?

I go by inspiration. I try and stick to the things I`ve been studying and share personal experiences. That way I can help them connect more. What happens a lot is that one missionary will find a scripture and then share it with everyone, then their companion will do the same thing with the same scripture, so in the end everyone just ends up sharing all the same stuff and it's boring. When you share what you study or something you read that morning its more personal and more interesting.  You don't end up repeating yourself! I also always try and tell them that I know that the Church is true so that they can experience a testimony. I just try my best to strengthen everyone a little. 
5.  Did the Hermana in the other companionship in Pigue get a gringa companion?  You said she was hoping she didn't get a gringa companion.

She got a gringa, hahahah!  Her name is Hermana Sprenz.  She's got 6 months in the mission, so she's still pretty green. Hermana Sprenz is from Las Vegas, she's a really good artist, and we have a very similar sense of humor and style. It's kinda weird actually. 

6.  A member in your ward there is a Facebook friend of mine now.  He put a message on my wall the other day that said, "Just now was your daughter in my house. Tomorrow I upload photos".  And today he put up a picture of you with your companion and another Hermana lurking in the background.  (ha ha!)   What does he do in your ward?  He is so sweet to put up the picture!

He's our Ward Mission Leader, kinda.  We have 2 and both are assigned to the calling instead of being separate. He's also the Elder's Quorum President. They take care of us really well, making sure we always have bread and stuff. He told me he's been talking to you - hahaha.

7.  Last week you sent a picture of more chickens.  Was this at a members house or did you see them somewhere else?

Yeah, it was at a member's house. The chickens here are huge, so I like taking pictures of them. Is that weird?

8.  What was the most wonderful thing that happened this week?

Well, I fasted for some really specific things and I got my answer. I took a swing at the fast that Uncle Bobby did but I changed it a little. I decided to fast to know what shortcomings and mistakes I`m making. WOW, WAS I HIT BY HUMILITY! Turns out that I`ve been pretty prideful, selfish, and I blame other people a lot when it was really my fault. Obviously I`m not a terrible person, but I realized a lot of things that I could change, so that's wonderful. 

I also asked how to have more success in the mission and I received a lot of clear answers that I`ll explain in a letter because it takes forever to write. That was the most wonderful thing because I got a ton of awesome answers to my prayers. I`m super excited for this week so that I can put my new stuff into practice

(FYI - Uncle Bobby was inspired by this talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Lord, is it I?" , to fast with the purpose of being able to see himself as he really is, not as he sees himself.  He was surprised by his answer.)

9.  I see you are getting tan.  Did you ever buy any sunscreen?

Nope! Hermana Peterson left me a bunch! muwhahahahahaha!

10.  What was the most challenging thing that you faced this week?

Working on New Year's Day. Not because I wanted a day off but because nobody wanted to talk at all. I had to keep up the positive attitude the whole time, too. But it's OK because all of that is over now. 

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Lasagna was the best thing I ate! It was sooooooooo soooo soooooo good!!!!!! The worst thing, a lentil bean, tomato, egg, mayonesa salad with cold weird chicken stuff. Yeah, it was just wayyyy too much mayonesa....

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Alright, first thing, yesterday someone answered the door naked. This isn't super uncommon. She had a towel wrapped around her. This lady is a member that we decided to visit since she's older and likes some companionship sometimes, so we passed and she answered the door in her towel. Then she let us in and talked in her towel for 45 minutes. At one point she went upstairs to find something and came back down still in her towel!

Also, we have this investigator who is kinda weird. All of the members kept telling us that he's a mago, which means wizard.  He said he is a hypnotist.

Also, in church yesterday one of the old ladies was giving out fireworks and fire crackers to all the 9 year old boys in the branch. How safe is that?

This was in my email to Amy this week:

Tonight we had some homemade pizza, and I had some hard-boiled eggs that I needed to do something with so I made deviled eggs.  I briefly considered slicing one and putting it on the pizza in your honor...

And this was her response:

I`ve started liking having hard-boiled eggs on pizzas now, hahaha. Yesterday we had a hard boiled egg, creamed corn, and cheese tart that was pretty good. Sounds weird doesn't it?

I love you all so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all the letters!!! And thanks to everyone else for all the support!!!  Thanks for everything, mom!


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