Monday, January 26, 2015

Sister Olives

1.  You may want to know that Mr. Kurtz wrote a birthday message for you on your birthday.  It said:  Most glad and belated birthday tidings to you, Amyqueesha. I hope you had a ghetto-tastic day, yo.

Aww thanks!!!!!!!I love it a lot! I had a great birthday here, and I loved all the birthday wishes :)

2.  Last week you said you were going to visit Cerro de la Cruz.  How was it?

We did! It was maybe a mile hike uphill with pictures of Christ's life from his betrayal to his resurrection. It was great, and very Catholic. We took some great pictures so I´ll see if I´ll be able to send them today. (Amy said later that she couldn't get the pictures to upload on the computer.  Maybe next week...)

3.  You said that you saw a lady with a bag of snails and that "they are big here."  Did you mean the snails are large or that lots of people eat them there?  

The snails are literally large snails. It's not uncommon for people to pick them up, haha.  Hna Peterson would pick them up and keep them in her hand and walk around. Elder Orme told me that once his companion picked one up and put it on his scriptures like it was his pet, and while they were talking to someone in the streets the person took it off and threw it. As far as I know not a lot of people eat them, but that lady did. She said they have lots of vitamins - hahaha!

4.  Did you get to see the CES broadcast a couple of weeks ago for all young adults?  It was a talk by Elder Ridd at BYU-I.  They were calling it a worldwide broadcast.  I was VERY impressed with that talk and we watched it for family home evening recently.

No :( I would love it if you mailed me a copy?

5.  Tell us about someone you are teaching.

See question 7. 

6.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

I´m going to answer question 7 first and then question 6, OK? So transfers were last Saturday. We waited the whole day, and mom, I basically knew I was leaving. I had a very strong feeling that I needed to prepare to leave Pigue, so I prepared a report with all the information that the Hermanas needed, and then I showed Hna Greene all the ropes, and I was right, I got transferred to Mar del Plata, area Balcarce. I´m finishing the training of an Hermana named Hermana Antuñez (ahn-toon-nihez). She's very thin, and very friendly and she's from Rosario, Argentina. She talks a lot and really wants to work very hard, so I´m super excited. I´m currently in area Pompeya in Mar del Plata. We will travel to Balcarce Tuesday after district meeting. This was the area that Hna Peterson went to when she got transferred. I got to have a 9 hour bus ride. It was LONG and boring. I didn't sleep  hardly at all Saturday night or Sunday night, so, I´m super tired.

7.  When are the next transfers?  Are you getting that feeling that you might get transferred?

And here is the answer to question 6:  Ok, maybe this is cheesy, and even more cheesy now that my older companions are going to read this, but God gave me a really nice tender mercy. Hermana Peterson goes home Tuesday, so she needed to travel to Bahia. I realized that I would probably pass her on the freeway and not get to see her before she left, so I was sad about that. Then at midnight I get off the bus and guess who is there? Hermana Morgan, from the MTC! She hugs me and then goes, "Hermana Peterson is here!" And then Hermana Peterson was there and gave me a big, giant hug! Turns out she was going to leave this morning at 5:30 instead of yesterday in the afternoon. So we got to spend one night together with Hermana Morgan, who was her companion, and catch up and hang out one last time before she went home. It was really great because I was pretty bummed out that I wouldn't get to say goodbye, especially since she's probably one of the most influential people in my mission. It just shows that Heavenly Father is mindful of even the seemingly small things.  Also, she left me all her awesome music :)

8.  Did you get your cell phone working again?

Nope - muaahahaha!  But it's not my problem now. The broken toilet isn't my problem now either! Hahahahaha!!!!

10.  How many discussions did you teach this week?

A lot, mostly with Pedro, who is going to baptized 7 de Febrero (February 7). I didn't get the chance to count because I left Pigue so fast. They told us I was leaving Saturday at 10:40, and then I left right after church the next day at 11:00. 

11.  Are there any strange animals that live there that you have seen?

One time I saw a flock of weird birds. They were all white and stayed in a group. The strangest thing here are the birds to me. There are these birds called tijeretas that have super long, two-feathered tails. People have lots of ostriches here, too. 

Tijeretas are also called Frigate Birds.

12.  What was something you learned from your studies this week?

Honestly, I can´t remember a lot. This morning I was studying all of the rigged, illegal trials that Jesus had to go through before His Crucifixion. He faced all of His accusers with silent dignity. I pondered about how when we are put into situations like that we easily get contentious, and argue and fight when people falsely accuse us.  Not only did He remain calm but He had so much faith that death is not the end that He could face it without fear. We should all strive to have faith like His. He really is our Savior and perfect example.

13.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

Best thing? Ravioli with a super good sauce. Worst thing? Rice mayonesa tomato salad. 

14.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I think transfers in general are just really funny. The whole week I was trying to stay super focused on working. So even though I felt like I was leaving I tried to tell myself that we would both be staying together here. My companion had a little bit more trouble. It was funny because at the beginning of the week she was sure I was leaving too, and then she wasn't so sure, and then on Saturday she felt like she was leaving! Transfers also stressed one Hermana (Burgos) out so much that she got sick! She really, really wanted to leave Pigue... and she didn't. She's still there. Then we got the call and we found out that I would be finishing the training of someone and it was even better. Hermana Antuñez is my step child (in mission terms).
When Hermana Peterson found out that my new companion is Hermana Antuñez, she went and talked to her about me. She told me that when she said that I was her companion a few transfers ago, Hermana Antuñez (can we call her Hermana Olives? It's easier to type) pulled up a chair and said, "Tell me everything I need to know." Very, very seriously. Hermana Peterson showed her the pictures of us with the pantyhose over our heads and Hna Olives was like, "I don't get it." And after seeing all the weird pictures of me and Hna 
Peterson then she said, "Does she work?"  So that night (my comp was sleeping when I got there so we didn't wake her up) Hna Peterson told me to help Hna Olives lighten up a bit. 

Hna Olives got her new nickname because when they called me they said my new companion would be, "Hermana Aceitunas" which translates to "Sister Olives." Then they said it correctly, but I couldn't remember the name right so I just remembered Aceitunas. I´ll be living with two other North Americans named Hermana Gomez and Hermana Long.

Thanks so much for the letter, mom! I love reading them and hearing everything about the family. I´m glad Christine made it home safely and that everything is going great! I love you all so much and I´m so happy to be a missionary. I sent a bunch of letters home, so let me know when you get them!

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