Monday, January 19, 2015

The Snail Harvester

1.  How was your birthday?

Pretty good! Some investigators sang to me, last Monday Hna Sprenz made me a Swedish square cake, and my companion gave me two alfajores saying that I`m a "two alfajor companion" (Johnny Lingo reference), A member sang to me, another member gave me some body spray and lotion, and someone gave me a free bag. It's pretty sweet :). I don't feel super old or anything, but its nice to say I`m 20 - ha ha. Oh, and Hna Parreño (mission president's wife) called and sang happy birthday in English to me - hahaha

2.  Hermana Greene's mom sent me an email and asked if my daughter was the companion of her daughter and said she loved serving with you!  How is it going  with Hermana Greene?

Hna Greene is sooooooo chill. She's pretty funny, too, and I can tell that she really tries to do the right thing. She spoke Spanish before the mission, but she talks like a Mexican - hahaha - so I'm always trying to change her Spanish words to Castellano. She knows the scriptures super well, and we like to teach each other about all the laws and stories and things of the Gospel. I like it a lot, it's super interesting. She says she knows all this stuff because she paid attention in Seminary

3.  Last week you said you were missing waffles.  I remember you said that Argentines always asked about waffles.  What is so wonderful about waffles?  Ha ha!

They`re crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, which is why they tell me they are great. I just miss syrup and yummy American food. 

4.  Have you been able to see any sights in Pigue?

Well, today if it doesn't rain we are going to this place called Cerro de la Cruz, which translates to "Hill of the Cross." There is a hike there that shows the life of Christ and his betrayal and it's really popular. It's free and short so we decided to go. I`ll take some pictures. On top of the hill is a giant cross that you can see from most of Pigue, so I decided to go. All the members think its funny that we want to go... ha ha.

5.  What was the most unusual thing you saw or experienced this week?

On the streets we stopped to talk to a woman who was harvesting snails (which are big here) and she showed us her bag filled with snails and told us she was going to eat them. 

We also saw a group of dogs kill another dog. That was sad...

6.  Now that it is summer, are there mosquitoes or other bugs there?  I guess you already told us about the flies... ha ha!

There are not a lot of mosquitoes here in Pigue, no, but in other areas there are tons! Like clouds of them from what people have told me.

7.  What was a spiritual thought you shared this week?

I shared about following the Spirit and how sometimes we forget just how precious the Gift of the Holy Ghost is. I talked about some personal experiences I had when the Spirit told me to say things or do things, but then I applied it to the members and how they need to focus on recognizing the promptings of the Spirit, because if we don't recognize those feelings they are easy to dismiss. 

8.  Tell us about someone you met with this week.

Well, we knocked a ton of doors, and one lady let us in her house and started talking to us. She suddenly asked us who we were after we walked in. She was waiting for some friends to stop by from France, and thought we were them because of our accents. So, once we were inside she realized that we weren't her friends. She was friendly, and kind of elderly. When we said we didn't believe in the Virgin she took three steps back. 

We also stopped by another house and the lady let us in, gave us a complete tour, and talked so much that we couldn't share anything. So, we ended up praying and leaving after what seemed like forever. 

9.  What was the best/worst thing you ate.

This week we ate lots of Milanesa, which was yummy, and we had some hamburgers with ham and cheese, too, which was probably the best thing. The worst we had was some mashed potatoes that were so creamy that it was like eating gravy.  It was really good, but the texture was weird enough to make me not like it a ton...

10.  What was your biggest disappointment this week?

Our only investigator with a baptism date went to another pueblo (town) this weekend and didn't go to church, so her date fell through and now we have to start all over again. She was doing so good, too. 

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

 Well, I guess it's not super funny but our cell phones aren't working, so our leaders can`t call us at all. On the down side we can't make any calls at all, so we are stuck without any communication.

Here's some funny lines from the week:
"One minute we were walking and we were fine, and then we weren't fine, and everything was bad and I don't know what happened."  Hna Sprenz


Me: Look, this person doesn't have a saint in their shrine thing, they have a vase of flowers
Greene: Maybe its the ashes of a dead family member.
Me:... That's more awkward than a saint.


Me: My companion is the best at helping me with a breakdown. I get stressed out and she just tells me that I`m good and not to worry about it.

Other Hna: When I`m feeling down... well, the other day I was kinda upset and my companion lectured me for an hour about all the things I need to do to feel better and then in the end I was crying. She did it with good intentions ,and she was trying to help, but I was just feeling a little down.  When she was finished with me I was wondering if I even want to be a missionary...


I love you so much!!  Be safe and thanks for writing.  Have a great week and you are always in my prayers!!! 

Love you!!!

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