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Why is This Guy Talking About Indians When I Asked Him About God?

Me and my "daughter"!

1.  How do you like Balcarce?

Balcarse is cool and it's big.  The people here are very friendly...if you talk to them in the streets. When we knock doors they don´t seem very nice. So we talk to everyone in the streets and find people that way. 

2.  How is Balcarce different from Pigue?

It's poorer. But also bigger. There are a bunch of dirt roads here, and the ward here is huge!!!! There are maybe 130 people who come on Sundays, which is about 100 more than in Pigue and Terrada. 

3.  How do you like your new companion?

My companion is AMAZING. Obviously there is a bunch of stuff that we are still working out, but my philosophy is that I´m just going to be crazy. It's funny to see the contrast between the two of us. When she asks me questions in the streets they´re questions like "How do you know when to drop someone" or "What was the most success that you had with a companion".

When I´m the the streets I´m like ,"That cloud looks like a duck...How do you like cactuses? Whoa! Look at that caterpiller! CHICKENS!!!!...  If you were a color, which one would you be?... If you could marry a prophet, which one would you like to marry?...Do you want to share the gospel with that person over there, or that one over there, or both?" 

I´m like the A.D.D. psycho, and she's the normal, very dedicated missionary. Everyone told me that she's very serious, but I'm trying to draw the humor and fun out of her. I worry abut my companion a lot, mostly because shes my Hija" (daughter). I´ll explain that more later at the end of the email.

4.  Does your companion know of her nickname, Hermana Aceitunas?  Sister Olives?

She sure does. And guess what, I spelled her name wrong the last email. Its Antuña. Ahn-toon-neeah. She says it doesn't bother her - hahaha, and she thinks it's funny. People struggle with her name, too. She plays the piano super good, and is very firm in the faith, my hija. 

5.  Have you seen any American chain restaurants in your new area?

In my new area? No. In Bahía there is a McDonalds, a Big Six, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Subway. Thats all I've seen.  The people here don't really branch out on their food. 

6.  Tell us about someone you are teaching in your new area.

There's this guy named Cristian. He is a year younger than me, and he's kinda interesting. He likes to go out and drink and stuff with his friends, but I can tell that he isn't really satisfied with that kind of life. When we teach him he has real questions and I can tell that he really worries about his salvation. We want to help him make some friends in the ward here, since it's his friends that do bad things that are keeping him from enjoying the blessings of the gospel. I can tell he's hesitant to leave his life of partying, even if it's for something better. 

7.  Are you in a ward or a branch?


8.  When I looked up Balcarce online, it seemed that the big attraction there is a former Formula One driver named Juan Manuel Fangio.  I asked Dad if he had ever heard of him and he said yes, he is very well respected and known by Formula One fans.  Have you heard anything about this since you have been there?  You should see if you can visit the museum and take some pictures for Dad, if you can.  Maybe it's not in your area or too expensive.

Nope, I haven't heard anything at all, but this has been kind of a weird week so maybe when I settle down I'll hear some more. I´ll give the museum a shot. 

9.  What was the best/worst thing you ate this week?

Milanesas! With french fries!! It was sooo good and exactly what I wanted to eat. the worst was this weird spaghetti-beef-rice-chili thing that filled me up and everything but wasn't my favorite thing to eat. It was kinda gross. I´m learning how to eat gross things here in the mission without complaint. 

10.  What has been your biggest adjustment with this transfer?

don't know the area. It's tough because I´m supposed to be the the leader here. My companion is in training so most of the responsibility is on me, but I have no idea where we are most of the time, so I spearhead the things we will do and manage how we use our time. It's just hard to adjust to a place where everything is different than where I was before. Plus, no one here asks for numbers, mom, so that's been weird too. I´m not very stressed at all. 

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Yesterday was kind of a dead day. After church we started out and I had no energy and hardly any desire to work. I noticed that I was feeling this way, and I decided that I needed to contact some people to help myself get some energy. Usually when I contact the thought I have is "Great, I have to talk to this person", but I decided to change the thought to "I´m going to share the gospel with that guy" and it made all the difference. So I started talking to EVERYONE. 

We went up to this one guy sitting outside named Juan. So I ask if he wants a pamphlet and he says no, so I was thinking  "He says no, but he has no idea just how pretty the pictures of Jesus are in these pamphlets. I just need to show him a picture of Christ and that will win him over." So I pulled out a pamphlet and opened it to the best picture of Christ and said, "Look at this, it's Jesus Christ, do you want this pamphlet?" And he said no again, and told us that he doesn't like to read. At this point my companion is looking at me like I´m crazy, so she offers him a card and we leave him alone, but Hna Olives laughed soo soooo hard about this contact. 

Then later I asked a guy if he believed in God but he thought I said "Do you have Indian ancestry?" and so he starts talking about his heritage and how he's not Indian and I was just like "Why is this guy talking about Indians when I asked him about God?"  Hna Antuña just laughed super hard because she understands about 90 percent of everything I say and understood that I said it wrong and that he understood wrong. 

I had a kind of adventure last Monday. Just as we were fixing to leave one, of the Hnas in Pompeya (where we were staying) got really sick. She needed to go to the hospital. So she and her companion, Hna Morgan, asked us to come with them to the hospital. I was hesitant, but we went and arrived at the most ghetto, sketchy, dangerous-looking hospital ever. There were sick people lying everywhere, it smelled like disease, and there was broken glass, slime, dirt, and wounded animals everywhere. Me and my companion registered the sick Hermana and waited for her to get called. While we were waiting, Hna Antuña overheard that they were just now accepting people who got there at 2 in the afternoon, and it was 7 in the evening. So, we decided to go to another hospital, one that wasn't free. Luckily, we arrived at the new hospital and it was WAY less ghetto. Since I'm overly prepared for everything, we were able to pay the fee and the sick Hermana was given care instantly. I had the money that you guys gave me for Christmas with me for an emergency. I´m glad the Spirit told me to bring a bunch of money with me on the trip. 

Anyways, while we were in the nice hospital, I was talking to Hna Morgan about her mission since we hadn't seen each other since the MTC. She told me that while we were in the sketchy hospital she felt really comforted that I was there. That ghetto hospital is in a very, very dangerous area and she was nervous that something would happen, but she remembered that I have a "danger sense" and she told me that she knew if we were in danger I would sense it and act on the promptings that I felt.

Hearing that from Hna Morgan really made me reflect on how important it is that we remain worthy of the companionship of the Spirit. Not just because it can help us, but sometimes other people will depend on that guide and if we don't have it we not only fail that trust that they have in us but we can be in very dangerous situations without noticing. What would have happened if I was a disobedient missionary and we went there and were in a dangerous situation? What would have happened if someone robbed us or tried to cause harm, and we weren't able to avoid it because I wasn't worthy? It's so important that we keep the commandments and strive to have the Spirit with us. 

I love you all so much.  Be safe and have a great week.  Thanks for the letters!  I´ll respond to all of them later! I know that this church is true! 


The Walk of Christ in Pigue

Me and Hermana Greene

The other Hermanas in Pigue

A weird flower

On the bus

Transfer day!

My bed

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