Monday, March 23, 2015

Fun with Jelly Belly's

1.  I read that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide.  Did they celebrate it in Argentina?

If they did, I didn't notice. It was Tuesday, so I was in district and zone meetings in the morning and thought "Why is everyone wearing green? I'm wearing black and red. Was there some kind of memo that I didn't get?"

2.  What have you been studying this week in  your personal studies?

The plan of salvation. This is the perfect plan of God. I've been focusing a lot on the fall of Adam, and the Atonement of Christ and how perfectly constructed this plan is. Our life on the earth is very important, and it's very, very important that we live the commandments and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and repent and be baptized by someone with the authority to do so, receive the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. One day we will be in front of God for our judgement day, and judgement day is a very, very real thing that will happen. We will never be perfect, but we need to have faith in Christ and do all that we can and beg His forgiveness for our imperfections so that we can return to God's presence. 

3.  Have you been able to do any acts of service for anyone this week?

I helped someone set up a table, and I left some little notes for my companion (I'm so cute, hahaha) since she was feeling a little down about our week and some of our investigators. 

4.  Do you ever go on exchanges with members where you and your companion split up and each go with a different member?

Sometimes when we have a lot of investigators who are coming to church. One of us leaves with a member who has a car and the other stays with the other Hnas or with a member in the church to greet the investigators and members that arrive by themselves. 

5.  What is your zone leader like?

Leaders, there are two. One is Elder Rascon, who was my district leader when I was companions with Hna De Leon (if shes reading this, Happy birthday, yeah I know I´m super late but I don't have your email....oh, and how's the normal life?) . He's from Utah, and the other is Elder Ratliff, who is a convert to the church from the USA. They are both really cool. Elder Rascon knows the scriptures and the doctrine really, really well, and always has a scripture for everything. He backs up everything he teaches us with the scriptures. Elder Ratliff has a testimony and dedication to his calling like I've never seen. He loves the gospel and being a missionary and does all he can to respect and help his leader. They're both super great. 

6.  Do you see horse and buggies in the city there?  I saw some pictures from another mission in Argentina and they had a picture of a horse and buggy in the city.

Yeah they're all over the place. Sometimes we see horses just roaming around in the streets that have escaped from their fenced in fields or the post that they were tied to broke. There are tons of people who have horses here. Since I'm kinda scared of horses I avoid walking near them or on the streets where they're just roaming around. 

7.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

I got your package :) 

Also I had a crazy good lesson with an investigator. We have been working with her for a while now, and we went to her house this week and she basically told us that she doesn't want to do things like stop drinking coffee, or go to church in a skirt, and that she isn't looking to join a church. So we gave the coolest lesson. We walked in with one plan, and then we just changed the whole game and taught with the Spirit. We talked about our purpose as a missionary, about how the gospel of Jesus Christ saves us, and how keeping little commandments like not drinking coffee is worth it in comparison with Eternal Life. I can't actually remember what it was that I said, but after the lesson I felt that I had really been an instrument in the Lord's hand during that lesson. In the end she agreed that she isn't ready for baptism, but that she needs to try living the commandments before she stops listening to us. 

8.  What is the greatest challenge of the week?

We just had a rough week. We spent a lot of time looking for new people and hardly found anyone, and a lot of the people that we had appointments with weren't home or didn't want to talk. And it rained. And it was cold. So yeah, the hardest thing was just staying positive for myself and my companion. 

9.  You said you dance around every morning to exercise and wake up.  Do you have music to listen to while you dance?

Sometimes, but usually no. I just kinda get down - hahaha. I dance to the rhythm of my own drum (Henry Thoreau) haha.

10.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

We had some really, really good steak with potatoes and a salad. It was super yummy. 

The worst was probably canalones. I like canalones, but we bought these at a store and it was WAY too much food. Canalones are crepes with spinach and vegetables and stuff inside instead of cream and sugary stuff. You eat them with spaghetti sauce and usually meatballs. They were kinda gross this week...

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

We were contacting, and a group of school girls found out that I was from the US and started taking pictures of me and with me. It was weird. 

Also, I introduced my companion to Jelly Belly jelly beans, since there were some in the package you sent to me. Hahaha, she didn't know what they were and so her reactions were funny. They went like this:

"Wow! Do they have chocolate in the middle?"  "This one tastes like cream...and this one like fruit."  "Hermana Eubanks, these are so weird. One tastes like apples and then another tastes like a dessert!"  "EW GROSSS!!! that one was so gross! some of these are really really gross!!" "ahhhaaaahhhhh!!!! spicy!! spicy!!! ahhhh!! noooo!!!!" 

Also, here are some funny conversations I had this week:

me (singing): Who put the bop in the bop shoe dop boo dop..."
Comp: Hermana, don't sing worldly music!
me: This isn't worldly music! I'm pretty sure that I sang this in girls camp... 
Comp: It's worldly music.
Me: Oh yeah? Do you want me to sing another worldly song? I know a better one.
Comp: No! No!!!
Me: Here it goes!
Comp: No!!!
Comp: Noooooooo!!!!


Comp: Hermana Eubanks, your love for the people is bigger than Helaman 5:12 (because its a super long verse).

I love you so much! I'll have to wear waterproof makeup, too when I come home... and when we skype and stuff in May. I hope you've had a great week and I look forward to reading the emails from you and everyone else! Give everyone a hug for me and be safe!

I love you!

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