Monday, March 2, 2015

I Couldn't Figure Out Why Everyone Had to Run and Scream

Me, Hna. Antuña and  Hna. Long

1.  How was your p-day picnic last week?  Was it your whole zone?

It was fun, haha. It was just the four of us who live here in Balcarce. We went to a park and ate some kinda gross sandwiches. I really miss normal lunch meat, by the way. Then we played on a playground which was great until I fell off a teeter-totter. Hahaha - Yeah, who does that? Who falls off of teeter-totters? I bruised my butt and my leg, but I was fine the next day. We all had a good laugh. 

Then we went to the cemetery here. It was like a city!!! I discovered that the ground of the cemetery there is actually the roof of all the catacombs. There are huge caves filled with graves. I didn't go in the catacombs, I just walked around like a normal person. I didn't want to be disrespectful so I just observed and didn't make any comics or act like a tourist. I think that's the last time I´m visiting a cemetery here in Argentina. 

2.  Can you take some pictures of the outdoors?  Christine wants to see more of what Argentina looks like.

Yeah, but it's kinda hard to do. I did my best - haha!

3.  How did Hermanas Gomez and Long react to their room "decorating" that you sent us pictures of last week?


Yeah, we've been on a service streak with them. We buy them stuff and leave notes and it's driving them crazy because they don´t understand our motives - muwahahaha.

4.  Have the other Hermanas pulled any pranks on you and Hermana Antuña?


5.  Tell us about the best teaching moment you had this week.

We had a great lesson with our investigator Cristina last Saturday. We stopped by her house and she wasn't there, so we started walking back to our apartment to eat lunch and found her on the way. So we went to her house and taught the plan of salvation. We just did everything like we were supposed to. We focused on her and applying the lesson to her, and then we shared lots of scriptures to help her understand and see that our doctrine is valid, and we testified of the teachings of each other and of our message. In the end she prayed and accepted a baptism date. 

6.  Have you noticed the days getting shorter?  I have noticed they are getting longer here.

Oh yeah, and it's super annoying because people don´t want to talk as much when its dark, and we have to avoid the sketchy areas a lot sooner...

7.  I sent you a picture and the short bio about your new mission president, Presidente Cifuentes.  Did you already get that information in the mission?

Nope. The only people who know things about the new Pres. are the people whose parents have been telling them stuff, hahaha. I´m probably one of the most up to date missionaries here.

8.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

Best thing:  pastel de papas. I think I already described that, and it was super yummy and I had a craving for it so everything was super great! The worst thing...hmm...worst thing? I can´t really think of anything. Everything was pretty normal, hahaha. People gave us some good food!

9.  Tell us about a spiritual thought you shared this week.

We've been trying out an experiment to get more references from members and include more members in the work. What we've been doing is sharing a scripture according to their needs, then talking about the scripture and trying to apply it to missionary work.  Then we ask 5 things: 

1. Their work hours so we can know when to call them 
2. If they have anyone who they want us to pray for (we write the names and pray for them)  
3. If they can pray for our investigators (we give them a list of names) 
4. If they have any friends that we can visit and teach 
5. Is there anything we can help them with (always - haha). 

This has given us a lot of good results. People are more likely to give us names to pray for, and most of the time they give us the address, too. While praying for our investigators they start wondering who they are, so when we bring the investigator to church they are more willing to help them and get to know them. 

10.  What was the biggest challenge of the week?

It's been a challenge to keep everything organized. We have 2 people preparing for baptism and 2 more investigators that are really starting to get going. So we have to focus on the people progressing for baptism, and then teach the others so that they can progress, and then find more people to teach, and help the less actives reactivate, and then do all the stuff that the ward wants us to do, and then contact and before we know it the week is over before we can do everything that we wanted! I´m seeing a lot of success out here, mom. I´m being blessed a lot. Heavenly Father really is touching the hearts of these people and changing them. 

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, falling off the teeter-totter was funny, and also this week we got caught in a storm. One minute we were teaching someone, and then the next everything is dark and there's lightning and wind and dirt in the air and people running and it looked like the end of the world. Personally, I thought it wasn't that bad. I couldn't figure out why everyone had to run and scream, but whatever, I guess it's something they do here. Then it started raining but we made it to shelter before we got soaked.

Hahaha that's lame that Emily and Jojo aren't writing much! Tell them to get a move on! All that stuff with writing chicos or chicas and boyfriends fades after a few months. In the end everyone only wants to write their family. 

I look forward to the package! I got a ton of letters this week. A card from Sister Peacock, a birthday card from you, three letters, and I've gotten letters form the O's, Sister Blunk and Relief Society. 

Hna De Leon, if you´re reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

OK, thanks so much for everything, mom. Be safe and I hope it stops snowing so that you can go to church, Thanks for the updates and have a wonderful week!  I love you!

Amy :)

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