Monday, March 9, 2015

I'm Just 20

Hermana Antuña is cooking!

1.  Dad wants to know if you have heard anything about the car racing museum there.  

I have, and I've seen it, but nobody wants to go there with me and I don't think its open on Mondays....

2.  How is the prank/service "war" going with the other Hermanas?

Yeah, we´re totally winning. Transfers were yesterday and me and my comp are staying together (yay!) for another transfer. Hna Gomez went to look for her new companion and won't return until Tuesday, so we are going to do something or decorate something today while they´re gone muwahahaha

3.  Now that it is beginning to turn into Fall in Argentina, have you noticed any changes in the weather?  Like more storms, or more/less wind, etc.

There's lots of wind, and the leaves are kinda changing, and yeah, there's rain just about every week. It's cold in the mornings and hot during the day...

4.  Do you ever see seagulls there?


5.  How far away is the ocean?

I´m not sure.  I think it is about an hour drive from here. I can't really see any evidence here of the ocean, but I know that it is close. 

6.  Since you have Hermana Antuña with you, have you found out what the school system is like there for kids?  Do they have public school like we have in the U.S.?  Do they go for 12 years like we do?

Yeah, I've asked her a lot about that since it confuses me - haha. It's 13 years of school. You have Primary school here, which is like elementary in the States, and secondary school, which is like high school. Here if you fail at any point you have to take an exam, I think, and then if you fail the exam you have to retake the whole year in that subject. School only lasts from 7 to 11 in the morning, its waaay shorter than in the States. They are on a block schedule, so every day they have different classes than the day before.

7.  Why was there an old car at the playground that you went to?  It looked colorful so I didn't think it was just an old car that someone had left there, ha ha! 

It was a decoration. You can sit inside even though it's just a metal bottom and dirt. There are a ton of car statues and car things here because of that Formula 1 racer who is from Balcarce. There are pictures of him and advertisements for the museum everywhere, too!

8.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

They´re called arrepes. Its a Venezuelan food, and it's like an English muffin made out of corn flour (or in this case, polenta) and you cut it open and put on cheese and meat and eat it like a sandwich. It was super yummy. Yesterday our investigators Pedro and Mabel made us some steak and potatoes that was super yummy, too! The worst thing? Well, it wasn't bad, but it was way too much. Someone gave us oatmeal, but instead of eating it like oatmeal they blend it in the blender with milk and cinnamon and you drink it. The problem is that they gave us a huge plate of chicken and noodles and then the oatmeal to drink instead of water or something. I felt like I was going to explode. One cup of that stuff was basically a meal, and they gave us all that food and two cups of the oatmeal. It was really yummy, but too much - haha!

9.  What is your favorite kind of juice to drink?

Well, everything here is from the brand "Tang", usually, but I like mango-orange, and pear. Those are the two best :) As for juice that is actually real and not like Kool-aid, I like peach juice.

10.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

PEDRO AND MABEL ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!  Mabel stopped smoking and agreed to be baptized.  Both of them have stopped drinking, too, and they love going to church and learning what we teach them. Mabel made a comment in Relief Society yesterday and said something along the lines of  "I realize that I was on the wrong path before, but now the chicas have been teaching me and helping me and we are learning and changing for the better". Both of them are almost 70 years old. I have a special talent of finding people who are older than 60 on the mission, hahaha.

11.  Now that you have been out for almost one year, are there any things that either you or I thought you might really need on the mission that you haven't really used at all?  (It's OK, you won't hurt my feelings - ha ha!)

Nothing comes to mind, really, I use the most part of the things that I have. I have too many clothes, hahaha but that came from time and I use all my clothes, too, so I don't think that was a bad thing. 

12.  What was the toughest thing you had to go through this week?

I´m so introverted, mom. I thought to myself, "Maybe one day talking to people won't wear me out, maybe I'lll get used to it on the mission, maybe I´ll change."  WRONG. I can't seem to get used to talking to people. Every time we visit someone I have to mentally prepare myself, and every contact, conversation, and lesson makes me tired. Of course, I can handle it and I really do love sharing the Gospel, but it's tough sometimes when I want to just not say anything. Also, we had a ton of lessons the other day and I got stressed out about calling members to come with us and about how we were going to make it to all these lessons. When I get stressed out my first response is to just not do anything, but I pushed through it and everything turned out good, but the stress was tough for a moment. 

13.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So we had a "party". We each bought 6 facturas (kinda like Argentine doughnuts) and went to the church and watched the movie 17 Miracles and ate the facturas. It was yummy! And that was a great movie, probably one of the best movies by the church that I've seen. Also, that movie called me to repentance. Remember the other week when you asked about how much I walk every day and I said that we make the pioneers look like wimps or something like that? Yeah. I take it back. I'm sorry world for saying that. I was dumb. We might walk a lot but at least we don't starve and die like they did. I've been called to repentance - haha. 

Oh, and I had a funny conversation yesterday with an old man and his friend. We contacted him the day before and then saw him the next day (this guy has great-grand children).

Man: Chicas! There you are again!
Us: Oh hey, how are you?
Man (to his friend, pointing at my comp): I like this one more that the other. (To me) I hope you're not offended.
Me: What? It's fine if you like her, I´m not mad, you can have opinions.
Man: Its just that she's younger and you're way older, like 20 something years old.
Me: What? No, we're almost the same age.
Man:  No, she's like 16 years old and you're 20 something.
Me. No, I´m just 20.
Man: How many?
Me: 20
Man: 20? 
Me: 20
man: 20? 
Other man:  Twenty and what?
Me:  Just twenty!
Man: 20
Me:  20!!!!
Man: Oh, well, still she's a lot younger.
Me: She's 19. We were born in the same year.
Man:  Ah whatever, but still you two probably have boyfriends...

Aaaand we cut the conversation there. He was kind of a creep but looking back it was a funny conversation to me. 

14.  Have you had any luck with rolling your "rr's"?


So, that's all. I hope everything is going good.  Travel safely and I´m praying for y'all. I hope everything goes smoothly, I know that the Lord will help you find a job. Try and go to the temple :) 

This morning I studied the Resurrection of Christ and I was really happy to feel that He really does live. People can try to disprove it and everything but it really happened. If He can rise from the dead He can help us find a new job if it's His will. 

I love you so much! Thanks for writing me so faithfully! Byyyyeee!!!
Be safe!


Making "The Bomb" Cake

Hermana Gomez likes "The Bomb"


A note I wrote in Spanish to Hermana Gomez to get the rent money.  "Hey, where do we live now?  What address should I send your letters to?"

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