Monday, March 30, 2015

Promising a Blessing

I made this empanada!

1.  So this week Alyssa comes home from her mission in Honduras!  What do you think about that?

Wow, I think that's crazy, because I feel like she left so long ago. It also makes me reflect on how much time I have left and that puts me in a state of nervous tension and panic hahaha. Ok, it's not that bad, but next week I'll have a year in the mission and it's weird to think about just how little time left I actually have...

2.  You are scared of horses?  Do you ever get to pet them or feed them a carrot or something?

Nope, I avoid them. It's not like I have a phobia of horses or anything, but mom, those things are HUGE and muscley and one kick can kill me! So I avoid the wandering horses in the streets here so that I don't get kicked. A lot of people here love horses and ride them all over the place. 

3.  I sent you a package that had Dove Chocolates in it.  What was the condition of the chocolate when it arrived?  I wasn't sure if it would melt into one big lump or something like that.

It is perfect and very normal. Very good condition and all the hermanas in the house are happy to try some normal chocolate from the States, hahaha

4.  Tell us about a time you taught with the Spirit this week.

We were teaching our investigator about going to church. He wants to be baptized and everything, but has a lot of fear of going to church. It is because he's never been before. So we taught him about the church and the importance of going every Sunday, and I got ready to promise him a blessing. I thought of the blessing in my mind, and then felt a kind of swelling, hot feeling in my chest and promised him the blessing. It's interesting because to promise is one of the things we have the authority to do, and if we do it with the Spirit, God will back up our promise if the investigator does his or her part. I thought it was cool to be able to feel the Spirit so strongly and personally before promising something like that :)

5.  Have you been doing anything to get ready for General Conference next week?

We've been inviting EVERYONE and their grandmas hahaha. The ward is making fliers this week and we've been sharing spiritual thoughts about conference, prophets, and about the wonderful things we're going to learn and how awesome it is that conference is during Easter this week :). I'm super excited, and I'll be watching the whole thing in Spanish so we´ll see how that goes. 

6.  What do Argentines do to celebrate Easter?

They eat chocolate eggs. The eggs are made of chocolate, but they're hollow and are filled with little candies and stuff. They decorate the outside with frosting. Hna Antuña says that's about it. 

7.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

Our investigator who has never been to church came to church on Sunday! He only came for the first hour, but he came and that was something. He really, really wants to be baptized, so we're working with him. He has a date for baptism and everything but I don't know how prepared he is. I think he can make it to his date, but I want him to go to a full church service first...

8.  Do you ever use umbrellas there when it is raining?  If so, does the wind turn them inside out?

Yeah, always when it rains we have an umbrella, and yeah, the wind always turns it inside out - haha. Mine is aready broken from so much wind damage, but it's still usable so I'm good. 

9.  We have been watching some of the March Madness college basketball playoffs.  Do you ever see anyone playing basketball there?

Nope, everyone just plays soccer. Everyone. I think it's because it's the easiest sport to play when you don't have a lot. All you need is a ball and an open space and something to mark goals. I hear that some people play basketball but I've never seen it. 

10.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

I´m going to change this question to the best thing I ate and the grossest thing I saw this week. The best thing I ate was.... homemade milanesas. It was super, super good. 

The grossest thing I saw, well, visitamos (oops, I started writing in Spanish. Visitamos means "we visited")  an old lady, and her husband has been sick, so we asked how he was and she called him into the room. He sat down and told us that his problem is that something is cutting off the circulation in his leg, and he showed us his leg. The whole thing is swollen and black and very, very gross. There was some kind of liquid on one side. He showed us his other leg in comparison, which looked like a normal healthy leg. He says he can't feel his bad leg at all. We asked how to fix his leg and he said that he has to walk a lot, but he doesn't like walking so he doesn't do it. That made me sad. 

Then two nights later I was sleeping and my arm fell asleep while I was sleeping. I woke up and couldn't feel my arm and kinda freaked out because I was scared I would end up like that man... ewww...

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So Hna Gomez is afraid of the sister training leaders. She spent the night with them at the beginning of the transfer and told me that they're psychos. So this whole transfer, at every meeting shes like "Oh no... it's THEM!!" and acts all afraid. I think it's funny, so I always ask her what's her problem. Hermana Gomez says "They always hit me! But they do it when you're not looking! They are out to get me!!" 

So last district meeting we were in the bathroom, me and my comp, and Hna Gomez was with us. As we left the bathroom one of the sister training leaders walked in and I smiled at Hna Gomez and left. Then we heard "NO!! NOOOOO!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" 

Later we asked Hna Gomez what happened and she was like, "She's crazy!!! She forced me to stay there and turned out the lights and was doing crazy laughs and stuff." 

It's all a big joke, of course. Obviously the sister leaders aren't crazy and don't do anything bad to Hna Gomez, but its funny how they act around each other and how they joke around. 

I´m excited to read the Eubanks' saga. Where should I send my letters? I haven't sent them yet because it will take a while to get to you and I don't know how long you'll be in each house and address. So, what address should I put on my letters? hahaha.

Thanks for the advice. I feel a lot better about it now. I had some more questions for Heavenly Father this week and so I prayed to know how I can find answers and strengthen my testimony even more and the answer I received was to read the Doctrine & Covenants. So I'm reading D&C now in my spare time. It's super cool, I don't know why I didn't study this before...

Thanks for the letters, I'm doing really great here and I can't believe how fast  this week went by. Hna Antuña and I are working hard here and stuff.

Oh, and I forgot, I had to call president this week! We had an investigator who went to church and everything and wanted to be baptized, but every time we were near them we had a really bad feeling. I wrote Presidente about the situation last Monday and the the assistants called me and told me that Presidente wanted me to call him. So I did and he told me not to visit that investigator. Later we found out a bit more from the members here that this person had some mental problems and even though they aren't a bad person, it was best that we not be around them. I was super happy that God helped us avoid that situation :)

I love you so much! Have a great week, and I hope you like conference! Keep strong in the faith, I'm always praying for yáll! Love you!!!!


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