Monday, March 16, 2015

The Devious Puppy

We had a baptism!

1.  Who is the new Hermana in your apartment and what is she like?

Hermana Leavitt. She's from Utah, and she's a super good artist and a super funny person. She's really good for all of us on stopping the tension. She has a transfer and a half on the mission. She is 21 years old, already spoke Spanish before her mission, and she, like everyone else in this house but me, has Latina in her blood. Her mom is from Argentina. I'm the only gringa who is a gringa in this house - haha!

2.  How are your investigators doing?

Well, we dropped two of our investigators....BECAUSE THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! So they are no longer investigators. Pedro and Mabel, a senior couple of 65+ years were baptized and confirmed this weekend. We found them our first week together here in Balcarce and now they are members. They read the scriptures a ton and are super eager to have callings and serve in the church. The day of the baptism Mabel came to church to clean with the members, and when we visited them in the week Pedro was outside reading the Book of Mormon :)

We have another person we are teaching who is our next progressing investigator. She understands and feels the Spirit very well, the only problem is that she smokes. A lot. She has a baptism date on the 28th of this month, but we need to help her stop smoking before this day. So we're trying to help her reach the goal, but we are also being very careful that she really does overcome this addiction and understands the commitment of baptism. 

3.  Tell me about something you learned at your district or zone meeting.

They talked about using all of our tools. If we aren't having success, it's because we aren't using everything that we have. We need to be using the scriptures, the Spirit, the members, our testimonies, the supplies that the mission gives us, the area book, and predicad mi evangelio (preach my gospel, or PME) and everything else we have to help our investigators reach eternal life. That struck me a lot.  If we use everything, including all of our heart, might, mind, and strength, we'll be able to help them find the witness of the Spirit that they need to accept our message. We need to bring the Spirit to them and let them decide to accept it or not. 

4.  Who is a member in the ward there who has been especially helpful to you missionaries?

The familia Hormaechea. They are really into the work of salvation. They go with us on appointments, share the gospel with everyone they know, and really invite people to listen. They have helped the work out a lot and are very reliable. 

5.  Do you have any plans for p-day today?

Ummm.... not really. Eat yummy food, mostly. We actually cut our p-day a little short so we can go visit Cristina. She lives really far away (45 minutes walking) and we have an appointment at night, so our plan is to relax, cook cinnamon rolls, read and write and chill, and then leave at 5 to visit Cristina. 

6.  Is the training for Hermana Antuña finished now?

Yup, thank goodness. We have more time to work. Training can be a little tedious. Of course, there's still a lot to teach her but officially she's not in training. We don't have the extra study time, either. 

7.  Do you ever get asked to give talks at church?

Yeah, I've given 3 talks so far on my mission. I usually end up talking too long and they have to give me the little paper that says "time's up."

8.  What was the most wonderful thing that happened this week?

The baptism and confirmation of Pedro and Mabel. I don't even watch the baptisms anymore, I just stand by the door in the bathroom to help them get out of the water and pray that everything goes smoothly. The last baptism that I actually saw was the baptism of Nestor and Julieta. But even though I can't see it I can still feel the Spirit so strongly in the services. We really are doing the work of God. This really is the true Church of Jesus Christ, and these are saving ordinances that are necessary to return to God's presence. 

9.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

The best thing was a dessert that the family of the bishop gave us. It was flan, whipped cream, chocolate, dulce de leche, and vanilla wafer things all put together to make a kind of pudding dish. It was suuuuuper good. 

The worst thing was a pizza that someone gave us. It was slimy and old and gross. 

10.  Do you still exercise every morning?  If so, what do you do?

Yup, I do some squats, some push-ups, and some sit ups, and some hard core dancing (to wake me up) and some intense stretches, and some muscle ripping arm exercises (arm circles). It's an intense workout, mom. I make the insanity workout look sane. 

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So, there was this puppy. We went up to a house of someone that we contacted and they had a puppy on a chain. The puppy was super friendly, and wanted to play, smell, and lick our feet with the most energy possible. Hermana Antuña didn't seem to think it was too cute, but I was like "Aww!! A puppy!" and started petting it. Before I knew it the devious puppy had managed to trap me by wrapping it's chain around my legs, keeping me from walking away, while it tried to play with my skirt. I had to take off my shoes to get out of the chain, and then it just tried to wrap itself around me again, so I had to grab the chain and hold the puppy back and escape. This happened twice - hahaha

I love you all so much! Happy Birthday, Evan. Have a wonderful week and thanks for the letter.  Love you!!


Hermana Antuña

Mabel, Me, Hermana Antuña, and Pedro

Hermana Antuña and me

My desk

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