Monday, April 27, 2015

I Know More Spanish Than I Thought

1.  What was it like to travel back to Bahia Blanca to get your new companion?

It was like going home after a long vacation. I was so happy to see Bahia again. I took a bus from Mar del Plata to Bahia at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday and I got there at 6:30 a.m. the next morning. I got off the bus and there were two elders waiting for us. Since I was the only sister that traveled, they put me in a taxi and told the driver where I would be going. The taxi guy took me to a bunch of apartments where two hermanas, Hermanas Ruiz and Risser were waiting for me outside. So I waited in their apartment with two other hermanas that were training until 7:30. Then they sent me to the mission office where we waited 3 more hours, ate facturas, and talked until the assistants and president talked to us about training. I knew just about every sister and every person I saw in the mission office and everything. It was all so familiar, I loved it.

2.  Tell us about your new companion!

Her name is Hna Baldwin. Ten missionaries entered the mission this transfer. 5 elders and 5 sisters, and out of the 10 there was one gringa hermana and one gringo elder. So I thought "Yeah, I'm getting a latina," but no, I got the only gringa. But its cool because I'm liking the stuff I'm learning from teaching a gringa. She's from California, she's 25 years old, lived in Taiwan for a year, is tall and blonde and has blue eyes. She doesn't speak a lot of Spanish hahaha but its OK because it turns out that I know more Spanish than I thought. She's very relaxed and isn't afraid to talk to the people here. She learns very fast. 

3.  How has training been going so far?

Weird. I didn't realize I could talk so much, and I've never talked so much in lessons and stuff before. We have two extra hours of studies, so our day is really, really short. We start working at 12, and then eat lunch, and then we have no time to get everything done in the day! I'm learning a ton, plus she brought all her new missionary knowledge from the MTC with her, so I'm learning a lot from that. 

4.  Is training a new missionary reminding you of your days as a new missionary?

Yeah. But in turn it kind of constantly reminds me about how little time I have left and that freaks me out. 

5.  I noticed that in many pictures you send, as well as pictures that I see of other missionaries serving in Argentina, that often the "thumbs up" sign is being given.  Is that an Argentine thing or a missionary thing?

Its a missionary thing, since you can't put your arm around guys or anything, so you do a thumbs up to make it look less awkward - hahaha!

6.  Hermana Antuña always had beautiful fingernails in her pictures.  How did she keep them looking so good?

I've been asking that my whole 2 transfers with her! Man, I miss that woman. She would paint them once a week, and she always has them long and polished. When I asked her what she feels like is her most perfect physical feature she said her nails.

7.  I read (on Hermana Long's blog) that the new temple in Cordoba, Argentina will be dedicated soon and that they are going to broadcast the dedication.  Have you been hearing about this in Balcarce?

Yes I have, and I really, really, really hope that I get to go to the dedication!!!! Everyone has been talking about it and they're going to broadcast it here in Balcarce too. 

The new Cordoba Temple

8.  What was your biggest challenge this week?

I think the biggest challenge... well, now I can see all of my flaws. I don't have another experienced companion to pick up my slack, or to notice my mistakes and help me fix them. I have to do EVERYTHING. If I don't make the appointment we don't have appointments. If I don't start teaching we won't teach. If I don't say "contact that person" or contact them myself then we have no contacts. 

Also, another big challenge is that I was sleep deprived the whole week, ha ha, so try working all day when you're super sleepy when you're a missionary.  But now we're all caught up on sleep and wonderful.

9.  What gave you the most satisfaction this week?

Presidente gave us a challenge. He told us last Monday to live the week perfectly. For 7 days don't complain, criticize, be lazy, or anything that's bad. So I took the challenge to heart and tried my hardest not to complain, talk bad or say anything bad about people, and I tried my best to look for the good in everyone.  I feel wonderful, and I want to keep doing this my whole life. I challenge everyone who reads this to do the same. Live 7 days perfectly. I felt a lot of satisfaction from trying to take up this challenge. 

10.  What was the best thing you ate this week?

Well, everything was delicious this week, but the best thing was some really well seasoned milanesas. It was what I had been hoping to eat that day so it hit the spot. 

I have a gross food story. So we contacted a butcher shop owner, and we visited his shop to try and teach him something. To start up a conversation I pointed to some of the food he was selling and asked some questions, and then I noticed that he had some blood sausage and showed my companion and explained what it was. Well, he thought that I wanted some. So, he pulled out the blood sausage and cut off a sample and gave it to me to eat right then and there. Well, I really wanted him to be an investigator, so I ate blood AGAIN. Then I told him that it was good (and it wasn't bad but I can't get over the whole "chewing blood" thing) so he gave us even more for free! So, yeah, we ate a pretty decent amount of blood sausage and then left.

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, last Monday we had to take pictures of our house and send them to the mission office. So I took the pictures and put them in the email, but I couldn't find the email of the elder in charge of all that stuff. So I found his original email that he sent asking us to send the pictures, clicked reply, and then sent the photos and explained some stuff about the house. What I didn't realize is that he sent the same email to everyone, and when I clicked reply and sent the pictures I accidentally sent my email to EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY IN THE MISSION. So today I received some replies:

(We're technically not supposed to email each other in the
mission. I don't think they realized that they weren't
supposed to reply.)

Hermana M: Hermana Eubanks... Solo para que sepa, creo que
envió todas de sus fotos a todos.Le quiero! Tenga una buena semana
(Just so you know you sent this to everyone. I love you have a great week.)

Elder B:  Hermana mando el mail al Elder equivocado, yo soy
Elder B, revise la dirección del correo y mándelo al Elder Morales
(You messed up and sent this to everyone. Send it to Elder Morales)

Hermana S:  Hermana Eubanks you wrote to every single person
in the mission hahahaha!

And I´m not even the only person who messed up, at least 3 other
 people sent photos of their house to the whole mission, too, ha ha.

So yeah. That's the funniest thing from this week. Hermana Leavitt and
Hermana Gomez laughed so hard they almost cried when they found out what happened. I did divisions with the hermanas in Pompeya and we talked about our first names. I asked theirs and they told me that they already knew mine
from the email. Every missionary noticed - hahaha!

Also, this is how my traveling stuff went. I stayed in a trio with Hermanas
Gomez and Leavitt, and then on Tuesday after district meeting I stayed with
Hermanas Tarborda and Palma (de Colombia and Chile) in Pompeya in
Mar del Plata. Then at 10:30 they left me at the bus terminal. Then I
 traveled and got my companion Wednesday at 11 am. 

We took a bus to Mar de Plata at 5:15 pm, and we got to Pompeya at midnight. So we slept in the apartment of Hermanas Tarborda and Palma, and then left and
 took another bus to Balcarce at 8:30 the next morning on Thursday.

That's all I got and all the time I have! I love you and thank you for the

I love you and I´m excited to see you for Mother's Day!

Have a wonderful week, be safe, have faith, I know this church is true. I love you! byyyyyeeeeee


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