Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One Year on the Mission

I like General Conference!

1.  Were there any special Easter services there last week?

 Nope, nothing really important happened here for Easter.

2.  You said you were going to watch General Conference in Spanish.  How did that go?  How was your comprehension?

It was good. I understood a lot more than the last time. It was kinda interesting  because at some parts the translators got all emotional and one even started crying. So, he is translating and crying, and it made everyone watching cry (Except me - I can't seem to cry during these things). Also, some of these translators speak with a LOT of passion. It's kind of funny to listen to, but it's cool because they transmit a lot of power. There were subtitles in English (I'm not sure why...) so if there was something I didn't understand I could just read the words. The two guys who spoke in Spanish I could understand. 

3.  What all was in the empanadas you sent pictures of last week?  Obviously some type of meat, but what else?  Were there eggs or vegetables?

There were hard boiled eggs, of course, and onions, and I think some cooked bell peppers.

4.  When are transfers?

Not this weekend, but the next weekend. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if we stayed together again. Honestly, nothing would surprise me at this point. I don't even care what happens - haha!  I'm good either way!

5.  Can you believe you have now been on your mission for a whole year????

The only thing that comes to my mind is how Hna Pinnock completed a year when she was with me. I feel like we were companions just the other month, but know it's been almost a year now. I remember thinking, "Why are old missionaries so panicky about how much time they have left?" and now I understand. Because it's too weird how fast everything goes!!  6 months is just 4 transfers! That's not even cool! 

6.  Do you ever miss music from home?

Yeah, mostly classical music. I guess this is what it would be like to be a convert and give up drinking or smoking or something. You miss it but know it's better without it. I do miss music, but I don't long for it, you know? I feel like listening to whatever song I wanted before the mission was some kind of dream. I feel like my whole life before my mission is a dream, actually - hahaha.

7.  What was something that impressed you from General Conference?

The Sunday morning session. It was SUUUUPER GOOD. I liked the French Bishop, Caussé, Elder Holland, and Presidente Utchdorf. I also like the talk about the music, the "stay by the tree and stay awake" talk, and yeah, I just liked everything. And 3 new temples. woo hoo!!!

8.  What was your favorite experience of the week?

Ok, it's not really my experience, but its a really good one. The other Hnas, Hna Gomez and Leavitt, were teaching a huge family. Then suddenly, they stopped answering the door and stopped answering the phone and they were only able to communicate with the 27 year old daughter of this family. 

Anyways, on Friday they visited one of the sons of this family and the wife answered the door and said they they shouldn't pass anymore. The family had called a preacher from another church and asked what the Mormons are like and the preacher said a bunch of bad stuff, and then it turns out that this whole family was basically against everything. 

So, when they got home they told us what happened and were really, really upset. But the daughter went to general conference on Saturday. At the end of conference she talked to the other Hnas and told them that she's been reading the Book of Mormon and knows it's true, and that during conference she felt very strongly that she needs to be baptized and that this is the true church. She said that her whole family is against her, and that they've been all over her trying to get her to stop listening to the discussions. But now she is committed and is going to be baptized! I very happy for her and the other Hnas!

9.  How often do you see your mission president?

Maybe once a transfer. I've talked to him on the phone twice this transfer hahaha so that's weird. I didn't see him this transfer. 

10.  Is it hard to talk on the phone in Spanish?

Not as hard as it used to be, but I still don't like talking on the phone. Not so much because its Spanish, but because there is a bad signal and I don't like to have long conversations on the phone, so when I call it's usually very short and to the point, and then I feel bad because I didn't have a long conversation or anything. 

11.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

This week we didn't have hardly any almuerzos (lunches) - we just ate frozen french fries, tortas fritas, pancakes, and noodles with what ever kind of seasoning we had. And rice. Gross. 

The best thing was a cupcake that someone gave me. It was super yummy, and had the best frosting ever!!! One of the two almuerzos that we did have was noodles with a mix of white sauce with onions and a red tomato sauce and it was really, really good. And the familia Magaz made pastel de papas, and that was super good, too, since it's one of my favorite things to eat. 

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So this morning we were having our companionship study and something huge fell from Hna Antuñas hair and got caught in another part of her hair. We had a conversation like this:

Me: Whoa, what just got caught in your hair?
Her: Oh no, I can't look, pull it out, is it a bug? PULL IT OUT!!
Me: No, I don't know what it is!!
Me (realizing what it was): NO! I´M NOT GONNA PULL IT OUT! 
Me: No. 
Her: WHY NOT????
Me: Because I know what it is.
Her (Calming down a little): Oh, what is it? Is it a bug?
Me: No. 

It was an earring. Mom, my comp totally freaked out. After this conversation she sat down and said, "Let's just forget that this happened and not talk about this again."

I miss you and I hope the move went well. 

I hope you have a wonderful week, enjoy conference, and know that I love you and that I know this church is true!


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