Monday, May 4, 2015

Having Amazing Studies

Me and Hermana Baldwin

1.  So, where are my horse pictures?  Did you get close to any horses to take any pictures?

Ha ha - I haven't been around any horses with my camera yet, but I'll try to take some this week. I've gotten close to some horses, and one even wanted some attention and walked up to us and kinda followed us along the fence. 

2.  Any news about the Cordoba Temple dedication?  Will you get to attend in Balcarce?

YES!!!! I GET TO GO!!!! I don't know if I get to go to all 3 sessions (I want to) but we definitely get to go to the first one. 

My normal temple recommend works too :) Its been weird because we've been telling people NOT to go to church on the 17th of May instead of inviting everyone. I've been having temple cravings so I'm really excited to go. 

3.  How is Hna Baldwin settling in?

She says, "Ok. I unpacked pretty quick so I'm surprised about that." Overall she's been doing really good. She does what I ask, so I just have to be a perfect example all the time. She has all this fresh new knowledge about the work from the MTC, so I'm learning a ton from her. And she taught me how to cook Taiwanese food. 

4.  What new adventure did you have this week while out contacting?

Aw man, I got kicked out of a house! We spent the whole day contacting and NOBODY wanted to talk to us. So that night we walked in front of a house and my comp wanted to knock it so we did and they let us in! So I started talking to the people in there and asking questions and stuff and a man appeared and told us to leave. 

So I tried to convince him to let us stay and explained who we were and he told us to leave. Then he told us to leave again  so I decided not to push it and left. All that happened in 5 minutes. It was hilarious and a little discouraging at the same time. 

We finally had something that looked like success and it ended up being the biggest let down of all - ha ha! Missionaries are so weird, we just enter peoples' houses who we don't know and teach them a message that can change their lives. It's kinda fun. 

5.  Has it been raining all week?

 ...How did you know that? Yeah, its been cold and rainy this week, which is another reason why nobody wants to talk to us. There's no one in the street and if you knock doors they just tell you to go home. So we visited members and less actives and investigators that we already had. 

6.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

I've had some amazing studies this week. I can't really think of the best "thing," but I wanted to share with you the theme that I've been studying this week. It seems that studying the scriptures diligently has been popping up in everything I read. Every chapter in the Book of Mormon that I've read has talked about that, and lots of the lessons and classes in church talked about it. 

So this morning I found the theme again and meditated on what people had told me about their own experiences with studying the scriptures. One sister told me that she had a rebellious phase and it started when she stopped praying and reading the scriptures every day. 

A member who was less active for 7 years told us that she started going inactive when she stopped studying her scriptures. I mentioned this pattern to another sister and she said, "Hey, you're right! In all of my rebellious phases I started being bad because I stopped studying!" 

It's like everyone in their life has different phases. There are light phases and dark phases. Dark phases are when we live more in the world and aren't happy and aren't living the commandments as we should. Light phases are when you go to church and live the commandments and are happy. So it looks like scripture study and personal prayer determines how easy it is to stay in a light phase or not. If you stop studying you'll probably start falling into a dark phase. If you start studying and you're in a dark phase you'll get into a light phase. 

7.  I was reading about an Elder in your mission (Elder Driggs) who also had some morcilla (blood sausage).  He and his companion (Elder Donahoo) didn't care for it.  I did see someone comment that it should be eaten in a small bite along with another meat, and that it was good to accent the flavor of the other meat, but not so good to just eat by itself.  Have you heard of that?

No, the people here usually just eat it with bread. I guess it would be better to eat it with some kind of meat. The people think its weird that I can´t stand the idea of it. 

Them:  "It is not blood!" 
Me:  "Yes, it is!" 
Them:  "It is COOKED blood!" 

The taste itself isn't bad, but I still don't like eating it. But hey, if it means that I get to teach someone I´ll eat it - haha!

8.  Evan wants to know if you have had any weird desserts there.

Well, flan is kinda weird for an American. Here it's all about pudding and stuff. But there is a desert here called "postre balcarce" that is a thin layer of cake, dulce de leche, cream, meringue, some kind of nuts, and powdered sugar on the outside. It's really yummy. You should look up a photo or something. I've only had it once so I can't remember all the ingredients.

9.  Tell us about someone new you met this week.

We visited a less active family and it was someone's birthday so there were like 20 people in the house. But they love missionaries and so when we got in it was like "Everyone stop what you are doing! The missionaries are here and they want to share something! Get over here! Stop talking! Turn off the TV!" And I, Queen Eubanks, with my daughter, Princess Baldwin, (hee hee) taught a group of 20 less actives. I met a lot of people in that moment, but I can't remember their names. 

10.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

The familia Magaz gave us lunch just about every day this week, and everything was yummy. The best things I ate were chicken and potatoes, Milanesa, and lasagna :) 

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

My funny things are really answered in question 9, but also this week because of all the rain some of the streets were completely flooded. So we wanted to visit someone but we couldn't cross because of all the water, and this time a pioneer "river-crossing thing" wouldn't work since my rain boots are cracked now and water gets inside. However, I was pretty determined to visit this family, so we managed to find a very skinny wooden beam that connected one part of the street to another and we used it like a balance beam to get across. 

And my investigator, Ricardo, has been teaching me how to beat box. He's 11 years old and he's really into that, so he's been teaching us everything. So that's fun -haha.

I'm out of time now! I love you so much! Be safe!!!  See you later! When we Skype!


Hna Leavitt and all her scarves!

Stalker pictures of the other Hermanas!

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