Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Hermana Who Makes Lots of Comments

1.  Two words:  Horse pictures.

I am a failure. I don't usually think: I better bring my camera to take horse pictures. I think: I hope we find some new investigators today!  Next Sunday or Monday I'll take some for sure!!

2.  How far away is Cordoba from you?  I am thinking of the upcoming temple dedication.  I know you will see the dedication in Balcarce but was wondering how far away it is?  It is in a different mission there, right?

Yeah, it's a different mission. It's far enough for me to not know where it is. It's on the border of Chile, I think. 

3.  We loved skyping with you.   Did everyone get to skype with their families OK?

Me and Hna Gomez had the only normal skypes.  Hna Leavitt talked to Presidente and her and Hna Baldwin are going to be skyping next weekend since they had a ton of complications.  Seeing you guys doesn't make me sad or homesick or less focused, it actually makes me more excited to work. 

4.  Did you get money out of your account yet?  Do you want to buy anything fun?

No, not yet. I gotta buy stuff for you guys, some clothes, some shoes and maybe a bag or something. We'll see what I get when I have the money. I had no p-day so I couldn't buy anything. I got special permission to write you today since I couldn't write yesterday. 

5.  How was the zone conference?  Was it the last time to see Presidente?  (Note:  Mission Presidents, together with their wives, serve for a period of three years and Amy's President has about finished his three years.  She will be getting a new Mission President next month.)

Yes, it was the last time to see Presidente, and yes, it was VERY SAD. I took so many notes!! He talked to us about using our time wisely, letting the mission change us, and being obedient. He talked a lot about being our very best for the Lord, about the perception of the sacred and our roles as representatives of Christ. 

When the Assistants to the President talk I pay lots of attention to how they teach, too. They cold call someone to read a scripture, then without even looking cold call someone to explain what was read, and then someone else to explain what it means to them. I want to teach like them one day! 

Sometimes I think I make too many comments in the conferences.  I just get excited - haha. It's not hard to be "the Hna who makes lots of comments" considering that there were only 8 Hnas there. We also sang a musical number.

6.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

I got to see your faces :) and also Ricardo told us that he'd skip his basketball game to go to church and be baptized. For an 11 year old he seems to understand everything really clearly. The members love him. Our other investigator, Susana, came to church and said, "I feel really good here. I really like it." She hasn't accepted a date to be baptized, but she is studying and looking for her answer. These things make me happy because I can see the progress. 

7.  What was the most unpleasant thing that happened this week?

The sun has started going down early. Now its dark at 6:30. That's bad because everyone goes inside and goes to bed when its dark. Every time we knock a door they say, "Chicas! Why are you out so late?!" and we say, "It's only 7!" haha. But it's bad because it limits the things we can do. So we plan to visit members and strong investigators and stuff at night. All of our appointments are at night these days. I remember when Sister Madsen told me that 8:00 was a good time to make appointments. Now I know why. 

8.  Do people stay outside a lot in Balcarce?  How do you contact them - go to a town square type of thing, or do they sit on their porches, or do you just pass by them on the street?  And if it is on the street - where are they going?  Shopping?  Visiting friends?  Walking for exercise?

The answer to all of those questions are "Yes." We do all of those. We usually don't contact people who are exercising, though, but I've done it. People aren't usually in their own houses. In the States you can entertain yourself in your house all day, here there is nothing to do in your house mostly, so they are all outside. 

9.  What was the best/worst thing you ate?

We've eaten a lot of fried things this week, haha, so I'm kinda done with oily food. We had some really good empanadas, though, and they weren't fried!

10.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I can't really think of anything, but me and Hna Gomez "fight" a lot. We just come up with the dumbest arguments. It's out of humor more than anything. It goes like this:

Me:  I love you.
Hna Gomez:  I don't love you.
Me:  I didn't ask if you loved me.
Hna. Gomez:  Well I don't. 
Me:  That changes nothing.

and Hna Leavitt is like "I love you all!"

Sorry, I'll look for funnier things next week. 

Have a wonderful week, sorry this email was so boring. I'm kinda rushed since we're off to work after I send this. I love you so much and I look forward to reading your email. I'll try to take pictures of horses! Sorry there are no pictures, I literally took no photos this week. 

Love you!!!!!
Be safe!!!!!


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