Monday, June 8, 2015

I Love Being A Missionary

1.  I noticed in your pictures of zone conference that the sisters were wearing coats.  Is it normally cold in the church buildings in the winter?

Yeah, its usually pretty cold. They don't have indoor heating like
they do in the States.  They have gas heating and califactores (a type of gas-powered heater) in the church like we have in our house. So bigger places are usually colder.  So yeah, the big old church can get kinda cold. Its funny because all the people usually sit around the califactores on the walls so all the people are always crowded around the same spots.

2.  Can you send me a picture of your new boots?  I want to see them!

 Yes, I'll take one today and send it next week.

3.  As a missionary learning Spanish, is there still a study program for you?  Or is the language study program mainly for new missionaries?  I was wondering if the studying continued for your entire mission.

The mission manual says that we need to continue studying until
the end of our mission, so yes, I still study. The difference is that
a newbie gets one hour to study the language but an "old lady"
missionary like me with lots of time gets only thirty minutes. But
since I'm training I get an hour.

4.  Did you visit Ana and her family this week?

We did. We actually bought groceries from them today, too. They sell
some cheap stuff. Yesterday we visited them again. It's so weird to
teach in English. 

Their beliefs are very very similar to ours, but they are very exact to the Bible. Well, I mean, we are too, but we have the Book of Mormon and modern revelation to help us make sense of the things that confuse people. 

For instance, they asked why we don't drink tea and asked where that is in the Bible.  Well, its not in the Bible, but modern revelation has revealed that in this dispensation we shouldn't drink coffee or tea. It was interesting.

At one moment Ana asked how I knew that I needed to serve a mission,
so I told them about my conversion story. I explained that when I was
a kid I felt the desire to serve God, then I talked about when I was
fifteen I really had the desire to know if these things were true and
so I started reading the Book of Mormon to find out. I think they
related to the story. The Spirit was very strong when I shared that
experience, so I felt like Heavenly Father was giving me some
reassurance that I'm doing the right thing by visiting them.  I really like visiting them!

5.  What was your biggest challenge this week?

I decided to put into practice EVERYTHING that they told us in our
zone meeting, and it was HARD. The hardest thing was putting baptism
dates in the first contact. I can't ever seem to get the hang of it.
It's a great practice, but for some reason I can't figure out how to do
it well in real life. We had some good results, and lots of people
listened to us.

6.  What vegetable did you get to eat this week?

We had some carrots, we had some broccoli, we had some tomatoes, and
lots of olives because people kept giving us ground beef and stuff.

7.  How long is your hair now, and how do you like it long?  You should send a picture! (Note:   Amy has always preferred short hair, but said it is easier to have it long on a mission so she has not gotten it cut for her entire mission.)

It's long enough for me to have to keep moving it because it covers
my name tag. It's long enough for me to be annoyed with it - ha ha. I can
feel that my hair is starting to get kinda dead on the tips too. It's
pretty dang long for me - ha ha.

8.  What was the most wonderful that happened this week?

Well, I keep getting reminded about how much I love the mission,
mom. Seriously, I'm completing 14 months this Tuesday, and everyone
keeps reminding me since they have only a little time and like to imagine
what its like to have so much time on the mission. When I think about
it I just feel so happy that I get to serve a mission. I love being a
missionary so much, and I was so happy this week that I can just keep
on working and not waste time. Plus, we have another investigator
getting ready for baptism named Cristian. If Hna Antuñas parents are
reading this, tell Hna Antuña that he is gonna get baptized. I found him
with her.

9.  How is it going with a new Hermana in the house?

It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different. But it's
a nice change. She keeps us going strong on keeping the house clean,
and she helps us all with Spanish in a non-aggressive way, so that's
nice. She is really, really focused, so it helps us all have good spirits
and stuff.

10.  How was the food this week?

Really good. We ate lots of empanadas this week, but the best
thing we ate was a cheese, chicken, broccoli, pepper, carrot soup. It
hit the spot and made me very happy.

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I noticed some funny stuff this week. The other day we were walking
and noticed a kid sitting on a skateboard with a rope tied to his dog.
In his hand he had a long, thin tree branch and he hit the ground with
it like a whip and the dog started running.  He pulled the kid on his
skateboard but he lost his balance and fell off. 

The the next day two kids stopped us on the street and gave us their autographs. They said they are going to be famous one day, so my companion explained that she's a famous model (as a joke) and they started saying "Yeah, we've seen your face before on a magazine!" but then we told them the truth. 

Then later in the week we saw another kid riding a horse leisurely down the street as about 20 dogs barked like crazy at them.

Out of all the people and the places and the hobbies that I gave up when I came on my mission, the thing that I miss the most is my family. 

I love you so much! I´m not trunky (when a missionary starts thinking about going home when their mission is over) but yeah, I'm looking forward to
having long conversations at night again. Its been a while - ha ha!

Have a wonderful week, I love you!


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