Monday, June 22, 2015

Leaving Balcarce

1.  You said they have lots of holidays in Argentina.  Was there a holiday this week?

Oh yeah, there was Father's Day. I didn't really notice anyone celebrating it though because I was on a colectivo (bus) because I GOT EMERGENCY TRANSFERRED. I've been transferred more for emergencies now than I've been transferred normally. They called me on Saturday and now I'm in Bahia again in Zona Villa Mitre. My area is called La Falda.  It's the area where Presidente lives, so that's going to be fun. My new companion is named Hna Childs, but I haven't met her yet. I'm in the bus terminal waiting for her right now.

2.  How much did your boots cost?  Can you estimate how many American dollars?  Or else just tell me how many pesos and I will figure it out for you.  I'm just curious.

1200 pesos (about $134 American dollars). It was expensive, but I thought about it a lot before I bought them. I decided that I liked them, that I'd use them, and that they'd last me for a long time. It hurt to spend that much money, though. That is one of the first things I've bought for myself here in the mission.

3.  Did you see any unusual sights this week?

Yes - I saw the ocean! While we were on the bus last night on the way to Bahia we passed the ocean. It was so dark that it just looked like the land dropped off into a wall of nothing and blackness.  It was kinda scary looking actually, but it was cool since I actually haven't seen the ocean a lot since I've been here. Like three times in total. It was cool because the only stuff we could see were all the stars in the sky, and then a huge black mass which was the water and the white waves that were breaking on the shore.

4.  What fruit or vegetable do you miss the most?

Green beans. I miss the "savory green beans" thing that you do. I haven't eaten a lot of green beans in this mission. Hardly any, actually.

5.  You have a cell phone there to use for missionary work?  What is it like?

Well, my last one was old and more durable than a rock. It did have a crack in the screen, but survived me dropping it all the time, so that was nice. We can only make phone calls, and we can't send or receive texts. All phones in the mission are old and durable - haha.

6.  What was your most spiritual moment this week?

That's a tough one. I can't say I've had a ton of big spiritual moments this past week, but I've had lots of short ones. We did have a lesson that was completely by the Spirit. Our investagator that we were helping to stop smoking kinda confessed that he had been feeling stressed out because he was feeling pressure to stop smoking. So we apologized and tried to help him. The Spirit was strong in that lesson because we made real progress. He is progressing a lot slower now, but that is OK. It is better that he keeps
all the commandments because he wants to, not because he feels pressured.

7.  What was the best visit that you had with someone this week?

We visited lots of people this week and taught about obedience, and how God wants us to be obedient. He is not happy when we break commandments. He loves us and will always love us, but that doesn't change the fact that He cannot tolerate sin. So we taught a family about this concept and how there are so many blessing that we receive when we keep commandments. 

They understood what were were getting at, because there were some commandments that they were not keeping and were trying to justify it by keeping other commandments, but Heavenly Father wants us to keep ALL of His commandments. It was a good lesson because we used the scriptures and taught together really well. And the people understood.

8.  Have you played any pranks lately?

No, not lately. I've had soooo much stuff to do that I haven't even had time to write in my diary. I'm making phone calls every night until 10, and then I have to shower and go to sleep as fast as I can to make it before 10:30 p.m. (Missionaries are supposed to be in bed by 10:30 p.m. each night)  And in the mornings I'm getting ready or cleaning and stuff. Then, during the day I'm too busy to think of pranks - ha ha - but I'll try to come up with some this week. It will be fun since I have a new companion - muwhahahaha!

9.  Who cooks the most in your apartment?

Last week I cooked, the week before Hna Palma cooked. I would say that lately I've cooked the most because I made muffins and pancakes and chicken and all that good stuff. I have no idea who is gonna cook in our new apartment...or where the apartment is...or what it looks like...or what my area looks like - haha.  I'm going in blind.

10.  What was the food like this week?

Pretty good. I had a really good but REALLY unhealthy meal this past week. Fried milanesa, fried eggs, and french fries. We were basically eating oil, sal (salt), carbs, and meat. It was good, but I couldn't eat it more than once a month, or two months.

11.  What was the biggest challenge of the week?

Saying goodbye to some of the people that I had really started to love in Balcarce. When they called to tell me I was being transferred I actually cried, but then I pulled myself together and packed everything. But at church I was talking to some of the members that have really impacted my life with their examples (like the familia Gonzales) and it really became hard not to tear up. I think God prepared me pretty well. I got to visit some key people during the week before the change, so I was able to do my last bit of work and then run.

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So on Saturday we were walking and we found the mother of one of our investigators on the street and she invited us in. We had a lesson with her and then left. 

My thoughts were like this:

"Hey! Gracielas mom!....So this is where she lives.....OK, cool, we're going inside, that must be her house there....oh, nope I was wrong. Where did this door come from? ....Wow this house looks like a gypsy's house....How many chairs are in this room? She must have lots of visitors because there are at least ten....Wow, she is JUST like her daughter...."

The room was filled with chairs and brightly colored fabric. It was a one room house hidden in an alley thing. It was pretty funny.

Also, yesterday for emergency transfers it was funny because I felt like all forces were working against us to keep us from leaving at the scheduled time. These are all the things that happened:

1. There were no taxis to help us get to the bus station and our bus was going to leave Balcarce to Mar del Plata in 20 minutes.

2. We got to the bus station and our bus was delayed, meaning that we would arrive late to Mar del Plata and miss our next bus.

3. We managed to board a bus and get there on time, but when we got there
Hna Palma didn't have money and nobody was there waiting for us and we didn't have a phone.

4. We managed to contact some Hnas and they told the Elders to come help us.  The Elders came running and told us to board one of the buses. We got to the bus just as it was backing out. I told the guy to stop and he said, "No," and left.

5. We missed the bus.

So I had to leave at 10:30 last night and travel the whole night and try and sleep on the bus. Wheeee. I got to do divisions with the Hnas de Pompeya again. Me and Hna Machado worked together.

I love you so much! I'll have more info about my area and my comp next week. Have a wonderful week! There are no pictures this time because I can't send them.  My card reader is in my suitcases. Have a wonderful week and thanks for writing me like always!


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