Monday, July 27, 2015

Eat Some Fruits and Vegetables!

1.  Have you had any success this week with finding people to teach?

Kinda. We're teaching this atheist guy and a super Catholic guy, but we haven't had any success other than that. Right now its mostly just a religious debate and exchange in philosophies, so I would say that no, we still haven't found anyone to teach...

2.  Are you the only missionaries serving in your ward/branch?

Well, thanks to emergency transfers, no. Two weeks ago we were the only two missionaries in the branch. But we had more emergency transfers. Now there are 4 hermanas in La Falda: me and Hermana Snyder, Hna Child and Hna Santos. Hermana Hall got sent to live somewhere else and is now companions with Hna Sprenz, who I lived with in Pigue. I was kinda sad that they kicked Hna Hall out because we were becoming friends, but there is no room at all for 6 Hermanas in our house so it was for the best.

3.  What is your apartment like?  Is it in a building with lots of floors or is it in a small building?

Its the second floor of a small two floored building. It is small, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and the kitchen and study place is all in the same room. We have a super nice view of Bahia from our window, and we also have a super sensitive smoke alarm that goes off every day at least twice. We have to turn off the power to turn it off.

4.  Dad wants to know if they sell milk in milk jugs or in boxes?

Neither, they sell it in bags. Liter bags of milk. I just realized how used I am to that. I save oatmeal boxes and put my milk bag in that to be able to pour it in cups and stuff.

5.  You said last week that you can no longer drink maté cocido.  Is that different from just plain maté?  And is maté something you liked drinking?

OK, maté is like herbs in a cup with a metal straw. You fill the cup with water and then drink it. Maté cocido is like a tea sack with maté in it, so you just put some water in a cup and put the sack in the cup and then your there. And you don't pass around maté cocido like you do with normal maté, everyone just drinks their own maté cocido.

6.  Do church buildings there typically have a gym in them like they do in the States?

No, they have a football field and basketball court outside behind the church. Our churches are known for that here. Everyone knows the church with the football field, and by football I mean soccer.

7.  Do you know what are some of the occupations of people in La Falda?

It seems like everyone I meet here is a doctor. That or they take care of old people. There must be tons of old people here since it seems like everyone works doing that. I've met lots of nurses here, too.

8.  Tell us about someone in your ward/branch.

Hna Costa is a member here in the branch who inspires me. She is the seminary teacher, and the first counselor in Relief Society, and she has only been in this branch for about a year. She found the gospel in 2001 and converted. She said that in this gospel she doesn't feel constantly guilty, and before she was always going to lots of different churches. She tries her hardest to share the gospel, and is a very, very reliable member. On top of that she always feeds us healthy things, which is wonderful.

9.  What was the most wonderful thing that happened this week?

My interview with Presidente. It was funny, but so spiritual that I was tired for two whole days after it - ha ha. I got to get to know him and his wife really, really well. Also, it was pretty awesome to see Hna Sprenz again. She is a friend :).  We're all going on a hike today to be able to hang out and have fun so I'm looking forward to that.

10.  What did you eat this week?

Well, lots of fruits and vegetables. Hna Cifuentes said, "You guys only seem to eat bread, noodles, and meat. Eat some fruits and vegetables!"  Someone gave me a beet and hard boiled egg salad, and someone else gave us hamburgers, that was great :)

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I did divisions again this week! This time I left my area and worked in Villa Mitre 1st, which is Hna Hall and Hna Sprenz's area. I worked there with Hna Santos for a day because they had 8 appointments, but Hna Hall wasn't going to be in that area that day and they needed help, so Hna Santos stayed her last day in that area and I went with her. Hna Child and Hna Snyder wanted to have one more day together, so I went with Hna Santos instead of Hna Child going with her. It was nice to get out of the area and just do some normal work.

I love you a lot! I've got a lot to read today! Thanks for everything and thanks for being a great mom - Seriously, I win the missionary mom contest :)


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