Monday, July 20, 2015

This Winter Feels Warmer

1.  Hermana Saunders' mom sent me a picture of you two together.  When did you get to see her?

I saw Hna Saunders when we said good-bye to Presidente. They combined the zones Villa Mitre and Bahia to say good-bye to him, so I got to see her and a whole bunch of other people in that one moment. She is in the other zone, but in the area next to mine, I think. La Falda is my area, hers is Pueyrredon.

2.  How is your trio going?  Do you think you will all be together for the entire transfer?

Trios are always a little bit of a challenge, but I love my companions.  We will be together the whole transfer. 

3.  Does Hna Snyder play the piano?  You mentioned last week that you would be playing in church unless Hna Snyder could play.

She does not, therefore I am playing the piano. And I did it, ha ha ha, I played the hymns in church. It was terrible, but it had been so long since they had a piano that they loved it. Almost every member commented on it and told me to practice for all the other Sundays and to keep it up. I regret not learning hymns before my mission...

4.  You said Hna Snyder was called to be the mission health specialist - what does she do?

Nothing. She says that Hna Parreño basically fulfilled that job so she just has to work like a normal missionary.

5.  This weekend was the weekend before Pioneer Day so we had some talks about pioneers and sang some of the pioneer-type hymns like "Come, Come Ye Saints."  Was there anything mentioned there about the pioneers?

Yes, Come Come Ye Saints was one of the songs that I had to play on the piano, ha ha ha. But its not a huge deal out here. There was just one talk on it Sunday, and it was a five minute talk.

6.  Did you have more success this week than you did the week before?

No. Hna Hall asked, "Do you have people coming to church?" and I said, "Hermana, we don't even have investigators," which I guess is kind of a faithless answer.

7.  Evan wants to know what sort of ice cream flavors they have there, and if you have seen any strange flavors?

There are lots of ice cream flavors with alcohol, and chocolate candies with alcohol. That is the weirdest thing. And there are dulce de leche flavored everything in ice cream shops. I still prefer chocolate. Someone gave me one of those alcohol chocolates in a church meeting once and I didn't know that it had alcohol in it, and I ate it all. Ha ha ha - that is how I learned about that.

8.  Now that you are in your second winter in Argentina, do you think you are more used to the winter there?

I feel like it is warmer this winter, and that I am more prepared and used to it. I love the wind resistant trench coat that I have. And boots were a really good idea.

9.  Was it hard to adjust to going to the southern hemisphere at first?  Since the seasons are different and even the stars are different.

Its all kind of weird. It was really weird in the beginning. Christmas in the heat and all. But now I feel very comfortable with it. I thought about it the other day, as we were walking in the street at night and it hit me that there was nothing even remotely weird about being in the street in the dark at 8 in Argentina. Everything looked normal and felt normal for me. I can find my way around everywhere here and survive if I need to. How weird is that?

10.  What sort of food did you have this week?

For the first time in who knows how long, the missionaries in the Falda had lunch every single day this week! The best thing was polenta with sauce. It was soooooo gooooodd. And it hit the spot!

11.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

I got to go on divisions with BOTH the hermana entrenadoras. Oops, sister training leaders, I guess is their name in English. Tuesday they told us that we would be having divisions last week, and then that same day they asked me to do an emergency division with Hna Kroska since she didn't have a companion that day ( she was going to train a new hermana and she didn't have one yet) and then Friday I got to do divisions with Hna Hall, who I live with. The advice that they gave me was like this: Hermana Kroska said, "Hermana, just take some time for yourself and study the scriptures. You need to study them hard this week and nothing else. And Hermana Hall said, "You need to stop being so hard on yourself. You are a good missionary, and you're not allowed to say anything mean about yourself for a whole week." I needed the divisions, so I was happy with the opportunity.

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Well, I can't think of anything that's funny, so I'm going to do something different, mostly for all the RMs (returned missionaries) from Bahia Blanca who read this blog (all 3 of you). These are all of the things that have changed with the new president:

- There are now hermana entrenadores in every zone (I think) so everyone has divisions pretty frequently.
- We can no longer drink mate cocido.
- We can listen to any music as long as it is spiritually uplifting.
- We can't play soccer yet, but volleyball is now free to play (I don't know where ... but whatever)
- No one ever asks for numbers now. Ever.
- They email us the mission newsletter now
- We have to study PMG (Preach My Gospel) and the Book of Mormon every single day for fifteen minutes each.
- Everyone has to be converted.
- We have to focus on fulfilling the ward mission plans.

And yeah, that's it so far. It's a ton of changes. Its super weird. ha ha!

That's all I've got. I've had a long week, so I really look forward to reading your letter and stuff.

I love you all so much! Thank you for everything and thanks for being a greeeat mom!!!!!!!



Centro in Bahia Blanca - you can see part of a Wal-mart sign!

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