Monday, July 13, 2015

We Sang Happy Birthday in English

1.  Thursday was Argentina's Independence Day.  Did you see any celebrations?

Nothing really. Nobody went to work and everyone got together as families and ate asado together. Thats about it. There are lots of holidays out here so they kinda all blur together...

2.  What happened with transfers?

Well....Hermana Child.....stayed in La Falda! With.....Hermana Snyder!!! and I.....I.........STAYED IN LA FALDA WITH HERMANA CHILD AND HERMANA SNYDER! Yeah, I'm in a trio now. There were hardly any changes in the whooole mission. And only one Hermana came this transfer. So I have one new companion, Herman Snyder. She is from Utah, Saint George, and she was called to be the mission health specialist (it says so in her call) and she is 25 years old. She has been on the mission for 9 months.

3.  Is there something interesting about your area, like a tourist type attraction, or a certain building or store?

Not really, unless you count the neighborhood Palihue (pall-lee-way). It looks like a neighborhood from the States. The only difference is that it is filled with MANSIONS. Seriously, I have never seen houses so big. 

It is where the doctors, lawyers, and government people live. It is also where Presidente and his wife live. It is the only place like this in Bahia, I think. Look it up on google maps, it is huge.  There hasn't been a baptism from there in 10 years, I think. But we've got some investigators who live there :) so we'll see if we can break the record.

4.  When you said Hermana Child is a chef, did you mean she really worked as one, or did you mean that she likes to do all the cooking?

She interned and studied to be a chef in her internship. They were gonna hire her but she decided not to do it. So she knows a lot about cooking and really likes cooking. The first time we had to cook a meal she looked at me and said, "I'll cook everything. You just wait here," and didn't even let me in the kitchen, basically.

5.  Last week you said you saw a wall full of holes with parrots in them.  Do many people have them for pets, or are they all wild parrots?  And if they are wild, what are they like?  Do they attack people like mockingbirds?  ha ha

Some people have them as pets but not many. They're wild, almost all of them. And they just fly around and make a bunch of noise. Seriously, they are the noisiest birds ever! Everywhere they go they squawk and squawk. They always hang out in groups, too, so they all squawk together.

6.  Are you helping out with the music at church in your new area?

I'm going to be playing the piano since there is no one here who can.  We'll see how that goes next week, unless Hna Snyder knows how to play the piano.

7.  What was something good that happened at church this week?

My investigator who came to church listened to a message about following the guidance of the Spirit and started to cry, I think. She has been investigating for 2 years... and me and my companion have been focusing a lot on the Holy Ghost to try and help her see why she should be baptized. She needs to be baptized to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, that's why. Everyone needs that Gift, not just to have it, but to use it. We need to enjoy this as much as we can, and the Holy Ghost will help to protect and guide us.

8.  What was the toughest thing for you this week?

I got pretty discouraged. Its like we work and talk to people and look for people that have given us their addresses and we have no success. People consider this area to be a "tough" area. And the rich area, ha ha. 

But yeah, I just got frustrated because I wasn't seeing results. And when you get rejected a million times its hard to make yourself talk to someone else because you just kinda feel like they'll reject you too. 

On top of it all, everyone and their grandmas here are talking about how little time I have left, and so that doesn't help because it makes it a little hard to focus. I studied Preach My Gospel chapter 1 to get me motivated. That chapter always helps because it reminds me of how important and amazing our message is. It makes me love the work more and more.

9.  Is your district big?  Do you like it so far?

I'm going to be honest. I got here and I diagnosed this zone and district with something I call "Villa Mitre zombie disease." When I got here nobody talked to each other, nobody looked even a little excited to be in the meetings, and they were all kinda like zombies. On top of it we had this "zone standard´" of how many people we need to find and number stuff. So everyone
was just kinda bummed out. 

But over these past 3 weeks there have been some changes. They changed all the district leaders, and then the new Presidente shifted the focus of everyone to feeling the Spirit when you do things like teach and having a focus on feeling the Spirit in the work. So, now I really like my district. I kinda miss my old district, but I like this one, too. There are some really, really good missionaries here in Villa Mitre. They're like, elite. There are 4 companionships in the district.

10.  What sort of things did you eat  this week?

Canalones, pizza, crackers with dulce de leche, milanesa, and raviolis. The raviolis were really, really good, and someone gave us empanadas that I think were filled with some kind of chicken. They were good but kinda different, but we ate them all anyways - ha ha.

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

Hermana Child is the funniest thing that happened this week. That girl is a hoot. Seriously. I haven't laughed so much since I was with Hna Peterson. A dog attacked her and tried to bite her ankle, but it was really tiny so it really just nibbled her ankle.  

She rescued a puppy from getting hit by a car, and we visited a family because it was a less active member's birthday and we sang Happy Birthday in English. The birthday lady was so impressed that she had us sing it again, and then again to all of her guests, and to everyone who came in and met us. 

But yeah, Hna Child just says funny things. Last night they called at 10 to tell us to get to the bus terminal to look for Hna Snyder there. So we're waiting for the taxi and I was like, "Should I wear my sunglasses?" and she looked out into the dark night and said,"I think you need two pair, it is so bright." It's just weird comments like that which crack me up.

I hope you have a wonderful week. I got a bunch of letters from you and Evan last week. I gotta go get the Urim and Thummim and pray for the gift of translating to be able to read Evan's letter, but I showed his comics to everyone and they think they're hilarious.  

I love you so much mom, and you're still the best mom in the world. Have a wonderful week!!



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