Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm Training!

1.  So, what happened with transfers?

I'm training!!!!!! And everyone in the daggum mission already knows. There were 98 changes. I only know of two companionships of Hermanas that stayed the same, every other companionship I know has changed,. The benefit of that is that today just about everyone in the mission is here in Bahia, and I saw literally almost all of my mission friends. I was so happy, mom. I felt like Alma when he saw the sons of Mosiah when they came back from preaching. I saw: Hermanas Gomez, Chestler, Palma, Tarborda, Tovar, Morgan, Islas, Saunders, Hill, Vela (who I've been looking for forever!) and many, many more!! I was just about ready to cry with every familiar face that I saw. I teared up several times. And everyone has been giving me the big pat on the back for training. There are only 2 Hermanas coming in, one is a gringa and the other is from Chile. I'm certain that I have the one from the States.

2.  Last week I noticed you were wearing a BYU shirt at the beach.  Where on earth did you get a BYU shirt from?

Hermana Cifuentes gave it to me. Everyone here has been trying to convince me to go to BYU Idaho...and its kinda working... sigh...

3.  So you saw three dead sea lions at the beach.  Have you seen any live sea lions?

Sadly, no. I'm always on the lookout.

4.  What did your mission president teach you about finances?

He taught us about capital, liabilities, and how to determine how much capital we have and how to save money and better our lives in our own countries. We talked about getting out of debt and how to cut expenses. It was kind of like a college class on finances.

5.  Last week you said your mission president talked about the atonement and that I could ask you for more details this week...

He taught us about how every person has a different "plan" for their life. I was born in different circunstances that someone who was born in Peru, so my plan is different that the Peru persons plan. That being said, we both have standards and requirements placed on us. Christ's grace makes up the difference for our circumstances. The atonement really gives us all the opportunity to make it back to the presence of our Heavenly Father. We talked a lot about how we were all together in the pre-mortal life, and when we go back to the celestial kingdom we will be able to recognize that we are all really family. We are all brothers and sisters.

6.  I was looking at some pictures that Hermana Cifuentes posted on her Facebook page.  She has pictures of parrots, vicuñas, and whales!  Where are YOUR animal pictures???  (ha ha)

Ummmmm.....the most animals that I see in the week are parrots, dogs, cats, and dead animals.

7.  Did you do anything fun this p-day?

Today we are gonna chill. I have some things to get in order and prepare for my hija (FYI - mission slang for a new missionary that one trains), the newbie that is going to get here Wednesday.

8.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

had this whole week to pick myself up and get ready to train.  Presidente told me last week that I would be training so I already knew.  

9.  Who is someone new you met this week?

I met this 88 year old guy who KISSED ME ON THE LIPS!!!! Oh man, mom, it was terrible. I didn't see it coming, and most people kiss on the cheek here, so I wasn't expecting a straight up kiss!  Hermana Child and Hermana Santos got a real kick out of it.  They bullied me about my first kiss the whole week.

10.  What was the most important thing you learned this week?

I learned that God knows everything and He knows exactly what everyone needs. He let me see all of my friends in the mission for maybe the last time, and now I have an opportunity to work as hard as I can for my last 6 weeks. He is so aware of all of us...

11. What sort of things did you eat this week?

Canelones, fish, lots of flan, and lots of flavorless food. The food here is pretty flavorless in general, compared to the food I am used to eating, so I think its gonna be a wonderful adjustment to go back to eating food with flavor! The food is still good and all, but we had some pretty bland stuff this week. The fish and canelones were really, really good.

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

This morning the hose on the washing machine got lodged out of place, so the water couldn't leave and started leaking out of the side. So there was water and bubbles and foam all over the kitchen when I went to go make some oatmeal for breakfast. So that was exciting. My conversation with the Hermanas that I am now living with was like this:

Me: Aw man! look what happened!
Hna: Oh no! We need a flashlight! Hermana Eubanks, where is your flashlight?
Me:What? No, its fine, I can see. We don't--
Hna: Your flashlight! Where is it?? Hurry!
Me. Seriously, its not--
Hna: Where's the flashlight?????????
Me: Fine, its in my bag next to my bed.
(Brings flashlight and shines it around and behind the washing machine.)
Me: Yea everything looks normal....
Hna: Oh. yeah. Why is it always YOUR clothes that have all the problems?

Mom, I love you a lot and I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!! An Hermana here had her mom visit her in the mission, and I got to see it. It was funny because they just cried the whole time. But I thought to myself, "Yeah, I'll be crying the whole time when I see my mom again, too."



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