Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh, La Falda...

Last week at Sierra de la Ventana

1.  Last week you said that on p-day you had gone to the Sierra de la Ventana and had done "some sports and stuff."  What kind of sports?  Anything besides football/soccer?

No, just football and soccer, and you know, hiking. Soccer is now allowed, so everyone in the whole mission is suuuper happy about that - haha.

2.  How were your divisions with the sister training leaders?

Actually, they got cancelled. Hermana Kroska got sick, but that's OK because really it was better that they didn't come this week. Certainly we'll have divisions this week since we didn't have them last week, but who knows.

3.  Do you and Hermana Snyder work out together or do you each do your own thing?

We do our own thing because she works out for about an hour and I only work out for 30 minutes. I do some arm exercises and we have some weights that I lift. I try and do upper body stuff and squats and abs since we already walk all day. But lately my exercises have been kinda lame - ha ha.

4.  What was the most wonderful thing that happened this week?

Hermana Sprenz and Hermana Hall! We went in for interviews with Presidente on Saturday and my comp was interviewing and I was sitting alone and I felt kinda lonely and hungry, so I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be great if the hermanas in this area (Hermana Sprenz and Hermana Hall) had lunch here in the church today?" They sometimes are given food by a member and they eat it in the church building. But then I thought to myself, "Yeah, right, that's not gonna happen. What are the odds? Its Saturday, they are probably gonna eat with someone in an actual house," and I pushed the thought away. 

Well, 15 minutes later I see them out of the window picking up a delivery lunch. They didn't see me though, so I decided to just leave them be and wait for my interview. But then I had to use the bathroom, so I snuck to the bathroom, and BAM. There they were. It was a straight up answer to my prayer mom. The invited me to eat with them, so I got empanadas and company. 

5.  Does your branch schedule temple trips that they talk about in church?  Is it a hardship for many members to travel so far to the temple?

I think there is one every 3 months, but sometimes smaller groups get together. Its hard for people to pay and take the time off of work to go, but there are still a ton of people who go. You have to reserve a seat on the bus waaay in advance. They go as a stake here, not as a branch.

6.  What were those weird, spiky things stuck on Hermana Childs and Hermana Snyders teeth?  You sent a couple of pictures of that.

Thorns. There are these deadly trees here that are just COVERED in thorns. You gotta keep your eyes open so that your don't run into them. So Hermana Santos almost ran into one and Hermana Child broke off some thorns and put them on her teeth. Hermana Snyder followed her lead - ha ha ha!

7.  Is there some sort of history or explanation of your refrigerator decorations?  It looked pretty funny.

I have no idea how it started, but I'm pretty sure Hermana Rosza started it. Every picture is a person that has lived in that house. Its super funny because the pictures either look just like the person who put it there (examples: Hermana Toka, Hermana Hall, Hermana Child) or it is completely different (Hermana Rosza (the black person) and Hermana Gomez and Kroska) or it describes something about the person (Hermana Chestler, because she dances, and mine, because I have a ton of time on the mission -  I'm an old lady) . I love that tradition. The Falda has some funny history. We're always finding weird stuff in our house .

8.  I saw the picture of the tights you sent where the feet have totally broken through.  How are your clothes holding up in general on the mission?

All of my tights have holes in them. Everything is breaking - ha ha ha - but my skirts and shirts are still going strong. My shoes are going good, too.

9.  Tell us about someone new you met this week.

I'm way better friends with my new mission president and his wife!

10.  What sort of food did you eat this week?

Fish milanesa and tacos! I loooove fish milanesa. I just like fish in general, actually. 

The tacos were really, really good, too. I also ate a beet and potato salad (with mayonesa, of course) that was really good, too. We acted like the beets were lipstick and rubbed them on our lips so that they turned pink. The member got a kick out of that.

11.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

I was playing the piano in church and Presidente and Hermana Cifuentes were there and I told them how much I regretted not learning any hymns before the mission and they both said, "You just need practice!!!" and offered to lend me a piano that they have in the mission home. 

Then after sacrament (I sat in front of them) Hermana Cifuentes whispered, "Your hair is SO healthy!!" and so I said, "That's because I haven't used a hair straightener in 16 months." Then they invited us to lunch today (which is great since we had another interview anyways and now I don't have to cook :) ).

Oh, la Falda....

I love you so much, Mom!!!



I'm standing up right in the middle of the branch with the gray jacket.

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