Monday, September 21, 2015

I Enjoyed a Spanish Break

1.  Have you received any information from the church about how to readjust to life after your mission?  I read that they have something called "The Plan" and was wondering if you have heard about it.

Nope. I asked Presidente about it and he told me to just keep working on what he told me to work on, which has been helping. I have a little plan of my own going on here. I even scheduled out how my days will go. Its not very interesting to talk about, but as I was writing down my plan I made a schedule of a typical day and noticed that I had more time than I knew what to do with...

2.  Have you ever noticed if there were any migrating birds in your area?  You know we see large flocks of birds migrating each year here in Georgia.

Nope, I have seen nothing like that. There are always parrots. ALWAYS.

3.  How was church this week?  How does it feel to know that you only have one more Sunday of regular church in Argentina?  (Since General Conference will be the last weekend of your mission)

Well, we had stake conference. I´m a mixed bowl of feelings. I´m happy because I know that I only have to play the piano badly in front of everyone only one more time!   But I´m sad because ITS THE LAST ONE. How scary is that? I bet they won't make me give a talk or anything...ha ha, or maybe they will. We´ll see...

4.  Were you able to visit the lady who you met because of the dog that wanted to bite you?

Well, we visited Saturday and she wasn't there. And so we swung on by on Sunday and the evil dog was there and chased us away!!! This time it came sprinting at us!!!

5.  You said your companion gets distracted by food?  What kind of food does she like?  And how does she get distracted?

She wants food all the time. ALL THE TIME. So we´re walking and she's wanting to buy food, or we're talking to someone and she's wanting to eat, ha ha ha. So we bring snacks and snack frequently during the day. I eat more than I have ever eaten in my mission with her, but we eat really healthy stuff. She's a snacker but she only eats healthy things - ha ha ha!

6.  Have you thought about things you might like to do when you get home - things that you may have missed doing on your mission?  Or are you still so focused on the work there that you haven't thought about it?

I think about that stuff when I´m in the house, and in the streets I do my best to be focused, but its hard. 

I´m gonna write a book, and I´m gonna start the job hunt. I have a ton of career and college and fashion research to do, and I've got some big plans, but I don't have enough resources here to plan them well... 

I have thought about some of the things I want to do, for example, I have a huge list of movies to watch. Can you tell me what kind of stuff we are gonna do that first day back? I don't know if yáll have one of those homecoming parties planned? I need to prepare myself in advance for that - ha ha - or if we are going out to eat or if we´re just going right home.

7.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

Well, I had a bad day. Our schedules got mixed up and so we changed some study time to the afternoon to be able to go to our appointments, and something that I've discovered is that when we mix up our study
time I stress waaaaaaaaaaay more than normal. It sounds silly, but its true. 

Anyways, so we came home and I felt bad about the day because we didn't have any obvious successes. We've been looking for investigators for 4 weeks now and we haven't had hardly any success.  So I talked about that to my comp and she sat me down and we went through the whole day and we were able to find 12 things that we did that were productive and helped us and our area progress. It was great to be able to change my attitude and be able to see that we are working hard.

Also, this week Hermana Bevans had tramitez, you know, where you go get legal. So she went and did that with another Hermana, and I did divisions with.....HERMANA SAUNDERS!!!   She's just like I am, nervous about how little time we have left. It was fun to work with her, and I really enjoyed the Spanish break (as in being able to say everything in Spanish and have the person I´m talking to understand me, or not having to translate stuff, that is pretty exhausting sometimes). So that was the other best thing from this week. And two people invited us over for asado, so that was also good.

8.  If you were to be able to have any kind of cake that you would like, what would it be?

Well, waaaaaay back in my first transfer here in the field you told me about a chocolate peanut butter overload cake that you made for Alan. So I've thought about that repeatedly for a while, ha ha, but I love all cake, especially good old chocolate cake. Cake is just good. Or maybe chocolate cheesecake, ha ha, but above all I've daydreamed about that peanut butter one - ha ha.

9.  How did Presidente like your little prank letter last week?

I hope he liked it - ha ha ha - I have no idea.

10.  Alan wants to know if you are really going to go to BYU.

Well, if you fly down to Bahia and ask Hermanas Hall, Sprenz, Risser, Bevans, Taborda, and several others, they would say YES. If you ask me, I'd say, "I still have some stuff to consider before I make that decision." 

But I am very seriously considering it. It wasn't a serious option (other than the fact that a ton of my new friends go there) until Hermana Cifuentes talked to me about their business program and how its pretty top notch. She said if I'm seriously considering being an actuary or going into economics then BYU would be the best. And she talked to me for a long time about the benefits of going there, and I know they love RMs and people who have credits like I I don't know still.

11.  What sort of food did you eat this week?

Asado. And steak. Lots of meat.

12.  What was the funniest thing that happened this week?

So unbeknownst to me, Hermana Bevans decided that Hermana Sprenz needed to paint her nails. So we get to the zone meeting and she pulls out this sparkly dark red nail polish and hands it over to Hermana Sprenz. The conversation went like this:

Bevans: Here. Use this. Its a power color.
Sprenz: A power color?
Bevans: Yup. Use it.
Sprenz: What?? What's it called? ...."Suga suga"? ha ha
Bevans: Yeah, its a man killer. So use it.
Sprenz: Man killer?? That's why its red, huh? The blood of all the men I've killed.
Bevans: Yeah, you´ll be killing men all over the place with that on.
Sprenz: I already "kill" like five or six a day just by walking down the street.
Bevans: You know it.

So we get home and I was like, "You brought nail polish for Hermana Sprenz??" and Hermana Bevans goes, "Yeah. She needs a power color, so I picked that out for her."

I'm disappointed that I can't describe the funny things they said over an email. Sorry if that didn't come across as funny....

13.  Evan wants to know what is the first thing you want to do when you first walk in the door at home.

I'll need a nap. I probably won't sleep on the airplane and we're getting there at 5:30 in the morning, so a nap would be nice...

¡Que preguntas tan trunkys!  (Those trunky questions!)  (FYI - "trunky" is mission slang for getting ready to go home)

I'm finishing all my souvenir shopping today! I got something nice for you, mom.  I love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!!! and week! See ya soon!

Oh, and the secretario just called me and told me that me and my comp have to travel to Buenos Aires TODAY to go get her legal, so ask me how that went next week. I thought he was joking...he's not.

Love you,


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